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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong And Islam

(Two posts today.  Please scroll down)

From Jihad Watch:
...I used to frequent an Afghan restaurant in the Washington, DC area that was run by observant Muslims; the wall decorations included Qur'an verses and a wonderful example of Islamic supremacist fantasy: a poster of an astronaut stepping out onto the lunar surface only to find a group of smiling Muslims already there.


Neil Armstrong was also the target of more Islamic supremacist fantasy: there was (and is) a persistent claim on Islamic apologetic websites that he had actually heard the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, while on the moon, and had converted to Islam -- a claim that this intensely private man was forced repeatedly to deny (details here)....
Muslims: ever trying to take credit for something that they didn't actually do. Part of the core of Islamic supremacism!


  1. I suppose that, in the delusional mind of a person willing to follow a pedophile, blow themselves up for a sky brothel and march around a bedpan with a rock in it anything is possible.

  2. Interesting how this Muslim tendency parallels the old Soviet communist tendency to claim credit for every advance by mankind in the world.

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  4. I think it is true that Moslems contributed to western knowledge in science, literature, and philosophy. What is not true is that the individuals responsible for these contributions were orthodox Moslems. The opposite is true. Khayam, Al-Zahrawi, Al-Biruni were in fact Greek rationalists. Moslems called it Mutazili (deserter from the faith) thought, which originated in al-Basrah.

    It is easy to understand why Moslems should reject Greek rationalism. It led the “great Moslem philosophers” to question the tripe told to them by Islamic Imams about Islam and Mohammed. They wondered about and questioned whether the Koran created, or revealed, whether Allah create evil, and debated “free will.”

    None of this was permissible within Islamic communities … which brings us to understand that the great Moslem scientists, mathematicians, writers, and philosophers were apostate. So then, how much credit does Islam deserve for their “contributions?” I say, not much.

  5. Fouad Ajami give real-world examples of the Muslim ability to engage in collective self-delusion and mass-delusion in his book, "Dream Palace of the Arabs."

    I guess you have to engage is such mind games when you holy book looks like a poor transcription of the Old and New Testaments.

  6. Funny in a way, they try to take credit for Neil Armstrong being a Muslim, but they won't acknowledge NObama, who we all know is Muslim, or at least a Muslim sympathizer.

  7. When I saw your post title, I thought "What's that about?"!! And sure enough....
    They will take over every great American accomplishment if they can, I suppose.
    Of course, thinking AMericans know that the only secret thing that happened at the time they were on the moon was Holy Communion (you can Google it). (oops, Muslims...you goofed again)

  8. Here is something I posted on another site this morning. It's in response to those filthy SOBs killing our troops who are there to help them.



    1) Life expect: M 48.1 F 50.6

    2) Per Capita GDP: $900

    3) Literacy: 18.2%

    How could such losers ever be trusted?

  9. Superstitious beliefs always did result in rediculous behavior. I posted on this sort of thing recently at http://newsbleat.com/2012/08/25/persecuting-the-christians/

    Mormons believe that the American Indians, who were here at least 12,000 years ago, are actually lost tribes of Jews. Catholics believe that dead people can "intercede for them with God", Christians believe that self-proclaimed "reverends" get messages from God. Funny, so do schizophrenics.

    My point being that Islam isn't alone in being rediculous. All religions engage in similar behavior, but if you believe that you somehow spring back to life after you get planted in the dirt, you'll believe and do anything.

  10. Let's see. He patronized a restaurant that he apparently enjoyed and where he was apparently welcome and there's a single photo on the wall, maybe a joke, and this means what?

    Then we get a link to a site with a few e-mails from a couple of apparent nutlogs.

    So from here I assume that the people who got suckered by the birther movement and eat anything Glenn Beck or Jerome Corsi put on their plate (or the pigs Spencer and Geller for that matter) are so deep in the trees that they can't see the irony. Can't understand why the normals aren't out with the pitchforks and torches hunting Muslims.

    Damn we are in trouble.


