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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Food Police

For whatever reason, Michelle Obama's comment to Gabby Douglas rubbed me the wrong way even if the comment was made in a joking way (from Newsbusters):

Nutrition information for the Egg McMuffin

Nutrition information for the entire McDonald's breakfast menu


  1. Black Sheep,
    A transcript is available at the Newsbusters link.

  2. It's the condescending attitude from someone who stuffs her gob at the taxpayer's expense!

    Moooooochelle has a lot of room to talk, doesn't she?

  3. While Mooshell was trying to show her human side she showed her stupid side.

  4. "she showed her stupid side"

    The "First Wookiee" has no other side!

  5. Kinda don't get it. Setting her back? How? Has she ever said that McDonalds has GOOD food? Anyone with sense knows the food, while supposedly tasty (makes me ill...) is bad for you. (Its fast food. ALL fast food is bad for you.) Or was it that a celebrity is eating fast food and are not allowed to, because they are a bad role model?
    In either case, sheesh, the arrogance of that woman!


  6. Wildstar,
    BHO stuffs his face with fast food quite frequently.

    The hypocrisy of Leftists is surreal -- but should always be expected.

    Gabby Douglas worked very hard to get where she is today -- a world class athlete. FYI...she is homeschooled!

  7. AOW: She didn't do that! Someone else made that happen!


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