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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Humor

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For cat lovers:

For dog lovers:


  1. My neighbor, who is a world class snowboarder, has a new bull dog he's teaching to skateboard. It is a hoot and the dog loves it. I can't wait for the time that dog is really tearing up and down our streets.

  2. Too cute. Hope the chipmunk got away...

  3. EIther that cat wasn't trying very hard or that chipmunk is a BAMF and was just messing with him.

    What is it with Bulldogs and skating/surfing? Too funny!

    Have a great weekend, AOW!

  4. I'd seen the amazing dog!

    But the cat/chipmunk, I hadn't..how adorable! That cat could have sprung on the chipmunk and been done with it in 2 seconds but it's so clear they had fun! WHO KNEW?

  5. Z,
    Every morning, I toss a few peanuts to the chipmunks living in our woodpile. If I don't produce those peanuts, the chipmunks come up on the front porch. Bold critters! And greedy too.

    I dare not let my cats out --- especially the two younger ones, who are avid hunters.

  6. Squirrels (of which chipmunk are a variety) are tough as nails.

    I've seen a dog get a hold of one only to get bitten through the muzzle and its nose clawed to pieces. Anything that can crack a nut or bore through wood has to be tough.

    I've seen prairie dogs and 13- lined ground squirrels confront and scold buffalo that were wallowing and dusting up over their dens. Granted, almost everything eats them, but when cornered, squirrels go down fighting Hiyaaah!

    I do think the cat was going easy though, more interested in playing than killing. My dog does tricks too - its eats then five hours later poops in the yard.

  7. Cat must have been well-fed and bored to boot. Otherwise, the chipmunk would have been toast (as in "served up on"...)

  8. That is a clever dog, i'm surprised the clever bugger didn't jump in the car and drive off.

  9. I loved the cat and chipmunk, it was very entertaining. I also liked the dog, as I've always owned dogs, and each one has had it special tricks. We own a dog now who smiles, he developed this on his own. It looks especially gruesome!
    The younger brother got exactly what he deserved.


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