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Friday, August 5, 2011

Profiting From Politics

(With a hat tip to FJ)

HERE is the above-mentioned list from Government Gone Wild.

At Government Gone Wild, you can find additional videos such as the one below the fold:


  1. God bless those people.

    In the introduction of "The Constitution of Liberty" Hayek says that eternal truths must be retaught to each new generation, using current language and concepts.

    Web sites like this are doing just that. There is hope.

  2. If we could just get these videos into the High Schools and Colleges. Throw in a year of Civics as well, as I was required and we may get back on track. Senior year, we had a class trip to D.C., and spent the day going through Congress.

  3. Unreal. Forget becoming a honest businessman or even a gangster, the real dough is in leftist politics.

    Onward to two classes...

  4. Power and wealth from the many to the few.

  5. No wonfer they are only focused on getting re-elected.

  6. Silverfiddle; until we do much more than type our indignant fingers to the bone on our websites, I don't see much hope, my friend. I used to, but with a media as 'in the bag' for the left as ours is, I don't see hope. We're preaching to US...!

  7. Okay,i have to admit I hadn't watched the video before my last comment...now I did, against my better judgment (before going to try to sleep tonight!) and I was right. It's INFURIATING! How's it good just to watch this unbelievable information and DO NOTHING? You going to vote differently because of it? NO! You're a smart conservative....all of the commenters here are...and we'll always choose against stupid spending, right? ...how many LIBERALS are seeing this stuff, ANY? Are we changing voters with this information? NO!
    HOW DO WE DO THAT?! AN accidental blog visit by a liberal who's Googling something else?
    Okay, I'm through with the rant :-)

  8. Z,
    Are we changing voters with this information? NO!

    I feel the same frustration that you expressed.

    I enjoy blogging, but as for changing anyone's mind, I doubt that I've ever done so (with an exception at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, on a topic related to Islam).

    I feel marginalized and nullified as far as "getting the word out" goes.

    Except for informing my students, that is.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. It is appalling.
    Don't give up on blogging. The more of us that speak out, the better. We cannot afford to get discouraged. Our nation, our freedoms are at stake more than ever.


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