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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recommended Reading

See The Most Divisive Election in American History by Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knisch.

Please read the excerpt below the fold:
In 1980, when President Reagan asked Americans, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago", it was still possible to campaign on a theme as simple as the job performance of the other guy. But now, 32 years later, the campaign hinges on a much more fundamental split among the voting population....


This is the Post-American, Anti-American and UnAmerican campaign to divide up, carve up and toss aside the laws and traditions of the United States and replace them with the power of arrogance. It is the last stand of a beleaguered nation facing barbarians inside its gate. Every previous election was a contest between two American candidates who wanted to preside over the United States.

This is an election contest between the United States and an emerging Post-American order....
The rest is HERE.  Make time to read this important essay, dated August 11, 2012.   

As yourself this question: How much of the strategy that Greenfield explains is now in play some ten days after this essay was published?


  1. That's a pretty harsh essay. It didn't start with Obama, but I do agree pretty much with it.

    So much of his agenda and the ever-leftward democrat party seems foreign because it is. The roots of the American left are foreign and contrary to the spirit that founded this nation.

    But the left is working hard to sap those foundations and indoctrinate us all into a collectivist mindset, and it's apparently working.

  2. Daniel Greenfield published another essay today: "Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers."

  3. By coincidence, I added Sultan Knish to my blogroll yesterday at the reccomendation of Fuzzy at Fuzzy Logic. Greefield is a very talented writer. I agree with his primise that Obama is the most unAmerican President we have had. Obama is not interested in rebuilding America. He really wants to fundamentally change America.

  4. You want to rebuild it you damn well better fundamentally change it.

  5. Oh, it was the frog placed in water that allowed it not to recognize the danger when the water began to heat. So it was with our dear nation. The progressives were patient and incremental and we did not pay a mind to it.

  6. His item's first two paras were logical enough but then it came back to his usual garbage because in the end he is not a journalist but rather a sponsored blogger.

    "There is not a single Obama voter anywhere in the land who believes that another four years of him will make this country better. Not a single one from coast to coast. No, what they believe is that he will make the country a worse place for those people that they hate"

    The above quote is just junk and if there is any actual journalistic feelings within the guy it must have pained him to write that.

    Greenfield's usual BS is to do whatever he can for the pro-Settler movement and he has come up with some pretty laughable so-called facts and he, like those also doing similar, when confronted with real facts or how gapping the hole is in his argument, your posts just somehow dissapear and when you try and post again you find your isp blocked. Enough said, that just proves the point.

    Back to this particular subject and the quote I pasted - how can you give any of his postings credit when he attempts such a blatant falacy. Sure if you do not like the left, you dislike Obama that is fine, but base your argument on sound facts and not wishful thinking.

    Obama's voters wanted a change for the better and either they think he did better under the circumstances or he failed and they will not vote for him.

    As for the most divisive election in American history, sure it very well may be but I do not know enough about US political history to know what happend during the previous century or so. If there is anything divisive it is the polarisation of views and the loss of the centrist element. Also, it is pretty much clear that the GOP and the Conservative movement in the US is more poralised than the left and that in itself is probably why Obama will win the next election. It reminds me of the phrase 'snatching defeat from the hands of victory'....

    Damien Charles


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