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Friday, September 30, 2016

Feeding Time

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Our tortie Amber at feeding time this morning:

A fresh bag of dry food was just opened, and Amber, a foodie, could hardly wait to get her share.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The fix is in.....again.

Roger Simon says,  "In a stunning Friday (isn't it always?) revelation, we found out that yet another key figure from Hillary Clinton's "rat pack" -- her former chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills - was given immunity in the email server investigation."

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IMO, the FBI has left the business of investigation of criminality and entered the business of immunizing as many criminals as possible from prosecution. At least "Progressive" criminals.

But the rot goes much deeper

Step up right here and get your third world bananas before they rot.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clinton-Trump Debate Tickets

This is "the souvenir ticket" that 350 Hofstra Universty students received:

Thus far, a spokesperson for the Commission on Presidential Debates will not say who printed this ticket and spelled HRC's first name as H-i-l-a-r-y.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Political Commentary...And Commentary On Tonight's Debate, If You Wish

The definitive word on politics, particularly during during an election year:

Another version of Mencken's erudite statement:

This thread is this blog's thread for weighing in on the September 26 debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

For tonight's debate:

Clinton’s Complete Lack of a Funny Bone Could Cost Her Monday’s Debate: Hillary Clinton is one angry comment away from being the SNL parody of herself.


Fifty-six years ago today in Chicago, Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon squared off in the first televised presidential debate.

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon flanked the moderator, Howard K. Smith, in the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, 1960. Credit Associated Press

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Musical Interlude

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I. Andante Sostenuto - Allegro moderato
II. Allegretto vivo e scherzando 17:11
III. Andante funebre e doloroso, ma con moto 20:55
IV. Finale: Allegro non troppo e risoluto 32:37

[information about this piece]

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Societal Devolution

One of my recent finds at Facebook:

How will a generation of sniveling whiners face the harsh realities of a world that is not a gentle world?

The real world is not a mommy who holds everyone's hand and coos, "There, there. You're poor widdle feelings have been hurt."

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Chaffetz Schools a Stooge

Please watch the following video to the end. It's only about 4 1/2 minutes long, and you will see how the head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (Rep. Jason Chaffetz) braces a FBI representative.

The problem is that the FBI has decided, unilaterally, without Constitutional or legal precedent that it can withhold, cherry-pick and redact  information asked for by Congress. 

It bothers me a great deal that a Federal agency (especially the FBI) thinks it can get away with this and gives us another glimpse into how seedy our government has become. 

AOW cutting in here....Readers should note who published this blog post.

Welcome back, Warren!

Within The Last 24 Hours

(Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the information in this blog post. Because we are doing some renovations here at this old house, I was off my watch yesterday, when all this was going on)

Let's see....The following have happened in the last 24 hours in the United States:

1. Pipe bomb at a military parade in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

2. Explosion in a mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.

3. Explosions in Manhattan (a pressure cooker bomb was found but apparently did not detonate. An IED did apparently detonate).

4. Muslims stampeded through the Mall of America in Minnesota. Erratum! This occurred on September 12 as part of the Islamic celebration of Eid Al Adha. Please take a look at the video at the link. This is America?

5. A Muslim went on a stabbing spree in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He asked at least one victim if that victim was Muslim before stabbing that victim.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Break From Politics

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Watch Van Gogh's works come to life on water:

About the above:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recommended Reading

See The Flight 93 Election. It is a long read, so you will need a block of time to read the entire essay. In my view, this essay is a must-read!

Full essay below the fold (in case the essay vanishes into the ether, emphases mine for those readers pressed for time):

Monday, September 12, 2016

"C" = Classified....And HRC's Health

(With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the video snippet below)

Yet, Democrats are furious with Matt Lauer?  Really?

Lately, the Clintons seem to be getting quite absentminded — or desperate:

1. Bill Clinton: "If You're A White Southerner," You Know What 'Make America Great Again' Really Means.

2. WATCH: Four Times Bill Clinton Promised to Make America Great Again.


Since I queued up this post a few days ago, Hillary Clinton has had a medical episode. What's going on with her? Something, clearly:

Even the Washington Post is now concerned about Hillary's health, as evinced by Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign, which appeared in the September 11, 2016 online edition. Quite a shift from a few days before:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

The class entering high school this year will be the first high school class not to have any firsthand knowledge of 9/11/2001, when jihad came to America.

These students will have only textbook knowledge.

For these young people, taking off their shoes and being run through scanners at airports, and elsewhere, as well as constant monitoring by security cameras — and all the rest of a world altered for the worse by Islamic terrorism — seem normal and ho-hum.

They have never known a world without Islamic terrorism. They do not know the freedoms we once had.

Worse, they consider 9/11 as nothing more than a National Day of Service.

In my view, 9/11 should be a day of solemn remembrance.

Boiling the frog is winning the day right now. Too many are too busy with their electronic devices to care about the future of the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints looms large on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

[The novel The Camp of the Saints is online HERE. Read it!]

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tales From The Classroom

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("Tales from the Classroom" is a feature posted occasionally here at this blog.  All tales are true and present matters about which I have personal knowledge.  The following tale dates back to 1983, when I was teaching a third-fourth grade combination class of 33 students)

Years ago, CS, a biracial student (4th grade student, but 5th grade age) who was enrolled in my class, miserably failed the weekly spelling test. I asked him why he hadn't studied for the test.

His response: "I failed the test because your ancestors held my ancestors as slaves."

I told CS the truth: "My ancestors didn't hold slaves. On my father's side, my family was opposed to slavery; on my mother's side, the ground they owned wouldn't sprout black-eyed peas — much less support even the holding of one slave. You failed the test because you didn't study for the test. You're on restriction until next week's spelling test."

CS sat there stunned.  Yes, from that day on, he did better on the weekly spelling test.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Video: Hillary delete it

With a hat tip to FJ, who made me aware of these videos:

Parody version:

On the serious side, here is a good summary of some of what was contained in last Friday's documents dump:

What effect will last Friday's documents dump have on the November 8 General Election? Any effect at all?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Break From Politics

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One of my Facebook finds and particularly appropriate for Labor Day Weekend, which, here in the Northeast, traditionally marks the end of summer:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Open Thread

Let's discuss political issues in this open thread.

Comprehensive information about the recent Friday documents dump: Hillary Testified That, DUE TO CONCUSSION, She Could Not Remember Having Had Any Security Briefings, or Instructions on Preserving Records, Claimed She Didn't Know Files Marked "C" Meant Classified.

So, what's on your mind? Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

We welcome civil dialogue at Always on Watch. Comments that include any of the following are subject to deletion:
1. Any use of profanity or abusive language
2. Off topic comments and spam
3. Use of personal invective

Note: comments consisting of blog gossip will be deleted as soon as an administrator of this blog becomes aware of such comments.