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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Stark Contrast On The Occasion Of Obama's Birthday

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With thanks to Will for the first graphic below on the occasion of Obama's fiftieth-birthday bash:

Click directly on the image to enlarge it:

August 4 is also known as Lizzie Borden Day. Quite the eerie coincidence as Obama has been swinging an ax at our economy from his first day in office (Thanks, Stogie for making the graphic below at my suggestion!):


  1. I love it, especially the first one. That is something the liberals have been doing forever. I am so glad to see talented conservatives now doing it as well.

  2. The comparison is a reach at best, but I understand and concur with the sentiment.

    Here is the way I learned about Lizzie Borden back in the 60's.

  3. Mark,
    It may be a reach, but I do love weird coincidences. When I first heard that Obama's birthdate was August 4, Lizzie Borden popped into my head.

    BTW, the first link in the post goes to an essay I wrote about Lizzie Borden at Always On Watch Two.

  4. That was quite an essay AOW. I must say you have "varied" interests!

  5. He looks good in a dress. It's a shame he's never seen a budget axe, though. He always ADDS to the debt, instead of cutting it.

  6. I just love the first one. The Obamas constantly vacation and live in opulence and then have the gall to demand others sacrifice for the economy.

  7. Hi AOW.
    Thanks for the link!:)
    Yes i read up a bit on the Lizzy Borden case, i would say 'She got away with murder' although probably did not do it all by herself.Comparing Her To Obama is within limits for both of them it's personal , she was getting even with her 'evil' parents, he's getting even with 'evil' America.

  8. Will,
    I have studied Lizzie Borden extensively. See the link in the body of the post: "Lizzie Borden Day." That link goes to my previous site.

    I have concluded that she did the deed -- with the help of the maid.

  9. Obama: "We're not even halfway there yet", in reference to all the change that he wants.

    In other words, to follow my Lizzie Borden analogy, he hasn't finished killing the stepmother yet.

  10. Bunkerville,
    Before I started following politics, I had many other interests. The Lizzie Borden case was one of them.

    Once I get interested in something -- really interested -- I'm like a dog with a bone and worry the topic until I'm satisfied that I understand it.

  11. Remember how the media bashed Bush every time he'd golf, and this president's so over that limit already, but NOT A WORD FROM THE MEDIA.
    Obama's party? They LOVE IT, it celebrates their master! Imagine if BUSH HAD CHARGED $38K for dinner with Obama? WOW. The room cost $40K. IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE? Six inch headlines....! Even though they feign caring for the needy, like the man in the picture on your post...no, HE needs to disappear so THE ONE can PARTY!!!

    Or imagine if any Republican called any Democrat Senator a TERRORIST? THink about what the media would have DONE :-)!!!
    We're living now in times Americans never thought they'd see; a time when a media is complicit with real bad ideas and a man with no background and no good ideas. yikes.

  12. Yes sir, he is one disgusting individual.

    But Wall Street, Pharma and the usual suspects are funneling him plenty of cash and they ain't donating to no Marxist.

    There will be a return on their investment. These guys don't throw the money around.

    Wicked bad day at the track today but Treasury yields are way down. Still plenty of demand for our bonds.

  13. How long will it be before July 4th is replaced as Indepdendence Day by August 4, Obama's birthday.

    With mandatory celebrations like this in public schools praising the Dear Leader:


  14. I've been needing a good laugh. I've always been intrigued about Lizzy Borden and can't stand Obama. The back ground was done beautifully.

  15. Too bad it couldn't be the other way around. *Symbolically* of course (Snort)

  16. Love it and so true. But we're not dead yet, just severely injured. We can still fight.

    Right Truth

  17. Always On Watch,

    Well, Obama definitely isn't good for the economy, although, I don't think he's harming it on purpose. The same is true for the country in general. I don't like Obama, but in all fairness I don't think wants to hurt the America in anyway, including economically.

  18. All this happening and Obambi continues to have a good time. I can't help but to despise this guy.

  19. The stock market plummets, party on, Mr President, party on.

    US debt equals and exceeds GDP, party on, Mr President, party on.

    The sovereign credit rating downgraded first time in 70 years, party on, Mr President, party on.

    Thirty heroes from SEAL Team Six are killed by a Taliban rocket, party on, Mr President, party on.

    For the first time in my life I am ashamed of our president, I want to cry and puke at once. But you party on, Mr President, party on.

  20. Indigo Red,
    Obama's it's-our-turn-now attitude couldn't be plainer!

  21. That's the shared sacrifice liberals are talking about.

    When obama and his gaggle of dangerous parasites leaves office, that alone should lower the national debt by a couple million if not more.

  22. Well, we THINK Obimbo's birthday is 04 August 1961. How can we be sure? My dog has better papers than he does.

    As you were on that.

    My dog HAS papers.

  23. Marine4ever,
    You know, I read somewhere that Obama doesn't typically celebrate on that date. Instead, he celebrates on some kind of Muslim date. Don't know if the rumor is true.


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