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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Weekend Funny (Two This Weekend!)

With a hat tip to An Ol' Broad's Ramblings:


  1. GOOD cartoon!
    Ya, Mr. Obama...he's from PLANET EARTH...sound familiar while you're off staying at gazillion dollar homes and hobnobbing with the celebs?
    talk about AN ALIEN! :-)

  2. Hubby and I saw the movie Cowboys and Aliens.

    The main take-away truth from the movie was that the aliens "didn't think we would fight back". They were wrong in the movie, we fought back and won.

    I wish I had confidence that the majority of Americans will fight back against Obama and his administration. I'm not too hopeful though.

    Seems each week he takes on more authority than the Constitution gives him, and I don't see anyone standing up to him. No one calls him on these power grabs.

    Heaven help us.

    Right Truth

  3. And the lamestream media, from whom most Americans still get much of their 'news" does not report any of this or couches it terms that makes it sound benign and normal.

    I don't care what the polls say today, Obama can still win 2012.

  4. That's funny.

    Of the two, the media will treat Perry as being the one out of touch with America.

  5. Obummer is definitely from another planet if not another galaxy...

  6. What planet? The one obama can go to and leave us alone.

  7. From this recent essay in the New York Post:

    Obama loses his cool

    ...At this point, even his most ardent supporters are politely unleashing their frustrations on NPR and elsewhere, admitting that they have no idea who President Obama is or what he believes in anymore. It’s as if the events of the past month have thrown into sharp relief the inconsistencies he’s exhibited all along. The candidate who promised to close Guantanamo and the president who’s kept it open. The champion of the poor and middle class who took more campaign contributions from Wall Street than any of his fellow candidates. The leader who says he has ended the war in Iraq while preparing the public, through leaks and trial balloons, for the American military presence to last for years.

    Still, setting aside all the recent policy failures: What happened to Cool Barack Obama? The one who sank a three-point jumper during a campaign stop at a military base in Kuwait — on his first try? Who warily eyed a buzzing fly during a CNBC interview and, with Zen calm, slapped it dead — on his first try? Who bummed cigarettes from the press corps, who referenced Jay-Z lyrics on the stump, who rated “The Wire” as his favorite TV show and was dubbed “Renegade” by the Secret Service? Whose temperament was so famously even-keeled that he seemed the physical embodiment of the idea itself?...

    ...The president has been reduced, through plenty fault of his own, to just another politician.

    Much more at the above link.

  8. Alligator,
    I don't care what the polls say today, Obama can still win 2012.

    Agreed. It's a long, long way to November 2012.

    Yesterday, when I visited my cousin who voted for Obama in 2012, I could see that she'll likely vote for him again. All the problems with the economy haven't touched her or her household.

    Furthermore, my cousin (an Independent, BTW) doesn't see Obama as stupid or strange at all. Of course, she doesn't frequent the blogosphere and catches only snippets of the news because of her work schedule. Yesterday's conversation with my cousin brought home to me that whoever opposes Obama in 2012 will likely NOT be a shoo-in, in large part because of the mainstream media, which still exert enormous influence on the thinking of the electorate.

  9. That's the best cartoon I've seen in a while. Note the little portable teleprompter attached to his belt.

  10. Pagan Temple,
    Yeah, that teleprompter in the cartoon is a touch of genius.

  11. I always love it when the next political season moves into high gear. The political cartoons are very good, and these things remind us to not take things in such a deadly serious manner. Like I always say, my vote might just cancel out your vote.

    But the cartoon is a great take on a film which my husband and son have seen. I guess now I will have to view "Cowboys and Aliens" too.


  12. My favorite Democrat will likely vote for Obama again as well mostly out of an irrational fear created by the media about Rebulicans...

    However, this person like Obama is in conflict and expresses great disgust for his actions and lack of actions. I would bet money this time you will not see this person working phone banks and campaigning for Obama. And that my friends is all we need is obama supporters to just stay home. remember he barely won last time and that was against MCCain...McCain?

  13. Blogginator,
    in conflict and expresses great disgust for his actions and lack of actions


    I wonder if that will be the case with many who so strongly supported Obama in 2008.


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