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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wry Political Humor

Video below the fold (hat tip to THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS). Enjoy!


  1. ugh..I have GOT to get my sound working on my computer! This looks interesting!

  2. I posted this yesterday. It describes the methodology of the progressives perfectly, in my opinion.

  3. What a great example of the hypocrisy, so replete on the LEFT!

  4. Okay! Thanks to you,AOW, I posted this video yesterday. It got little attention, but Jack Camwell of Christian-Fearing God Man liked it so much HE posted it at HIS blog and was kind enough to say nice things about FreeThinke's blog.

    Among the three of us -- sooner or later this delightful video HAS to catch fire.

    I think it's a RIOT, myself.

    Can't wait for the Stalinistas to pounce on it. Their response should provide great weekend entertainment.

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. This video provides a great public service to those of us with RCD (racist cracker disorder). I was one of those afflicted, but this highly informative, sensitivity training video has me on track with Bob! I will be voting for the clean and articulate one this November cuz I'm very educable!

  6. Rye is soooo much better than white bread!

  7. Amazing how the right has made reverse discrimination out of political correctness and the obvious racism that regularly comes from the the GOP.

  8. Liberalmann makes no sense and I don't think he/she intends to. It's just something to ignite responses. I'm not sure that "Ducky" isn't the same sort of a shill. Who would listen to either one of these morons?

  9. Jon,
    According to my site meter, Liberalmann and Duck are not the same entity. Plus, Duck isn't nearly as stupid.

  10. "Liberalmann and Duck are not the same entity"

    I didn't think that they were.

  11. That was freakin' hysterical!!! The constant projection of "racism" on to seemingly every criticism that Conservatives make about Obama is one of the current characteristics of my own party that I DETEST the most, by far!!! Even though i'm a die-hard, bleeding-heart liberal/progressive, I CAN'T STAND IT!!! It gets real old, real quick. The pundit that I abhor the most, from EITHER side of the aisle, is probably that one-man-pontification-machine Toure! Trust me guys, even many of my fellow Liberals loathe that ostentatious twat! I don't understand how he gets to co-host what would otherwise be a decent daytime television program ("The Cycle") with respectable, veracious journalists like Steve Kornacki and SE Cupp.

    ~ "B"

  12. Hello, "B"! I was wondering where you've been.

    Thank you for that comment about most liberals. Of course, the "extreme" liberals are the ones that are most vociferous. "The squeaky wheel" gets the oil," and all that.


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