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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stimulus Dollars...

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...Spent on Obama ads during Olbermann's and Maddow's shows in 2009. Reportedly, no jobs were created.


  1. Gotta keep the proles informed on how wonderful and brilliant Dear Leader is...

  2. If talk could create jobs, Obama would have zero unemployment by now.

  3. The network must get money somewhere, who better than their messiah.

    Right Truth

  4. "... Labor Department officials defended the expenditures, saying the decision to place the ads on the network — now NBC News — had nothing to do with politics."

    And just to add insult to injury, we're paying these people to lie to us?

  5. Oh, big deal. So they were preaching to the choir. Did the ads appear anywhere else. I'm sure they did.

    Let's talk about how Ryan voted for every spending increase Bush proposed while they never had a plan to pay for them. Yeah, a reeeal fiscal conservative.

  6. Congressmen voting is legal. Graft isn't.

  7. Liberalmann,
    Oh, big deal. So they were preaching to the choir.

    You really ARE dense, aren't you?

    Those stimulus dollars were supposed to go into funding something else entirely!

    When Republican administrations did similar things -- I think that they must have -- the Left raised the roof. And rightly so.

  8. Nothing from this administration is surprising to me anymore. Even less so, idiot leftists who defend what any sane person with two brain cells to rub together would find indefensible.

  9. "Let's talk about how Ryan voted for every spending increase Bush proposed"

    In other words: Let's change the subject! One thing I've noticed is that B.O.'s minions can never seem to come up with anything good or positive about him. Usually all they [can] do is "change the subject".

  10. A Fox News story. Yup, I'm sure it's accurate, lol.

    $235 billion on corporate welfare, $210 billion, 3 years of tax cuts for the top 3%. $900 billion on 3 years of useless wars, $45 billion on foreign aid, now these are wastes of money. $4.11 Billion of the tax payers funds given to big oil corp as subsidies that the GOP is defending, while proposing cuts to education, healthcare, safety nets, and infrastructure funding.


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