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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Urban Legends by Sam Huntington of Praesidium Respublicae. Excerpt below the fold:
...The identity of the real architect of the hare-brained idea called “Operation Fast and Furious” may be inconsequential, but it is clear that the program had approval of this country’s highest authorities, namely: Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The American people only became aware of the operation after the death of federal officer Brian Terry, when a whistle-blower stepped forward to tell us what he knew about the fiasco.

Eric Holder said he didn’t know about it until after Terry’s death.

But both Holder and Obama knew about the operation when it was in its planning stages...
Read the entire essay and watch the videos HERE. Worth your time.


  1. I still can decide if Obama and his cronies and just incompetent boobs or if they really are trying to destroy the country...

  2. SF hit the nail on the head. That is the puzzle. The end result will be the same I fear.

  3. I see that the ATF director has stepped down, as of today. Interesting development.

  4. This may well be the final nail in Obama's coffin. All that is necessary to begin impeachment proceedings is to inform the American public. Then, the Congress would have to act, in spite of whatever political ramifications they fear as a result.

    Of course, informing the public is more difficult than it sounds as long as the media are running interference for Obama and Holder.

    But, it is possible, isn't it?

    Well, a guy can dream, can't he?

  5. Mark,
    Possible? Maybe.

    But the damage control has already begun. I'm reminded of some of the Watergate maneuvers.

  6. the leftists and media were all over the Reagan administration for Iran Contra but this gets almost no play in the media......and you claim the media isnt a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC party...yeah right....next you will tell me Obama is an excellent orator....

  7. Blogginator,
    the leftists and media were all over the Reagan administration for Iran Contra but this gets almost no play in the media.....

    A point very well taken!

    In my view, the media is avoiding discussion of Fast and Furious so as to promote the re-election of Obama.


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