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Monday, August 27, 2012

Scooter Adventures

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The trip to the movies yesterday went well as far as the scooter issues were concerned.

It poured rain, however!

At one point after the movie, we were outside and decided to head back inside because of lowering skies! Well, we didn't make it before the sky opened up.

I dashed up the steps to the overhang near the mall's doors. Mr. AOW was zooming up the ramp.

I heard a loud expletive emanate from the direction of the handicapped ramp.

In haste to get inside from the pouring rain, Mr. AOW had hit his left knee on the ramp's railing and had knocked his leg off the scooter!

The gathering crowd under the overhang looked on in horror.

Fortunately, another fellow making the mad dash helped Mr. AOW, so I didn't get totally soaked.  Mr. AOW did, however; and when he gets cold, he has trouble with spasticity.

We got dried off inside by using a fistful of napkins that I grabbed at the food court and stayed inside the mall for a while.  We waited out the storm by visiting the book store (new joke books for Mr. AOW) and a restaurant (T.G.I. Friday's).

When we got ready to leave, it started to rain.  AGAIN!

This time, I managed to get the scooter loaded into the Crown Vic's trunk by breaking the law (using the handicapped placard, so nobody got ticked off): I pulled the Crown Vic into an opposite-direction lane with an adjacent shelter that I could use to disassemble the scooter once Mr. AOW was in the car.

We learned from our first scooter-Crown Vic outing that Mr. AOW can indeed manage "on the road." A destination further away is totally doable!


  1. Nothing like a little adventure in your life!

    I'm glad the outing went well.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the weather, i hope MR AOW didn't get to cold from the rain.
    Perhaps for future outings prepare a rain poncho the kind they sell in sports shops, something you can cover him quickly with and an extra one for yourself?
    How was the movie?

  3. I'm glad you were able to get out, even with the inclement weather.

    At least now you two know you can handle anything! :)

  4. Good for you and Mr. AOW. No doubt the next trip will be easier. The poncho idea is a good one.

  5. A rain poncho!

    Good idea.

    A big trash bag can also work.

    Thanks for the idea.

  6. Will,
    The movie was worth the trip and the expense.

    I mention "expense" because I was SHOCKED by how much two medium popcorns and one box of Snocaps cost. Sheesh. Almost $20!

  7. I am glad your crown Vic is up to the task of helping you and mr aow get out and about. This from a fellow crown vicer!

  8. so nice to hear you guys are out and about. rained on you twice?! sheesh! murphy's law.

    we try not to buy movie refreshments anymore. as you indicate, the prices are outrageous!

  9. Another day, another lesson learned. Empiricism at work. ;)

  10. Bunkerville,
    This Crown Vic is the best car I've ever owned. And I've owned so many cars in my lifetime because, until 2009, I always purchased used cars.

  11. Glad the movie adventure went well- boo the rain though, it seemed to want to soak anyone who went outside -.-

  12. Was the film worth it?

    I've heard it's similar to Moore's style (high on emotion) but without Moore's humor and editing skills.

  13. Ducky, go see the movie.
    I'd like to hear your report.
    I saw it and was underwhelmed.
    But it was not revelatory to me.
    It was to my sister-in-law, though and she was glad she saw it.
    I would not say it is high on emotion at all. It was however, very well produced and edited.

  14. Sears sell a "cab" to mount on a lawnmower so that you can use it to plow or snoblo the white winter shit we get here in New Hampshire. They must go for a hundred or so, but you could get their catalogue to see one and then maybe you could make something similar for a lot less. Just a plastic cover with a little frame.

  15. Sounds like an adventure and a half. Glad you overcame the hardships.

    BTW you can get two rain ponchos for $1 at most Dollar stores. They come in handy and are reasonably priced.

  16. It sounds like everything ended up OK in the end. Large trash bags are a good idea or some of those cheap disposable plastic parkas.

    We're going to see the movie tomorrow.

    Right Truth

  17. People that do not have to deal with issues like this do not have a concept of what it is like.

    I have worked with people that something as simple as going to the pharmacy (a task we take for granted) can be nearly insurmountable.

    I am glad you get out though.

  18. During my trip to Las Vegas this week, I noticed a lot of scooter users in the casinos. Vegas is scooter-friendly, and I learned you can even rent a scooter if you didn't bring your own!

  19. You sure did have an adventure! I am just glad Mr. AOW wasn't seriously injured when he hit his knee.

    I guess I missed it, what movie did you watch?

  20. Leticia,
    We went to see 2016: Obama's America.

  21. Stogie,
    The large malls here offer courtesy scooters at no charge. However, the number of scooters is limited. I will say that the scooters at the malls and the grocery stores have larger baskets for shopping.

    I'm not surprised that casinos in Vegas offer scooters. I wonder if the casinos in West Virginia have scooters? Mr. AOW is not ready to travel by train. Yet.

  22. Chuck,
    Thanks for chiming in.

    Fact: many of those who are disabled simply can't go anywhere without a personal care assistant. For example, Mr. AOW cannot get into and out of the car by himself -- and he certainly cannot load the scooter into the trunk. Also, he's not driving; medical approval for doing so hasn't been given and may never be given.

    Fortunately, in this area, we have multiple handicapped-taxi services and a public paratransit system as well. These services have grown astronomically the past few years as the population has aged.

  23. Duck,
    The film contained zero humor. The format is more that of a formal documentary.

    I wouldn't say that the film contains much emotion at all. It's more along the lines of something one might see on the Biography Channel, but not as "dry."

    D'Souza's thesis holds up well -- plenty of evidence and none of it controversial (birthism, speculations as to biological paternity, etc.). Thus, no sensationalism whatsoever.

    In fact, much of the film contains the audio version of Obama himself reading Dreams from My Father. D'Souza explains why the book's title contains the word "from" as opposed to "of."

  24. I regret for the bad whether but i am happy that you were able to get out from this situation.
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