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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Waning Of The Cult Of Obama

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Read the scathing August 9, 2011 essay by Maureen Dowd HERE in the New York Times.

Read Reliapundit's take HERE.

Maureen Down has all but admitted that Obama is a snake oil huckster — and an ineffective one, at that:


  1. The Reliapundit link is not working for me; it leads right back to this post for some reason, but the first link is an excellent read!

    Honestly, a snake oil man would put in more effort to glamour the stage or he would MOVE ON.

    Sadly, I predict that Obama will be re-elected... There are too many sound byte voters and those that want to see our 'first black president' be a two-termer simply because of the color of his skin. They don't care how much damage BHO does to this country!

  2. All those poor heartbroken liberals...

    There is no tooth fair, no gold at the end of the progressive rainbow, and Barack Obama is a mere mortal, no smarter than the average American.

    Here's a scary thing to ponder: Who will be liberalism's next messiah?

  3. Siverfiddle,
    I'll fix the link. Thanks for telling me!

  4. Brooke & Silverfiddle,
    The link to Reliapundit's post is fixed now.

  5. She will turn back on a dime when we have a candidate. You betcha!!

  6. We are beginning to see some of those in the MSM turning on their master. It's fun to watch.

  7. Conservatives on fire said - We are beginning to see some of those in the MSM turning on their master. It's fun to watch.

    The left is turning on him too. I think it portends the beginning of the end for Hussein...

  8. Victor Davis Hanson has a very good essay on this, via Instapundit:

  9. Actually, Dowd has expressed some displeasure before. Do a Google search of Maureen Down Obama, and see what the search pulls up.

    That said, nothing she has written before is as scathing as the essay I linked to in the post.

  10. Dowd; he's just not left ENOUGH. There are gazillions of leftwingers on his gravy train; we have to remember that and hope they wake up.

    The comments suggesting poor Obama just can't get his points across and isn't lustrous anymore are ridiculous. He's doing more damage by lurking behind the Reid/Pelosi/Axelrod/and Geithners of the Left...as if he's gone soft on disastrous proposals for this country?
    Really? Let's start with a high speed train when High speed will just get us to bankruptcy ...with higher speed.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Regardless of the polls today, I think the vast majority of the people on the Left who are unhappy with Obama will pull the lever for him in November. They are not going to pull the lever for a Republican, even the most leftist of RINOs. The more conservative the Republican candidate is, the more they will flock back to Obama in November 12. Dowd is scorching O now, but I'll bet she is cheer-leading for him in October.

    On the other hand, the conservative and independent vote could be split. Some will sit out the election because the candidate is not "conservative enough" or we could have a Third Party candidate a la Perot (Donald Trump) that pulls 10 - 15% of the voters. Add a little voting corruption by the Dems, some waffling or splitting on the Republican ticket and the election can go to Obama, no matter what shape the country is in come November.

    If Obama wins and the Dems hold the Senate or even gain seats in the House, we will see things go down so fast and laws will be engineered to shut up sites like this.

    I don't care what the polls say about Obama and Democrat popularity today. The Republicans need to give clear concise messages and plans that an 8th grader can understand. They can't rest on their laurels thinking they will win because Democrats self destruct. The need to promote better ideas. We need to work our fannies off so that the day after the election, we don't have another Al Gore cliff hanger.

    Be prepared for public appearances by ANY Repub candidate being disrupted and shouted down by SEIEU and Soros organized groups. The attacks that Palin and Bachmann have gotten is nothing compared to what the media will unleash the closer Election Day comes.

    Even if there is a clear cut victory, there is a legion of government bureaucrats, educators, leftist organizations and the "mainstream media" that will still be in place and still be fighting for their vision of America.

    The election of 2012 is a major battle for sure, but it is not the end of the war for America's soul.

  13. Dowd is just opening the door for a Hillary bid.

  14. Dowd is just mad that BO isn't liberal enough. She and her liberal ilk will never vote for the GOP in November.

  15. She was kissing his feet earlier, I don't pay her any mind any more.

    Right Truth

  16. Well good for her to finally catch up, if only her ilk had figured this waste of space out back in the campaign, they would have saved the world all this trouble.

    My instinct tells me though that when the next democrat shyster and oily weasel comes along she and the rest of her ilk will fall for it again.

  17. Unbelievable. Maureen Dowd still doesn't get the obvious:

    That Obama is nothing more than a Pathological Narcissist. He cares nothing about anything but pleasing himself. If she (and the rest of the fawning media) would understand that, she would understand what drives Obama.

    But, of course, for Leftist Maureen Dowd, that would be unthinkable.

  18. I worry that they may try to replace him with Hillary.


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