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Monday, May 10, 2021

Recommended Reading

People Have Gotten ‘Institutionalized’ by COVID (dated May 6, 2021). 

...As the vaccine has brought the promise of liberation from a year of masks, lockdowns, canceled travel plans, and forgone family visits, there is a contingent of Americans who are simply not prepared to move on. They have somehow gotten used to the restrictions and are wary of returning to their pre-COVID-19 lives. In short, they’ve become “institutionalized.”...
 ...[W]e are in the midst of a destructive feedback loop. Leaders make statements that overstate the current risk of COVID-19, which ends up guiding the decisions of local officials, and it also makes people more nervous about returning to normal. The people who are nervous remain less likely to pressure local officials to change irrational policies....
Read the entire essay HERE

As I observe all the mask wearers here in Northern Virginia all masked up even when jogging or alone in their cars, I have to wonder if we are turning into a nation of hypochondriacs and — worse — a nation of sheeple. 

And we also have the extreme vaxxers (from Facebook): 
One solution to getting everyone to get the vaccine...bar anyone who has not had a vaccine (except for those with medical reasons) from entrance to any store, restaurant, bar, airplane, resort, movie theater, etc. Maybe when we deprive them of such things will they come to their senses.
Can we somehow turn back the clock so that Americans are not running scared and willing to subject themselves to tyrannical voices?

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy "Be Still, My Soul" as performed by the British vocal ensemble Voces8:

Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side. 
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain. 
Leave to thy God to order and provide; 
In every change, He faithful will remain. 
Be still, my soul: thy best, thy heavenly friend 
Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end. 

Be still, my soul: thy God doth undertake 
To guide the future, as He has the past. 
Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake; 
All now mysterious shall be bright at last. 
Be still, my soul: the waves and winds still know 
His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below. 

Be still, my soul: when dearest friends depart, 
And all is darkened in the vale of tears, 
Then shalt thou better know His love, His heart, 
Who comes to soothe thy sorrow and thy fears. 
Be still, my soul: thy Jesus can repay 
From His own fullness all He takes away. 

Be still, my soul: the hour is hastening on 
When we shall be forever with the Lord. 
When disappointment, grief and fear are gone, 
Sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored. 
Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past 
All safe and blessèd we shall meet at last. 

Be still, my soul: begin the song of praise 
On earth, believing, to Thy Lord on high; 
Acknowledge Him in all thy words and ways, 
So shall He view thee with a well pleased eye. 
Be still, my soul: the sun of life divine 
Through passing clouds Shall but more brightly shine. 

This hymn was a favorite of Eric Liddell, the athlete who became famous in the 1924 Olympics for refusing to run on the Sabbath (see the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire). 

Liddell later became a missionary in China, and was imprisoned during World War II. He is said to have taught this hymn to others in the prison camp (where he eventually died of a brain tumor). 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Quote Of The Day

Last week, my good friend Mustang stated the following at GeeeZ:
I would not want the sun to set at the end of today with anyone on the right thinking that the reality of the present has only recently manifested itself. Have we forgotten that when the American people rejected socialism almost as frequently as they rejected William Jennings Bryan, that the socialist leaders announced, in the late 1940s, that they intended to seize our education system so that they could grow their own future socialists? Well, they have. Generation after generation has been the subject of leftist brainwashing in disguise of education. As each beguiled generation grew into adulthood and became parents themselves, they, in turn, became the willing participants of the socialist plan until presently, we are left with only a few parents who object to what is going on inside our schools. 
Generation after generation of programmed young people who grew into adulthood to become the neo-Communist members of Congress, who occupied judgeships, who led the government’s many departments and agencies, who advanced to become four-star generals, journalists, and newscasters, who became the owners and operators of America media corporations, each of whom has fed newer generations with Marxist filth, each one breaking down our society into its many parts so that people today imagines that we have a right to choose and modify our biological identity, and that anyone who disagrees with their reality is a right-wing racist, and that God is merely a figment of our imaginations. 

It is today too late to save America from herself. The misery of future generations is already guaranteed. America is already destroyed. Biden is proof of that — he and the tens of millions of people who subscribe to the foolish arguments of the new left. A new America will arise from this chaos: one whose flag will have a hammer and sickle in one corner and a raised black fist in the other. Welcome to the new Kenya, folks. The inmates have taken over the asylum. 
Is Mustang correct in his assertions, particularly that there is no hope for the future of our republic? And if there is hope to counter what Mustang informs us has taken place, how exactly can we bring that hope to fruition?

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Musical Interlude

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 Please enjoy the short lecture, then Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring (hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance):

Happy Weekend, Happy Spring!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Canadian Doctor: "The most grave injustice our society has ever experienced"

(with a hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance

One short video is posted below. Then follow the link at the bottom to view next four videos. Please watch all five short videos before commenting.
Go HERE to view the remaining four short videos.

So, have we been "had bad"? As in...

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Bittersweet Nostalgia

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Many of the regular readers of this blog will enjoy the video below:

The comments at YouTube are fun, too.

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Origins Of "The Narrative"

(hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance, where Pastorius notes: The fact that this video is "Age Restricted" on Youtube proves that what he says is correct)

If only more "true believers" indoctrinated in our education system would watch the video below!  Perhaps the eyes of some would be opened — if only a little.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Musical Interlude

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This weekend, enjoy Spring, Opus 34, by Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936):

[About Alexander Glazunov and a must read!] 

One of the YouTube comments about Spring:
Glazunov, pupil of Rimsky-Korsakov, teacher of Shostakovich, composed this lovely piece in 1891, yet it sounds so modern ... as if it could have been written only yesterday!...

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Beyond Fragile Little Snowflake Status

From the Left Coast comes this video clip of this pathetic creature (hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance):
Comment at Deplorable Bloggers Alliance
revereridesagain said... If you have an "extremely compromised immune system", what the hell are you doing riding elevators at all? The rest of the world cannot and if it wants to retain anything of its freedom will not stop everything to accommodate people like you. Get a damn face shield to go with your designer mask and stop throwing tantrums when others are just living their lives.

Monday, April 5, 2021

So Weary Of The Narratives (Lies)

As regular readers of this blog know, I took month-long break from blogging because of Mr. AOW's death.   So much to do!

 As a result, I often have the television on for background noise while I am sorting through papers or on hold with one entity or another.  I have been inundated with narratives from the Left!

 I am especially weary of the narrative (lie) debunked below:

And then there's this...  

Myth vs. Fact: The Georgia Election Law, the full text of which is below:

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mr. AOW Has Gone Home

This morning, Mr. AOW (1949-2021) passed peacefully at the hospice facility: end stage renal failure with complications.  His passing was expected the past ten days or so.  He was at the hospice for eight and one-half days.

I was on my way to the hospice for my morning visit with him when I got the phone call.  

The hospice didn't see the usual signs in advance in order to summon me.  Just as well.  Mr. AOW and I decided years ago that I shouldn't sit bedside for the end.  

One moment, he was cracking a joke.  The next moment, he was gone.

While Mr. AOW was at the hospice for that brief time, he had more visitors and phone calls than he'd had in eleven and one-half here at home under post-stroke care.  What an irony!

I am grateful for the excellent care my husband received at the hospice.  This is what end-of-life care should be!  I'm also grateful that Mr. AOW was lucid right up to the very end.

Any blog friends wishing to know the arrangements should contact me via email, as shown in the right sidebar.