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Monday, January 30, 2017

Recommended Reading (With Addedum Related To The Firing Of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates)

See Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you at Terra Incognita (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):
I was outraged by the ban on refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East. I’ve covered refugees fleeing war in Iraq and Syria over the last two years, meeting families on the road in Greece, Serbia and Macedonia, speaking to poor people in Turkey and Jordan and discussing the hopes and fears of people displaced in Iraq. If you want to ban “terrorists,” these are the last people to hit with a refugee ban. Instead the government should be using the best intelligence possible to find people being radicalized, some of whom have lived in the US their whole lives or who come from countries not affected by the ban, such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

So I was outraged, and then I read the executive order....


But, wait a sec. According to the reports “The order bars all people hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.” Critics had attacked Trump for selecting these seven countries and not selecting other states “linked to his sprawling business empire.” Bloomberg and Forbes bought into this.

But, wait a sec. I read the order and Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are not mentioned in it.

Go back and read it again. Do a “ctrl-f” to find “Iraq”. Where is “Iraq” in the order. It’s not there. Only Syria is there. So where are the seven nations? Where is the “Muslim ban”? It turns out this was a form of fake news, or alternative facts. Trump didn’t select seven “Muslim-majority” countries. US President Barack Obama’s administration selected these seven Muslim-majority countries.

The Department of Homeland Security targeted these seven countries over the last years as countries of concern....


So for more than a year it has been US policy to discriminate against, target and even begin to ban people from the seven countries that Trump is accused of banning immigrants and visitors from....


...[W]hy didn’t CNN note that the seven countries were not named and that in fact they are only on the list because of Obama’s policy?...
Read it all HERE, including the numerous embedded links.

Read the text of Trump's executive order for yourself. Many news sites having published the EO, including the UK's Independent. See THIS.

Additional reading: Most claims about Trump’s visa Executive Order are false or misleading.

We cannot trust the mainstream media. They are the Enemedia and agenda driven.


From "Quick Thoughts On Sally Yates’ Unpersuasive Statement" by Jack Goldsmith of Lawfare:
...[I]n the context of deciding whether to defend a presidential EO, the question for Yates is reasonable legality, not what is just and right. If Yates thought the EO, independent of its legality, had crossed a red line of justice and rightness—whatever those terms mean—she should have counseled the President on that point and resigned if he disagreed....
Read the entire essay HERE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just For Fun

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One of my Facebook finds (click to enlarge):

Clever — and inexpensive, too!

This busy board also helps a toddler to develop his small motor skills.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Infamous Moments From Inaugurations Past

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Parader Monte Montana of California lassoed himself a president. Newsweek Archives, January 26, 1953

And this, related to the 1969 Inauguration of Richard M. Nixon:

About the above video:
Yippie action during the Democratic National Convention of 1968 in Chicago, the height of the New Left and the anti-war movement.
From this January 17, 2017 Newsweek article:
1969: Richard M. Nixon Upstaged by Pigasus J. Pig

Nixon’s inauguration in 1969 was a $2.3 million extravaganza; it was pure pageantry. “We want every husband to complain for years about the cost of his wife’s dress and hair-do,” Ball Chairman Mark Evans told Newsweek for the January 27, 1979 issue. But his party was over-shadowed by an inaugural parody staged by the youth-oriented, anti-establishment “yippies,” who “nominated” a hog for president.

Clockwork: Inaugural week’s first order of business was pleasure, however—and the Nixonian managerial touch showed in every detail of the $2.3 million extravaganza. The form has never been particularly satisfactory: James Madison’s 1809 Inaugural ball—the first ever—was so hot and stuffy that guests smashed windows to get air, and U.S. Grant’s in 1869 is remembered mainly because Horace Greeley had to wait in a check line for an hour and a half to retrieve his coat, cursing colorfully all the while. Shadowing Mr. Nixon’s party, moreover, was the presence of several thousand peace demonstrators and yippies, who planned their own parody inaugural starring Pigasus J. Pig, the hog they “nominated” for President in Chicago last August. Washington authorities granted them permits on a promise that they were coming in peace, though after Chicago no one—including the demonstration leaders themselves—could be sure.
The above article includes more snippets of photo and video about the above Inaugurations, as well as "1961: John F. Kennedy up in Flames," "1985: Ronald Reagan Is Over It," and "2009: Obama’s Awkward Moment."

Read the entire Newsweek article HERE.

Additional reading: Fun facts from past inaugurations, which includes a quiz at the end.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New American Holiday

With a hat tip to Cube:

...[T]he Obamas aren’t going away. Despite her current bout of self-pity with Oprah, Michelle and her husband inevitably will be offering a counterpoint to the Trump presidency....
Related and worth a few moments of your time (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Trump’s Victory Is a Pivotal Turning Point in Human History.

Excerpt below the fold.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The "Tammarrow" Tweet

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From WKYC  (dated January 17, 2017):
A Maryland public school district has fired one of its employees a week after one of her tweets for the district went viral.

On Jan. 5, in response to a tweet from a student directed at the Frederick County Public Schools Twitter account asking for schools to close "tammarow," Katie Nash, who was in charge of running the @FCPSMaryland feed, tweeted back: "But then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow?’ :)" It was retweeted and liked more than 1,000 times each, and Nash even got her own hashtag, #KatiefromFCPS....
Read the rest HERE.

My view: Twitter is a public forum. If someone can't stand the ensuing heat there after posting a Tweet that contains an error, that someone shouldn't be Tweeting.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Recommended Reading

See Obama's 'legacy', a long list of firsts compiled by Old NFO of Nobody Asked Me...Veritas nos liberabit. Supporting links are provided.

Related (from Global Research)...The Obama Legacy: “Dying Democracy”, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Wars, Terrorism, Refugee Crisis...

Can America recover from these firsts foisted upon our nation — and the world — by Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday The 13th

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Maneki-neko good luck charms originated in Japan, but they are often present in Chinese shops and restaurants.
Ian Willms for the New York Times.

From the New York Times:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Speaking Of Fake News...

Gutfeld is right!  Our media often take fiction as fact because fiction fits their assumptions (cognitive bias):

This morning's big story on the news: Trump Said to Be Told of Unverified Russian Intelligence. Apparently, the 35-page document, which is unverified, has been floating around for months, and Trump Organization official Executive Vice President Michael Cohen has never been to Prague.

[hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the video in this blog post]

Sunday, January 8, 2017

About Revisionist History

This video of less that four minutes is worth your time:

Related reading, with thanks to Thersites...Left's Mission Accomplished: Blacks Torturing Whites.

In my view, there is no way to undo the wrongs of the past, and, in fact, attempting to do so leads to all sorts of unforeseen deleterious consequences, including misplaced guilt, a sense of entitlement, and divisiveness.

Your thoughts on the topic?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Final Days Of The Obama Administration

Obama certainly has been busy wielding executive power as January 20, 2017 gets closer! See AS THE WORM TURNS: Obama's Last Destruction In Office at Stogie's site Saber Point.

And here's something else to add to the list in the above link....

Note: the title of the video below is deceptive. The video actually discusses yet another federal land grab in Western states by using (abusing) the Antiquities Act of 1906 :

More environmental lunacy...EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm.

Then, there's this: White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election: US issued JAR billed itself as an indictment that would prove Russian involvement.

And this (hat tip to Bunkerville): EPA targets key ingredient in pizza, bread in latest eleventh-hour rule. Note that:
...The EPA is issuing the proposed rule because of a lawsuit it lost in federal court brought by the Sierra Club, claiming that the rule from the 1990s needed to be updated under the Clean Air Act.

Summary of this administration's final days: