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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Democrat Fear and Smear

Silverfiddle Rant!
First off, I damn all Republican politicians and public figures for not making this simple statement, loudly and frequently:  

"To the Buffalo killer, and anyone who would be inspired by his manifesto, know this: You’re not fighting for the white race. White people hate you. You are alone."  (NY Post Editorial Board)

The Infotainment Media Complex, in its long march to elect more democrats and smear everyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi is now tarring mainstream Republicans with the Great Replacement Theory.  

This is a neat trick progressives have used over and over, but thankfully with diminishing returns.  They have made the term 'racist' almost meaningless, and I'm sure you can come up with some other words and concepts they have despoiled by blatant and irresponsible misuse.

So anyhoo, the questions I have are...
* What is the proper, progressive-approved way to voice opposition to illegal immigration?

* Can an American express pride in this nation without being labeled a white supremacist (I know, it makes no sense, but we are talking about the progressive left) 

* Can someone avoid being labeled a neo-Hitlerian if she expresses concern that bringing in too many people with dissimilar cultures, practices and mores will negatively affect our society?
This is what the left does best: Smearing good people with odious labels to stifle debate.

What say you?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Musical Interlude

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I loved the following tune so much that I bought the vinyl pictured below:
About the "Dueling Banjos" scene in the film Deliverance:

*****At the age of 16, [Billy Redden], this boy from Rabun County, Georgia, was the only "authentic" local to play the role of The Banjo Boy in John Boorman's disturbing hit movie Deliverance (1972). He was hand-picked from his local elementary school, largely due to his "look" (his large head, skinny body, odd-shaped eyes and moronic grin had sadly branded him a poster-child for inbreeding and mental deficiency).****

Redden could not, in fact, play the banjo.  Some Hollywood "magic" in the editing room made it seem as if he could.  For more details, see "Use in Deliverance."

Friday, May 13, 2022

Get it Off Your Chest 5/13/22

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Baby Formula Shortage?

The top and bottom shelf look like apple juice or applesauce (I could be wrong), but the middle shelf is baby formula.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Freedom Of Religion?

Please watch the following short video (sorry for the advertisement):

Read the article HERE (dated April 24, 2022). But be warned: videos will play as soon as the page loads.

What say you about the Satanic Temple's plans?

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Wawa.  I miss you both every day.

Family photos below....

Unfortunately, I don't have any photographs of the women on my father's side, probably because they came from the Church of the Brethren.  I do, however, have quite a few photos of the women on my mother's side.

Mom's grandmother, aka "Ma" (circa 1860-circa 1945), whom I never met.  She gave life birth to five sons and two daughters:

Mom's mother, whom my and subsequent generations called "Wawa"(1898-1981). Wawa was a mathematical and computer genius, with only an 8th grade education back in the hills of East Tennessee; she was a master seamstress, as well.  After she no longer care-gave Ma, Wawa went to Washington, D.C., for employment toward the end of World War 2.  Because of her intuition about how to keep those big-frame computers running as efficiently as possible, IBM trained her—never mind her age.  A redhead, she was a force to be reckoned with everywhere she went. Example: Wawa held off the power company at rifle point in Northern Virginia because the power company wanted to put high-tension power lines over her cow barn. Because of what we today call bad optics, the lines got moved elsewhere!

Mom (1916-1987). She went to Washington, D.C., to get a job during the Great Depression. A whiz at mathematics, she took various accounting courses and became a statistician for the federal government. She loved her job at the Federal Trade Commission, but kept getting bumped back to the Internal Revenue Service, a place that she hated to work. She met Dad on December 24, 1950, when she was thirty-four, and fell in love with him at first sight. Mom was never in good health during my lifetime; she had serious heart and kidney problems, and had a series of eight heart attacks between 1960-1964. Mom was the most patient person I've ever known! The photo below was taken a few years before Mom met Dad:

Four generations on Mother's Day, circa 1979. Left to right: my dearest cousin, the daughter of Mom's brother's son (1942-1992), at age 12; yours truly at age 27; Mom at age 63; Wawa at age 81.  This photo was taken in the living room of my maternal family's last "homeplace," which I sold in 2021: 
PS: I still have that loveseat and that side table!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Get it Off Your Chest 5/6/22

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Comments from trolls and rants against administrators will still be deleted. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Roe v. Wade: Overturned?


Monday, May 2, 2022

The COVID "Vaccines"

Over and over again, we hear that the COVID vaccines — not really vaccines in the traditional sense — prevent severe illness, hospitalization, or worse.   Statements so laudatory of the COVID vaccines are not based on science, however. Rather, they are merely feel-good statements based on emotion or perhaps a  manifestation of magical thinking.


If you got the COVID vaccines and had no ill effects, good for you No sarcasm implied or intended.  

My situation is different.

You see, prior to the arrival of COVID, I already had a history of two severe reactions to live vaccines: (1) after a live vaccine at 6 months of age, I had febrile seizures, followed by over a week in pediatric intensive care; (2) after a live vaccine for chickenpox at age 64, I developed a problem with my renal system, to the point that I required surgery. Because of the latter development, a neurologist, a urologist, and a primary-care doctor all stated, independently of each other: "No more live vaccines for you!"  Not a single one of the aforementioned doctors is an anti-vaxxer.   
Then along came COVID-19. In March of 2021, my primary-care doctor ruled out my having any mRNA vaccine. In his words: "MRNA vaccines are not exactly live, but they are close to that. Considering your history with vaccines, let's go with the J&J shot."  A risk-benefit analysis. 

My significant reaction to the COVID vaccine didn't set in until about 3 weeks later, and I've yet to fully recover from the respiratory issues that arose.  When I informed my doctor as to the negative effects I was experiencing, he said: "Worse than many, but not as bad as some."  Of course, followed by "Call 911 if you need to."  

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should have stuck with social-distancing only.  

So far, I haven't needed medical intervention. 

Now, with the passage over a year, we are hearing more and more that there are indeed people who have had severe problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Consider the following information (only two samples of many I could have chosen):

and, albeit over 10 minutes long;

Full disclosure: some sources have discredited the above and have deemed it "misinformation" or "disinformation."  Is it, though?

The fact remains that we don't know what we don't know.  Furthermore, that little bit of information about FDA's wanting to put a 75-year lock on certain information related to COVID vaccines does not promote confidence in Big Pharma's products.  See this article.   

Whatever the truth about COVID-19 vaccines, all of us should be able to see that experts are contradicting experts — and sometimes experts contradict themselves within as little as 48 hours!  "The science is evolving."  Or something.

I can't advise you as to what to do about these vaccines for yourself or for your children (or grandchildren).  But I know that I'll have to think long and hard about getting any kind of booster.

I'll close this post with the following, relevant to more than vaccinations per se....

In 1901, Churchill wrote to H.G. Wells: 
Nothing would be more fatal than for the government of states to get into the hands of the experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge: and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who knows only what hurts is a safer guide, than any vigorous direction of a specialised character. Why should you assume that all except doctors, engineers, etc. are drones or worse?

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Poetry Interlude

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As a result of seeing I saw this particular 1981 episode of The Tonight Show live, I had Mr. AOW get a signed copy of Jimmy Stewart and His Poems on September 19, 1989, while I was at work (no personal leave at the private school where I was working):

Recently, I reread the little volume Jimmy Stewart and His Poems by Jimmy Stewartas good now as when I first got the book.  

As of September 3, 2020, after decades of having only cats as household pets, I have a dog named Callie, pictured left.  To my chagrin, she is as disobedient as Jimmy Stewart's Beau.  But she's a pretty faceand a crazy clown!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Musical Interlude: Blogoversary!

Note: I also team blog at DEPLORABLE Bloggers Alliance (previously called Infidel Bloggers Alliance), founded by Pastorius, and used to post at NorthernVirginiastan.

So, here's the story of Always On Watch....

