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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Voter I.D. Poll

Hat tip to The Average American and a must-see video:


  1. BOY, that OWS conversation shows what damage drugs can do, huh? And they'll vote...if they can crawl themselves to a precinct.

    "they helped settle the recession they inherited"? the Black woman says..? "They're trying to make jobs for people...I don't see that happening.." Ya, he doesn't see it happening but he believes the WORDS, the PROMISES of Obama.

  2. We all know why Dems cannot have voters showing ID... It's so cost-heavy to issue out fake ones!

  3. Voter ID laws are supported by majorities of almost every demographic group in America, Guilty white rich liberals being the only exception. Even African Americans go 60% in favor of voter ID laws.

    Here are the Washington Post Poll results.

    They spin it as a "fear of voter suppression" issue, but their own results show the truth.

    Go to the second question and select "Show Results By."

    You can see the results sorted by different demographic factors. Only liberal democrats have less that 50% support for voter ID. More non-citizens support it than liberal democrats!

  4. Free ID cost too much, I guess.

    Great find, AOW!

  5. Ya, getting an ID is a pain in the neck, it must be racist!
    As a white kid, I am having issues with an ID... due to family legal issues. Its not that hard though. Just proof of who you are (birth certificate, etc) and proof of residence (mail, receipt...)

    And ID is needed near everywhere. Want to use a credit/debit card? ID. Want to fly? ID. Many other things need it as well. It is racist... its common sense.

  6. One time, I was worried about premature ejaculation, so I began to think about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Then I ended up taking a full bottle of viagra ...


    A lot going on here -- and it's all good!

    As a result of this flurry of activity, I'm unable to devote much time to blogging or to blog rounds.

    So, what's so good? THIS!

  8. How is it racist to require an ID before voting but not racist to require an ID to cash a check, board a plane or take out a library book?

    Voter ID's are easily obtainable for the VERY FEW people who may not have a valid driver's license or other photo ID. The ONLY reason to oppose these measures is to enable VOTER FRAUD without which many Democrats in close races would most certainly lose.

  9. People, these are just a bunch of Uncle Toms. This interviewer clearly went out and selected people he knew would say what he wanted.

    I am just ashamed at the racism on display here.

    How's Obama going to get re-elected if we have a fair and honest vote?

  10. RS,

    Thanks for the best laugh of the day. I think that I once commented here that, from a reliable source, DW-S uses only domestically produced mayonnaise on her hair!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Get real. Voter ID laws are obviously racist and also intended to target those who would vote Dem such as the elderly minorities, the poor and students. But furthermore it runs contrary to the Tea Party's constant din of what 'the founding fathers intended.' Yeah, they may be 'free' but it's extra hassle some can't manage. And you all know this. Even Silverdiddle.

    Turzai: "Voter ID laws that will give Gov. Romney the state of Pennsylvania; DONE!"

    The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban' for an interesting take on voter ID laws.

  13. Are voter ID laws racist? Ohhh, SI, senores and senoras. An we not forget you little senoritias. Oh so ver racist, specially whan mos of us no speak englis. How we gon keep lect pipul who geev us monies an look other way if we gotta prove we belongs here? Not fair.

  14. Liberalmann,
    Give it up.

    A person can't even get a library card without establishing ID.

    You're embarrassing yourself. Not that you have the sense to see that you're doing so.

  15. Liberalmann mentioned:

    what 'the founding fathers intended.'

    They also didn't intend the following:

    1. Popular election of U.S. Senators.

    2. Federal income tax.

    Just to mention two matters that required amendments to the United States Constitution.

    I can also make the case that our Founders didn't require property ownership for the right to vote.

  16. Yeah, spin it all you want but the GOP can't win without two things; lying to dumb people and suppressing votes

  17. Don't be SILLY, folks. Think what WE could do, if all requirements for identification were eliminated.

    What a BOON it would be to US!

    Why WE could send busloads of conservative activists ALL OVER the COUNTRY voting in town after town, country after country, state after state for CONSERVATIVES.

    WE could skew the vote in OUR favor for a fare thee well. After all WE have more money (or so "they' insist) and WE have superior organizational skills, because WE run corporations -- right?

    The only way to BEAT 'em is to CHEAT 'em.

    CORRUPTION is THE way to GO.

    WHOOPEE! Thank you, Dirtocrats, for giving us a FABULOUS winning strategy.

    ~ FreeThinke

  18. In Ohio, the election boards of Republican-dominated counties had extended their early voting hours in October to evenings and weekends while Democratic counties had had their efforts to extend early voting blocked.

    Any questions as to voter disenfranchisement now?

  19. Liberalmann,
    Apparently, there may be more to the story than your brief comment indicates.

    From the Chicago Tribune:

    CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Two Democratic officials in Ohio, a key battleground state and huge electoral prize in the November 6 presidential election, were fired for trying to extend early voting to weekends in defiance of a state ban, officials said on Tuesday.

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, issued a directive earlier this month that the hours for early in-person voting should be consistent throughout the state, where voting rules are a hot-button issue.

    Voters will be able to cast absentee ballots from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays for the first three weeks of early voting beginning October 2 and until 7 p.m. on weekdays for the final two weeks before the election.

    But two Democrats on the Montgomery County elections board, an area which includes Democratic-leaning Dayton, voted to allow weekend voting after Husted's directive was issued. Their votes were balanced by two Republican board members who opposed the change and the idea did not progress toward implementation.

    After reviewing a report from an August 20 hearing on the case, Husted decided to fire the Democrats.

    "You knowingly and willingly violated Ohio election law," said Husted...

    Also, I point out to you that the body of this post is about voter I.D., not varied voting processes and allowances.

  20. Liberalmann,
    YOU are one spinning like a top. Again, quit embarrassing yourself.

  21. Republicans work so of course we need extended hours and weekedns to vote. Democrats cant get to the polls on weekends away because the buses dont run a full schedule on weekends.

    Maybe the producer of this interviewed several and choose the one he wanted (just like NBCMABCNYTMSNBC) but the reality is drug use and criminal behaviour was reported at most if not all the camps so this interview fits in. The movement grinded to a halt as working folks grew weary of the spectacle so it is conceivable members realized they were doing nothing so again the interview matches reality as numbers did in fact drop off. Finally the O team decided this tactic was not working and notified all the cities to shut these down or do you think it was a concidence that nearly of the camps were shut down within 48 hours of eachother. Only a liberal would believe this wasnt part of the O team strategy to cultivate the so called 99%......

  22. Tangent Alert

    You mentioned the change to popular election of Senators.

    Actually these change weaked our democracy as the position of Senators changed from representating a State in opposition to the Federal Government to a position just like a House of Representative.

    The Senate was supposed to be different. A place were States had a seat at the table. A place were terms were set at 6 years so there was more stability as foreign policy was supposed to be larger governed by the Senate.

    As a resultm the foreign policy of this Nation shifts with each President and sometimes with disastorous results like Obama bowing to Saudi princes. The Senate no longer submits a budget and basically functions like the House.

    I would support the repeal of this provision. It is part of the reason we no longer have 3 coequal branches of government

  23. They also didn't intend the following:

    1. Popular election of U.S. Senators.

    2. Federal income tax.

    3. Barack Obama

    4. Harry Reid

    5. Nancy Pelosi

  24. Blogginator,
    I concur with your assessment as to the damage that the popular election of U.S. Senators has caused.


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