    Check it out:


  12. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


    My guess is that Armstrong knew "he didn't build that". He would have been the first to acknowledge the thousands who labored to make that ages old dream come true. He did this in a time that believed the goals of the collective spirit were important.

    Now we've even privatized this dream and sold the space program to the highest bidder. Then came Saint Ronnie Raygun and regulation repeal and "greed is good" and Candidate Mittens.

    And Armstrong has been reduced to a chance to take a cheap shot at Muslims in the fringe right circles. No, it isn't me that's screwed.

  13. Now we've even privatized this dream and sold the space program to the highest bidder.

    Right. Barack Hussein Obama did that, but do rage on you idiot.

  14. Duck quacked: Then we get a link to a site with a few e-mails from a couple of apparent nutlogs.

    See this link of Google searches.

    Also, note THIS from Slate:

    A widely circulated urban legend holds that a befuddled Neil Armstrong heard the words Allahu akbar and the call to prayer when he stepped onto the surface of the moon. He converted to Islam, the story goes, when he returned to Earth and discovered the source of the phrase. The myth of Armstrong's conversion was so pervasive in the Muslim world that the U.S. State Department even issued a denial on the astronaut's behalf.

    I also note THIS from August 26, 2012:

    Muhammad Chaudhry
    Aug 26, 2012 - 12:31AM

    I am very shocked to hear the news. He was the greatest covert to Islam from the USA. He heard the call to Athan on the Moon and he converted

    Supposedly, Armstrong said in his autobiography (I haven't read it):

    “I have found that many organizations claim me as a member, for which I am not a member, and a lot of different families — Armstrong families and others — make connections, many of which don’t exist. So many people identify with the success of Apollo. The claim about my becoming a Muslim is just an extreme version of people inevitably telling me they know somebody whom I might know.”

  15. Hater will believe anything and look for the worst in anyone.

  16. A person without an ego sees everything there is, to be the same as him or her self. You are the door. You are the tree. Everything has absolute sameness of being. In reality, this is actually the case. There really is no difference between any person and any object in terms of self. Self is something we each create in our minds, which is why we all seem to see ourselves differently from each other. I am stronger, he is more handsome, I am foolish, I am more successful, I am a failure, I envy him or her.

    When we dispel our sense of self, we become eternal. We experience the reality of our eternal nature, we understand that we are one with God. In Zen Buddhism, this is called Satori, Enlightenment, Awakening.

    In reality, nothing is greater or lesser, we only make things so in our minds.

  17. Even in this age and time moslems depended on mainly Western expertise and Russians to take a malay moslem malaysian to the moon and that is certainly NOT an islamic achievement, though moslems tried to claim that or boasted about it.I think one should not claim credit when it is not due.

  18. Duckie said: "Saint Ronnie Raygun."

    I stopped reading his comment at that point. No reason to respectfully consider the opinion of someone using such derogatory language.

  19. The item is in fact a shameful disgrace using out of context the death of a great man. Spencer sinks to his usual low.

    Ducky is correct that he in fact enjoyed the resteraunt. The subject of the claim is, simply the organised effort of radicals trying to push a rumour, no more and no less - not worth the trouble to report and ESPECIALLY to use it based on the death of a true global hero.

    Damien Charles

  20. Jack Whyte's lack of knowledge and assumptions yet again makes for silly reading.

    Nobody can be that naive to think that Obama is a Muslim and to say he subscribes to some version - "the black version" is just - well simple nonesense.

    Of course Jack is welcome to actually come up with some proof I will be the first to ackowledge otherwise.

    While he is at it, he can also explain how "use your poor Kenyan relatives to further your agenda, but abandon them when they are living in a cesspool" is "is very Muslim." which, sounds more like wishful thinking on Jack's part.

    Damien Charles

  21. Sam,

    if you add a bit of context to your arugument you will find that it is not really the case.

    Most certainly a number of high-profile and well respected Muslims were considered as such but they are neither the majority nor in fact the most famous.

    By far, for example, the two most famous were most respected in their time.