Seventeen years as of April 28!  I came to the blogosphere in frustration because of the whitewash of Islam — despite the Islamic terror attacks of 9/11.  To this day, if I have to recommend one book to read on the topic of Islam, I still recommend Serge Trifkovic's The Sword of Islam (2002), a book written from the historical perspective.  It is the book that awakened me in December 2002.

Now, of course, I have often moved on to topics besides that of Islam.  Why?  Because of something Friedrich Nietzsche wrote and because I really didn't have more to say on the topic of the threat of Islam to Western Civilization.  Look at the evidence and come to your own conclusion.  But don't look too long into the abyss.

HERE is my first post (April 28, 2005) at my first Always On Watch blog, using a Blogger template before Warren customized a template for me.  

After my first Always On Watch blog, because of troll wars I next moved to Always On Watch 2 (July 24, 2006-November 29, 2010); Always On Watch 2 uses Warren's customized template as does Always On Watch: Semper Vigilans, the blog you are reading right now.  Team member Silverfiddle often posts here, too, and keeps this blog running when Warren and I are too busy to do so.  Grateful for you, Silverfiddle!

It is through the blogosphere that I met and made the closest friends I now have, too many to name. I must, however, now mention Mustang, my first cyberfriend.  At the time of our  meeting here on the web, we were both new to the blogosphere and had to stumble our way through HTML, Java Script, and the like.  

Many of my cyberfriends became "real life" friends and helped me in different ways during the horrible 11.5 years after Mr. AOW's stroke in 2009  especially Patricia, former blogger The Merry Widow, who came from Florida to Northern Virginia to stay with us several times to lend a hand.  At one point, she stayed with us for eleven months.  Eleven months!  I needed her help through kidney surgeries and complications thereafter.  She literally saved my life and saved Mr. AOW from confinement in a nursing home.  TMW passed away suddenly on March 29, 2020.  I miss her every day.

And, of course, it is through the blogosphere that I met my beloved Warren  and even the best man at our wedding The Beak!  And The Beak is the one who introduced Warren and me at The Electronic Bar.

Because of my original intent with my blogging, the following has been suggested as my theme song:

Maybe the song below should have been my theme song, although it keeps disappearing from YouTube:

About Islam...Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the critically-important topic, even to this day: Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Worth your time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Left Is Losing

Silverfiddle Rant!
A.B. Stoddard worries the Democrats may have nominated their last Supreme Court justice... 
"Two years from now Democrats face a terrible map and will be defending red-state or swing-state incumbents in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, West Virginia, and Montana." 

It's rough sledding when your campaign slogan the past few years has been "Defund the Police!"

The Right (with the help of sensible Democrats) is Winning the Culture War

Our Experts Aren't
From covid, to the economy, to foreign policy, Americans are waking up to the fact that our experts have failed us.

Republicans benefit from this...

... because they are seen as the anti-government party (probably because they can't govern).  Democrats meanwhile are the party of government, because when they get in charge--unlike the feckless, dithering, double-talking GOP--they get it on, combining no-argument politburo-like decision-making with wrecking ball policies.

To Make Matters Worse, The Left Can't Meme

Just ask NPC Wojak, a "grey, lifeless figure who repeats empty phrases like ‘‘The future is female” and “Reality has a liberal bias.”"   The Soyjak and Gigachad memes have gotten out of hand now, but they were so much of a threat to the left that that prig-faced pseudo-intellectual progressives whined and fretted and linked this tomfoolery back to Stalinist Russia and 20th century fascism. Meanwhile, the Crying Liberal, left with not even a participation trophy, continues to weep. 

Even Worse, The Left is Losing the Tik Tok Wars

The Infotainment Media Complex and their high brow latte leftist set championed free speech when they were the gatekeepers. Those days are gone, so plutocrat papers like the Washington Post, New York Times and other Billionaire-owned outlets ring alarms, scream and compare Elon Musk taking over twitter to the Reichstag Fire.

Meanwhile, I'm noticing an increasing amount of lesbians, gay menwomen of color, and other "natural Democrat Party constituencies" lambasting and lampooning the unhinged left.

