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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama's Bus Tour

With thanks to Will:

Video of the Darth Vader Bus below the fold:

Your tax dollars at work!

From this source:
At a town hall meeting on his campaign-style tour of the Midwest, President Obama claimed that his economic program "reversed the recession" until recovery was frustrated by events overseas. And then, Obama said, with the economy in an increasingly precarious position, the recovery suffered another blow when Republicans pressed the White House for federal spending cuts in exchange for an increase in the national debt limit, resulting in a deal Obama called a "debacle."

"We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again," Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa. "But over the last six months we've had a run of bad luck." Obama listed three events overseas -- the Arab Spring uprisings, the tsunami in Japan, and the European debt crises -- which set the economy back.
Totally divorced from reality. Unfit to govern.

Reality check!


  1. I had to see that clip to believe it, and I still don't. What in the world have we come to? Or should I say, Obama and his entourage?

  2. Is this dope touring to tout the South Korea free trade agreement as a "job creator"?

    Better yet, are the right wingers still falling for that free trade crap?

  3. From the BBC:

    Big, blocky, black, with painted-out windows, it looks more like a police mortuary van than a symbol of hope arriving on your street.

    True enough.

  4. So, who's paying for this?
    If it's not a campaign trip, it's WE who are paying, right? ...for him to go around slamming Republicans? REALLY?
    If he's trying to look like a stand-up guy and is absorbing the costs, than he's campaigning, right?

    And why's it take Canada and the UK to call things as they are? EVERY day there's an article in Canada or England's papers showing Obama for what he is......here? ya, RIGHT.

    Apparently, Obama now thinks the words REPUBLICANS and CONGRESS are synonymous; he says "CONGRESS was wrong, CONGRESS is holding this country down, CONGRESS is self-serving"...REALLY? the inference is palpable, the BUM. That's CAMPAIGNING, YOU BUM, that's not being a PRESIDENT...why are WE PAYING FOR THOSE BUSES?

    Did you hear he said yesterday or today that he's got a "very specific plan for September to boost the economy....to create jobs, to control the deficit...." and that "anybody in CONGRESS who doesn't go along with it is HOLDING US BACK?" @#($*&@(*$&(@#*&$#*@& I'm so TIRED of his being LECTURER IN CHIEF like some ridiculous SCHOOL MARM telling off children and putting them in the corner.
    WHEN are the Republicans going to SPEAK UP!

    I just heard a speech by Nikki Haley and wonder why the HELL SHE'S NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Gad, she had the GUTS to use the term I use so often "UNAMERICAN" HOLY COW, is SHE gutsy!

  5. Gee, I usually love a parade, but then there is usually something worth seeing, too! So glad POTUS won't rest till this thing turns around, aren't you? And such a nice funeral bus - symbolic, no doubt? Where are the throngs of devotees??? I didn't see them!

  6. I had no idea a bus could cost a million bucks... even an armored bus. He needs to return the money.

  7. Z,
    From this link in the post:

    ...CNSNews.com asked Carney, “Is that a campaign event or a presidential event?

    Carney answered, “Negative. That is an official event.”

    CNSNews.com followed, “So it is being funded by taxpayers in battleground states?”

    Carney responded, “He’s the president of the United States.”

    There is also a video at the above link.

    In my view, Obama's Midwest bus trip is primarily a campaign trip. Apparently, the DNC's coffers are full, yet Obama is taking this trip at our expense. Surreal!

    I didn't hear the following from your comment, but I'm not surprised:

    Did you hear he said yesterday or today that he's got a "very specific plan for September to boost the economy....to create jobs, to control the deficit...." and that "anybody in CONGRESS who doesn't go along with it is HOLDING US BACK?"

    In 2008, Obama ran against Bush. Now, Obama is running against Congress. You can't make this stuff up!

    I can only pray that Americans are seeing Obama for what he is -- an elitist. If he does get ousted in 2012, will he graciously depart the White House? I doubt it! He seems to believe that the Office of President of the United States is his personal plum -- and during this time of economic stress. Ugh.

  8. Blogsensibility,

    I think that this campaign swing is very different from Obama's 2008 experience in that regard. He may have charisma, but people are seeing through that charisma for the sham that it is.

  9. Good grief! Obama is now whining that he has it tougher than Abraham Lincoln.

    Is Obama playing the race card?

    Obama's exact words are at the above link as is the following commentary:

    The comparison “is hysterical … that is really laughable in many respects,” said Alvin Felzenberg, the author of a book on American presidents. “You couldn’t print things today they said about Lincoln.” Felzenberg teaches at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and was the chief spokesman for the 9/11 Commission.

    Criticism of Lincoln in his day “was even more vitriolic than what you see about Obama,” said Eric Foner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian at Columbia University. “Obama is a guy who has a thin skin and does not take criticism well.” Foner’s Pulitzer-winning volume was titled ”The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.”

    Obama’s sensitivity to criticism is bound up with his progressive ideology, which sees political disputes as best resolved by experts, said Michael Franc, vice president for government studies at the Heritage Foundation. Obama believes “he has discovered the truth and if you disagree with him, it’s not only against the country, its unpatriotic and anti-Obama,” Franc suggested.

    Obama is a demagogue, and he proves so on nearly a daily basis.

  10. Edge of the Sandbox,
    Supposedly, the second bus will be offered to the GOP candidate. For the moment, it appears that Obama is using BOTH luxury buses.

    I can't imagine that the expense of these buses is playing well in Peoria.

  11. Bunkerville,
    Every king, demagogue, narcissist, etc., has his entourage. I rather imagine that Obama thinks that all this is his due. He has zero clue of the concept of elected public servant.

  12. Coming to a town near you with "Free Stuff".

  13. I want my money back! That SOB is wasting our money, again! Bloody hell.

    I remember seeing a comment on Fox News that said, "it's the bus from Mordor!" lol!

  14. So the arab spring is now a bad thing, what the heck? No wonder muslims don't like him any more.

    Divorced from reality is true, and it's almost as if he's in some sort of parallel universe as well.

  15. Duck, I never fell for the unrestricted free trade nonsense. It's push by the left and right leaning globalists.

  16. The buses are made in Canada.

    Great for the jobs tour.

  17. Zing:

    About that bus: What could the White House have been thinking?

    Here the country is reeling from depression, recession and oppression, and the president decides to take a heartland tour in the visual equivalent of an armored hearse?

    The infamous black bus that has been toting Barack Obama around for stump speeches designed to distract from the Republican hoedown in Iowa couldn’t be less effective — unless you’re Darth Vader. As the ship of state rumbles through the American countryside like a land shark from Mordor, Dick Cheney suddenly looks like Howdy Doody.


    No doubt there are mighty good reasons for the color and construction of the presidential mega-hearse, but as political symbolism, the vehicle looks like a creation out of Batman and the president appears as Paul Revere of the Apocalypse....

  18. If I were advising Obama, I would argue against using a bus given all the references about him throwing so people "under the bus", much less a black, hearse resembling monstrosity bus built in Canada.

    Of course, everyone knows Obama doesn't take advice. He knows all.

  19. That bus appears to be a Prevost and Prevost is made in Canada.

    But someone is lying about the price!

    A new Prevost Coach ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 Million. I imagine that an armored "Presidential" model would cost more.


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