    "Abu l-Walid Muḥammad bin Ahmad bin Rusd" or simply known as Ibn Rushd (or Averroes in latin) was most certainly accused, but that was more to do with politics than his faith, in the end some leaders condemned him but the population adored him. He was not Persian but born in Andalous.

    Abu Ali al-Dusayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina or just Ibn Sina (or Avicenna in latin) the great grandfather of modern medicine was respected throughout his life and died a pious man with respect. He was Persian and died there as well.

    If we are to add context then we must look at the average, not just pick out some examples, and especially those that are not as significant. Equally we should look at other faiths as well since the accussation made is that somehow the better and most venerated Muslims were actually considered kufur.

    Shall we look at say Gallileo? I could pick a few names and point out how they were treated then and make that as some sort of representation?

    In the end, islamophobia makes people pick and smear but it takes a bit of research and academic effort to make an argument actually logical.

    Damien Charles

  22. Sam,

    just to add,

    Al Razi, almost as famous as Ibn-Sina had also no such problems as was Al Farabi whom was so highly respected that Persians and Turks claim he was from their country - though most evidence says he was simply an Arab from Damascus.

    Most, were "rationalists" with Plationian or Aristotalian emphasis and though you have implied that being such made them kufur, only Ibn Kindi and Ghazali - really pushed a line that would be considered potentially heretical. The others made no such assumption that it was in conflict with existing or potential issues within Islam. In the end Kindi and Ghazali were not condemned as simply put, they were themselves strict Mu'tazila which was above reproach.


    Damien Charles

  23. Damien Charles,
    As I said in an earlier comment, I haven't read Neil Armstrong's 2005 biography. But if he had to state something about Islam, then there must have been more involved than a few rumors on the part of the radicals.

    A couple of videos on the topic:



    I'm sure that more such material is available.

  24. AOW,

    I think the matter is more of Robert Spencer making an item based more on catching attention through Amstrong's name and thus just another one of his low-life strikes at Islam that Horrowitz pays him to do.

    If we know anything about Amstrong is that he did not want or care to be considered famous or a hero and especially to be "used" for the benefit of others in such a way, that is my principle objection to Spencer's disrespect.


    Damien Charles

  25. Damien,
    I know how you feel about Robert Spencer, and nothing I can say will change your mind.

    Needless to say, I don't see Mr. Spencer as an attention whore. Rather, I see him as an informative source. The only source? Of course not.

    Apparently, the lies about Neil Armstrong having converted to Islam were enough that Armstrong felt that he needed to deny the rumors.

    Because we're in the process of turning my husband into a bionic man, in the process of adopting a kitten, and my getting ready for the start of classes on September 4, I haven't had time to check on any Islamic sources' statements about the death of Neil Armstrong. Perhaps you have checked?

  26. Is islamic people trying to make
    make use of Neil Amstrong for
    profit,publicity or fame or glory?

  27. AOW,

    no I have not checked, but then I would not bother. I am sure someone will continue to push that absurd line. Frankly agendas fly everywhere and for all reasons, it just rubs the wrong way with me when it comes to profitting from either the reputation or the hard work of others and obviously without their aproval. Especially those with high morals as did this particular hero.

    Damien Charles

    ps, I do not consider Spencer an attention hore but both a hate-for-profiteer and Horrowitz's whore.

  28. WLIL,

    SOME Muslim groups tried to push the line that Armstrong was a Muslim. I strongly suggest you watch your wording as it implies that Muslims in general do.

    As to your point, it is a very good question. It could very well be simplly selling and looking cool, either way it is wrong and condemnable.

    Damien Charles

  29. Damien,
    It could very well be simplly selling and looking cool, either way it is wrong and condemnable.

    You're dangerously close to a double standard with that statement, bordering on Islamophilia. I'm sure that you would not have made that statement had there not been this thread.

    If you're going to condemn, then you should do so evenhandedly. It seems to me that you, with the standards you proclaim to possess, have constantly pointed out to me that I should be more evenhanded.


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