The Washington Post punched down hard to expose and shame the previously-anonymous proprietor of the infamous and wildly popular "Libs of Tik Tok." (Libs of Tik Tok YouTube).  The unethical writer of the WaPo hit piece bravely leaned into centuries-old anti-Semitic stereotypes, noting  the 'Libs of Tik Tok' creator is a “‘powerful’ Orthodox Jew who is ‘shaping’ the media.” And not one person on the left heard echoes of glass shattering...

If you read no other link, please read this short article that encapsulates the Libs of Tik Tok Madness, and you will see why the humorless, authoritarian left is outraged:  

Stop the Hammering!

I'm not a social scientist or political analysist.  All I know is what I read, and people like James Carville and Ruy Teixeira are attempting to stand athward the Democrat Party and scream Stop! Stop the 'Latinks' woke madness, stop supporting illegal immigration, stop making excuses for criminals, stop opening new fronts daily in the LGBTQ, Race and trans culture wars.  Normal people are fed up and turned off. 

What say you?

Additional Links:

Monday, April 25, 2022

Ukraine Predictions

Silverfiddle Rant!

Farmer got into quite a donnybrook with Constitutional Insurgent and Thought Criminal over who's to blame for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  I stayed out and watched, but today I'll throw some gasoline on the fire, and hopefully keep the fight going.  I'll chime in with my two cents and invite you all to do so as well.

Russia is to Blame:  Putin's invasion is a baldfaced rape of another nation.  

What Contributed?  Had western powers taken different actions over the past 30 years, could this have been avoided? 

Nuance-Free Zone

First, a lot of nuance is being overlooked. We can acknowledge Russia is a bad actor while also acknowledging there is a logic to what they are doing, and they take actions based upon their national interests (twisted and misguided as they might be by our lights.)

We can agree Putin is a horrible person who hates the US and Europe and would destroy us if he could. Dismissing him at the same time (as many wishful thinkers in government and the press have done) is stupid and irresponsible.  

NATO nations have taken the dumbest combination of actions possible since the wall fell:

* Western Leadership swallowed Francis Fukuyama's "End of History" hook, line and sinker and have been sleepwalking for the past 30 years, displaying a dangerous and naive cornucopia of malfeasance, ignorance, cupidity, stupidity, and pie-in-the-sky happythink.

* Europe made itself vulnerably dependent on Russian oil, gas and other natural resources, supposedly with the hope of bringing Russia into the family of nations that respects international norms. That failed. Due to Western diplomatic bumbling and wishful thinking? Or Russian intransigence?  

If Europe saw this gambit failing, why did they continue sucking Vlad's gas pipe?  Wishful thinking is what Europeans do best.

* NATO nations did the most ass-backwards thing: They talked crap and encouraged Ukraine to talk crap, while denying Ukraine NATO membership.

* We encouraged Georgia and Ukraine to get cocky with a very big and very dangerous neighbor, and the bear took a bite out of both of them while we stood by and watched.  What the hell was our goal with those nations?

* Once again, we have taught dangerous and malignant regimes worldwide a very important lesson: If you have nukes, you have wide latitude to attack others.

* It is becoming clear that Ukraine became a very lucrative cash cow for well-connected westerners, with US government bureaucrats running business consulting and gatekeeping out of the US embassy in Kiev.

Pointing all this out does not mean I want Russia to win. I want Ukraine to kick their asses back to Moscow, while knowing that is damn near impossible.

Once again, we have a big mess on our hands that smarter people could have avoided or ameliorated.  Pardon my dissent, but I expect a higher level of thinking from Western "leaders," especially the US foreign policy establishment.

My Predictions:

I predict the war will drag out, with a mumbly, lacunae-infested fizzle, status quo ante, with Russia still informally controlling the pace of events in the east, while Ukraine retains nominal sovereignty.  Europeans will mouth sanctimonious platitudes while doing nothing.

Five years from now, Germany and Europe will be importing Russian gas and oil, and will be enjoying pre-war Nato spending levels.

More importantly, what say you?