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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

More Obama Administration Corruption Uncovered

Silverfiddle Rant!
Just in case anyone missed this...

The Justice Department has concluded that it should have ended its surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser earlier than it did because it lacked "insufficient predication" to continue eavesdropping, according to an order made public Thursday by the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
The court has demanded explanations from the Justice Department by next week about the four applications, and information about how the secrecy of the material was being protected, as well as explanations about the "related investigations" and litigation referenced by the department.

Obama ain't the king no more, so corruption like Fast and Furious, giving lawbreaker Hillary a sweetheart deal, and using the IRS to attack political enemies can no longer be swept under the rug.  We've only seen the tip of Obama trash pile they furiously tried to bury as they scurried for the exits.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Cat Of Cats!

Our magnificent Honey Bunny, aka "Pooter" (1978-1997). A red point Applehead Siamese, she was the cat of cats! Not an ounce overweight, she weighed 17 pounds and was, in the words of our vet, "robust and the biggest female I've ever seen." She even stalked deer!  Totally bonded with us, Honey Bunny enjoyed road trips and spending the night in a motel or at my father's house.

Sitting on the well cover outside our then front door.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Up To Our Knees

posted by Warren
stock photo
AOW is somewhat indisposed with one of the perennial joys of home ownership: a sewer blockage.

I have offered such sage knowledge, as is in my possession, but the time has come for expert action and equipment to alleviate the problem.

 As any home owner knows, it is not enough to merely clear the blockage. Sooner or later, the root causes (pun intended),  must be ameliorated or the problem returns.

Alas! Mr. and Mrs. AOW live only 7 or so miles away and uphill of our nation's largest open cesspit, Washington D.C., and that augean task may not be possible in a single lifetime.

Open thread.
As usual, I will delete any comment that pisses me off.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The MSM Narrative

Posted by Warren 

Even before Monday's gun-rights rally in Virginia, NBC News reporter Ben Collins called it a "white nationalist" gathering,  even as he warned against spreading "made-up stuff" on Twitter. Later on, Collins deleted his original tweet, and changed it to: "Hi everybody! I’m deleting a tweet so I can be super clear about tomorrow’s rally in Virginia." He then proceeded to rationalize  his obvious discrimination against the 2nd Amendment in general and those who support it in particular.

Here are a few videos and pictures of those "white nationalists":

Monday, January 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders's America?

Please, please, make time to watch these two videos:

As Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance points out:
Listen to this guy's words, and think about how they dovetail with the words of Greta Thunberg:

"Action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fuelled it. We need to dismantle them all."
How many more Kyle Jureks do we have in America today?

Saturday, January 18, 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different...

(For politics, please scroll down)

Enjoy this brief eclectic video (Thanks, Warren!)

Here's another of Daily Dose of Internet, this video a longer video:

Much more HERE.  Millions of views of each video!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

"Unwarranted Gullibility"

Oh, that sea of Iranians protesting the killing of Qasem Soleimani, ruthless and evil general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard!

[photo credit]

But is Soleimani as beloved as he appears in the photos and videos?

According to Masih Alinejad, who wrote the commentary piece Don’t believe Iranian propaganda about the mourning for Soleimani, which appeared in the Washington Post on January 6, 2020:
...Some Iranians have compared the funeral services for Soleimani to those held for the Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague, killed by Allied agents during World War II....


...Some [social media voices] complain of the pressure to attend services for [Soleimani].

There are many Iranian voices who think Soleimani was a war criminal, but Western journalists rarely reach out to them. Ironically, the Western media is more skeptical of such state-organized events in other countries, such as Russia or North Korea, but seems to leave its critical sense at the border when it comes to the Islamic Republic. While it’s true that Western correspondents face daunting conditions when it comes to reporting the truth from Iran, that shouldn’t excuse the many times they’ve shown unwarranted gullibility toward the official version of events....
Smoke and mirrors — favoring such evil as Soelimani furthered by Western media. Ugh.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Thursday, January 9, 2020

You "Progressives", Can Be So Very Proud.

 Posted by Warren.

Looks like, the three ring circus formerly known as "The United States House of Representatives", is all set to pass a new War Powers Resolution that would, supposedly, limit President Trump's military actions toward Iran.

