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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anarchy On Display

Note: please do not comment until you've watched both of the short videos below.

April 29, 2016 article:
BURLINGAME, Calif. — A little over a month before California’s pivotal Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump began his official wooing of party delegates Friday, headlining a kickoff lunch at the state’s annual GOP convention.

But Trump’s appearance was nearly derailed by massive protests outside the Hyatt Regency hotel, where the convention is being held. More than a thousand protesters blocked surrounding streets, and at one point, knocked down police barricades as they attempted to storm the building before Trump’s speech.

The protests also blocked the candidate’s motorcade route, forcing him and his Secret Service detail to abandon their vehicles on a nearby highway, jump a barricade wall and cross a ditch to get to the hotel’s back entrance —movements that were captured by television news helicopters.

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” Trump said when he finally took the stage nearly an hour late. “We went under a fence and through a fence. … It felt like I was crossing the border actually.”

Trump joked about wiping dirt and mud off his suit as he prepared to meet a roomful of nearly 600 California Republicans — including many who will be on the June 7 GOP primary ballot as delegates to the national party convention in July. “You guys got to come in through the lobby,” he said. “I come in under a fence.”

The evening before on FNC, Trump was blamed for these outbreaks of violence:

(hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the above videos)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Form Of White Privilege?

I've spent my entire career of 40+ years teaching students in Kindergarten through college the rules of grammar in various English, Latin, and Spanish courses.

Before long, I may be forced to retire my gold badge.

Now comes the declaration that correct grammar is racist and elitist.  "And just plain wrong."

So claims Mona Chalabi, the data editor of the Guardian.

From NewsBusters, citing the Daily Wire (emphases mine):
Apparently having good grammar or correcting someone else’s grammar means you are a racist and experiencing yet another form of “white privilege.” At least that’s what The Guardian’s data editor, Mona Chalabi believes. Chalabi also thinks grammar rules were created by wealthy white people and can be ignored by minorities without facing any criticism:

“Grammar snobs are patronizing, pretentious, and just plain wrong.”

This sounds quite unbelievable, but sadly, it’s no joke. Chalabi argues that using good grammar or correcting one’s grammar is just another way to shut up minorities:

“The people pointing out the mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic than the people they’re treating with condescension…All too often, it’s a way to silence people and that’s particularly offensive when it’s someone who might already be struggling to speak up.”

Instead of correcting grammar, Chalabi maintains that people should just shut up and listen:

“We should spend more time listening to what others have to say and less focusing on the grammar what they say it with,” Chalabi says, and claims these grammar rules “aren’t commonly held at all” – they are basically white people rules.

The ability to speak and write appropriately isn’t a “white privilege,” it’s a sign of an educated person, and I’m quite sure Chalabi would agree that white people aren’t the only educated people in the world. No, Chalabi is only perpetuating the notion that EVERYTHING is racist or racism can be found in anything, anywhere – including grammar.

What is it with the left, always trying to dumb down their side and promote low expectations? Why not try to better an individual, rather than keep the status quo?

It’s no surprise then, to learn Chalabi made a BBC documentary titled Is Britain Racist? I'm sure "white privilege" came up more than once. They tried to prove racism by....handing out free donuts.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eleven Years!

Blogiversary 11!

Last year, I explained how I became involved in the blogosphere.

How much the world and my personal life have changed in those eleven years!  Time marches on, doesn't it?

Thanks to all of my friends — and, yes, even to some of my adversaries — here in the blogosphere for encouraging me to continue this endeavor.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Identity — Gender Or Otherwise

Is there anything such as truth anymore, or is everything relative and a matter of perception?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Blog Break

For about a week now, I've been struggling with a stye inside the lower lid of my left eye — the eye which has given me so much trouble over the years, including a 2013 retinal detachment.

My misery index at the time of this posting in 8 out of 10.

I need to curtail my screen time until this eye malady improves.

See Is your computer making you blind?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Well, Well, Well... (With Addendum)

One video of the altercation which resulted in a court filing:

From Politico, dated April 13, 2016:
Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted, sources say

A Florida prosecutor has decided not to prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager for battery after a March run-in with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, sources with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO.