It would seem that the Democrats have "serious, urgent concerns about the administration's decision to engage in hostilities against Iran and about its lack of strategy moving forward." Unlike 'Silly Billy Clinton' who bombed the crap out of an aspirin factory and killed a nightwatchman and President 'I Won' who destabilized Libia and in a separate instance killed an American Citizen.

 According to The Council on Foreign Relations
"The 542 drone strikes that Obama authorized killed an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians. As Obama reportedly told senior aides in 2011; "Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine."

Of course, Democrats are always quick to make meaningless and toothless resolutions. Make no mistake about this resolution, it's figuratively and literally,  toothless as is the present Speaker of the House, whine box Nancy. -aka, wine box Nancy-

 Note that this will be a "concurrent" resolution – a legislative maneuver that is  not submitted to the president and does not have the force of law. (How friggin brave can you get. /sarc) 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Iran Declared War on Us

Silverfiddle Rant!
Iran declared war on us in 1979 when it broke into our Tehran embassy and took Americans hostage.

Barack Obama's "deal" with Iran was a colossal stupidity eclipsed in our nation's history only by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice humanitarian disaster.

Iran was on the ropes economically and the Iranian people hated the regime.  The nation was ripe for some destabilization and a "Persian Spring..."  and then Obama and Kerry staggered into the Persian Bazaar looking for magic beans in exchange for a regime lifeline to the tune of billions of dollars.

Yes, it was Iran's money, but the cash infusion breathed new life into Iran's global terror network, and Obama-Kerry demanded no concessions from Iran on halting their global terror enterprise.  On top of all this, Obama shut down a US operation against Hezbollah's global drug trafficking and money laundering network.

Here is a concise summary making the case Iran has been at war with us for four decades. Please read this short article and tell us what you think.

Nuke Deal or Not, Iran Has Already Declared War on Us

What say you?

Monday, January 6, 2020

Oh, Those Sad Faces At MSNBC!

Why are their faces so sad? Because they hadn't yet been given the repeat-these-words-like-parrots directions for the spin on the targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani?

Related reading and worth your time: Qassem Soleimani: Inside the twisted, terrible reign of Iran’s top general by Kenneth A. Timmerman. Excerpt:
...Soleimani was, in many ways, the irreplaceable man. Known as a charismatic leader — indeed, the only charismatic leader in Iran’s military today — he has no parallel among contemporary Iranian commanders.

Wherever Iran has sent its expeditionary Quds Force to war — in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen — there you would find Soleimani.


He also set up a far-flung financial empire, reportedly taking a percentage of the float on all foreign currency exchange from Iraqi banks, netting close to $1 billion per month in black money to finance his terror empire.


His many brushes with death and his outrageous terror rap sheet, which is longer than bin Laden’s, led Soleimani and his supporters to consider him invincible. His demise at the hands of US forces on Thursday not only shows that is not the case but that the aura of invincibility of the regime itself is over....
Read the rest HERE.

So, what is your take on the repercussions of the killing of Qassem Soleimani?

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy one of my favorite symphonic pieces: Symphony No. 9 in E Minor (aka the "New World" Symphony) by Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)....

Index to this symphony's four movements:

1. Adagio - Allegro molto
2. Largo 11:55
3. Scherzo: Molto vivace - Poco sostenuto 24:57
4. Allegro con fuoco 32:35

About the above piece:
...[Dvořák] composed the Symphony No. 9 in 1893, and while American music inspired him, he did not use any American melodies in the work. He wrote in the American style of pentatonic scale use and did it so well that for a long time many put the cart before the horse, especially in regards to the melody from the 2nd movement. A song named Goin' Home takes its melody from the symphony, not the other way around. The words were not set to the melody until many years after the symphony had been written.

The premiere of the work was the greatest success of Dvořák's career, as each movement was applauded so much that he had to take a bow after each. He had created interest in the work months before its premiere when he was quoted in New York newspapers as saying that an American school of composition should be built around Negro and Native American melodies....
Read the rest HERE.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below.

A political cartoon to get this thread started (from Powerline Blog, December 28, 2019):

And a non-political cartoon — because man cannot live by politics alone (from Powerline Blog, December 28, 2019):

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