The decision not to press charges against Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to be announced on Thursday afternoon [April 14, 2016] by Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg.


“Not every minor interaction needs to go to court. Time for everyone to chill out,” [veteran Miami criminal defense lawyer David Oscar Markus] said. “Jeb Bush has a better claim for battery against Trump after those debates than this reporter does against Lewandowski.”...
Read the rest HERE.

Commenter Truth Serum opined as follows at Weasel Zippers:
So when are the following ladies, and Michelle Field's supporters, going to publish their en masse written apology to Lewandowski and Trump?

Dana Loesch (Radio America, Blaze TV); Katie Pavlich, (Townhall, Fox News); Meghan McCain, (America Now Radio, Cosmopolitan, Fox News); S.E. Cupp, ( New York Daily News, Glamour, CNN); Mary Katharine Ham, (CNN, The Federalist); Christine Rosen, (New Atlantis, Commentary); Christina Hoff Sommers, (American Enterprise Institute).

Bethany Mandel, (The Federalist, Acculturated); Emily Zanotti, (American Spectator); Elisha Krauss, (AM 870 The Answer); Karol Markowicz, (New York Post); Kristen Soltis Anderson, (Washington Examiner); Mona Charen, (Ethics and Public Policy Center, Creators Syndicate); Sarah Rumpf, (freelance); Brooke Rogers, (National Review); and Mary Chastain, (Breitbart).
I have to work a long day today (Thursday, April 14, 2016). Let's see if there is an official announcement this afternoon.

Additional reading: Heavy.com on Michelle Fields.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blatant Inconsistency

Or, if you prefer, outright lies (with a hat tip to Old NFO):

From Refugee Resettlement Watch (dated April 8, 2016):
The Obama Administration is looking to resettle 85,000 or more refugees this year from around the world and for Obama’s last opportunity to submit a proposal, he is aiming for 100,000 in FY2017.
Read the rest HERE. Much more information!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Unusual Burglar

(For politics, please scroll down)

From WTOP, dated April 9, 2016 (emphases mine):
WOODSTOCK, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say a naked man was arrested after breaking into a north Georgia home through a pet door.

Cherokee County Deputy Joshua Watkins tells local news media that 28-year-old Jarred Lemming on Wednesday entered the home nude to shower, wash his laundry and to use the owner’s Wi-Fi. The incident report says Lemming was spotted climbing a neighbor’s fence and squeezing through the dog door at the back of the house.

Watkins says Lemming was still inside the home when deputies arrived. Deputies say Lemming claimed to have once lived in the home but moved out about a year ago.

Watkins says Lemming told police that he knew the homeowner, but didn’t notify him because he “did not want to bother him.” Lemming was charged with burglary.
One commenter to the above article opined:
Now this sounds like an industrious fellow. Even though he's so poor he can't afford a change of clothes he's keeping himself clean and up to date on his emails.
Checking those emails is a priority!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sick Of It!

I’m sick of all the squabbling about the GOP candidates!

It’s a circular firing squad — with fellow conservatives turning on each other.

Can we not understand that even those with whom we disagree really are trying to discern which candidate is best for our republic?

Some advice from How to Get Organized and Stay Focused in a Modern World (hat tip to Adrienne):

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Words Which Must Not Be Uttered

1984's Newspeak in 2016

From WH Censors French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism’:
The White House website has censored a video of French Pres. Francois Hollande saying that “Islamist terrorism” is at the “roots of terrorism.”

The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres. Obama, and when it reappeared on the WhiteHouse.gov website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande’s translator goes silent, beginning with the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Even the audio of Hollande saying the words “Islamist terrorism” in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

According to the official White House transcript of Hollande’s remarks, Hollande refers to “Islamist terrorism.” The audio of the bold text in brackets is missing from the video – the only point in the video [where] the audio is absent
Here's the video, with Hollande's comment censored:

The translation of the words which disappeared from the audio translation of the video:
Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq, and this is what we're doing within the framework of the coalition.