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Friday, August 3, 2012

This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch. The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is Mike's America.

Mike's bio sketch is HERE

Excerpt from the bio sketch: Mike has experience in politics and government at every level from the Court House to the White House where he worked for President Reagan.

Listen to the August 3, 2012 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Mrs. AOW,
    That was SO sweet of you to mention me in the radio show, especially in light of the rude comment I made in your blog the other day. I'm relieved to see that your opinion of me as a "polite young man" wasn't soiled by that recent outburst. I really do try to make it a habit to be as calm and genial as possible, but sometimes thae "young" part rears its ugly head.
    But yeah, especially considering the limited amount of time you have to do the show, it was really cool to see that you allotted a portion of it to telling the anecdote of our encounter/conversation at the Romney rally. I can tell you with all honesy (not just being sycophantic) that I really did enjoy our conversation afterwords more than the actual event itself.
    But anyway, i've got to ski-daddle for now but I promise i'll be back soon to reply to the other things you said to me in recent posts that i haven't yet responded to. Just wanted to let you know i'm still here and that I listed to your radio show. Talk to ya later!

    ~ "B"

  2. "B,"
    I hadn't PLANNED to mention you on the radio show. The show is not scripted. If WC and I can't punt for 30 minutes, we shouldn't be on the air at all. Heh.

    The topic that we were discussing on the air brought you to my mind.

    I have to say that this election season is the most interesting one in my experience. And it's barely started!


  3. AOW,
    Yep, it certainly has been interesting. I haven't yet decided who i'll vote for, but to be honest i'm SO disgruntled toward both guys that I'm hoping somebody credible runs third-party. What's your opinion of voting third-party, and are there any individuals you would vote for in that scenario? I myself would vote for Buddy Roemer if he could get on the ballot here in Virginia, without hesitation.

    ~ "B"

  4. "B,"
    I have voted Third Party several times. The end result: whichever one of the major Party candidates was in the lead in the polls close to the election won the election every time.

    I don't know much about Buddy Roemer.

    There are no perfect candidates from either of the major Parties.

    In my view, the past several cycles we have seen the worst of the two-party system. **sigh**

  5. "B,"
    BTW, disgruntled is the perfect word!

    Maybe it will all come down to voting for the one who doesn't disgruntle each of us the more.

  6. It certainly seems to be going in that "disgruntled" direction. At least we care too much for it to make us apathetic.

    But hey, i've got another question for ya. Are there any political commentators on the Left (whether they be TV show hosts or other TV pundits, radio show hosts, authors, journalists, columnists, bloggers, professors, activists, political commedians, former politicians or EVEN current politicians, or any other individuals on the left) who you either respect or even enjoy their work?

    For me there's a number of public individuals on the Right whom I not only respect but greatly enjoy: Andrew Sullivan, David Frum, Ross Douthat, Judge Napolitano,Mark Steyn, Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfield, S.E. Cupp, and Penn Jillette. I LOVE the late William F. Buckley, and have alot of respect and admiration for Ron Paul and John McCain. Andrew Breitbart pissed me off but I loved his persistent tenacity.

    Just interested to know your answer to the above question, as well as if you have any thoughts on the list i've compiled.

    ~ "B"

  7. Oh, and I also have respect Dinesh D'Souza and Chris Wallace, but each for completely different reasons. (D'Souza for his intellect, and Wallace for his integrity).

    ~ "B"

  8. "B,"
    In answer to your question, I regularly read the Washington Post, Newsweek, and Time Magazine.

    Of all the writers in the WaPo, the one that I most frequently read outside of the Right is Richard Cohen.

    I also read Joe Klein and Paul Begala.

    I cannot abide Alan Colmes!

    Not sure how to classify Niall Ferguson, but I read him with great frequency.

    College profs? Let's see....John McWhorter, I think. For an excellent book on race relations from an unusual perspective, see McWhorter's Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America.

    Phone call coming in. Back later when I can get here.

  9. Comedians on the Left: Lewis Black and the late George Carlin.

    Professor John McWorter. I highly recommend his book Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America.

    Politicians: Joe Lieberman -- sometimes.

    I became interested in politics after 9/11. Therefore, much of my reading consisted of and still consists of reading material about Islam and the Middle East.

    Sites I visit on a regular basis (not Left wing): Jihd Watch and Infidel Bloggers Alliance; I administer at the latter.

  10. First thing every day: Drudge and the Huffington Post.

  11. Normally, the main blogs I try to check out everyday (but dont always manage to) are: Glenn Greenwald, David Frum, Matt Taibbi, Corey Robin, Andrew Sullivan, Chris Hedges, and Talking Philosophy. (There are others, but I don't keep up with them as habitualy)

    Some of the sites I frequent are: The Browser (I would highly reccommend this one to you, it has no bias because it just pulls article, essay's, and interviews from all over the web on every topic imaginable), Salon.com, The Daily Beast, Truthdig, and Adbusters. I also try to read the Washington Post and the Wasington Times whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    Probably my favorite website right now is Bloggingheads.tv, as well as BigThink.com for issues other than politics (mostly science related).
    Here's the thing...I am ALWAYS trying to find more Right-of-center websites and publications to frequent, but have found that I get "turned off" when there is an excess of vitriolic "lefty-bashing". But I really do have an interest in/respect for the Conservative philosophy, so if you could direct me to any sites/blogs/publications that you think i'd enjoy, it would be much appreciated.

    Plus, I have a subscription to The Nation magazine, but am on the lookout for a Conservative publication to subscribe to so I can juxtapose the two ideologys. Any reccommendations? Perhaps National Review or The American Conservative?

    (P.S. I must also add that one of my FAVIORITE intellectuals is/was the late Christopher Hitchens. I figured you'd appreciate that considering he shared your views on Islam and Islamofacism.)

  12. "B,"
    I checked out The Browser and bookmarked it. Thanks so much for informing me of that web site!

    I don't subscribe to hard copies of conservative magazines. I'm maxed out on snail mail!

    However, I used to subscribe to National Review and Human Events and NewsMax.

    And, yes, I did read Hitchens on a regular basis. As a Christian, I wish he had been a Believer. But, hey, his soul was his business -- not mine.


    Question, and your call as to whether or not to answer it: Do you have a job and, if so, what kind of job? "B," I'm not being sarcastic or judgmental. It's a matter of curiosity. If you'd rather answer offline, my email addy is toward the top of the sidebar.

  13. AOW,
    Don't worry, it's as good a question as any! I'm a pretty open and transparent individual, so you never need to hesitate to ask me anything.
    Normally, I would be working for my neighbors landscaping company. But for about the past two weeks, business has been a tad bit slow and as a result he hasn't needed me too much. So to fill that income void, in the meantime, iv'e just been taking care of several of my neighbors dogs while they're at work, as well as assisting my mom's best friend with anything she needs help with while her husband is on a THREE WEEK LONG business trip for Microsoft (to SEATTLE of all places, poor guy!).
    I do, however, still live with my parents. Don't know if that answers anything you may be wondering about.

    So don't be surprised if you start seeing less of me in the near future, for I anticipate work to be picking up again shortly. But in the meantime....YOUR STUCK WITH ME!!! (haha)

    ~ "B"
    (PS I must confess that i don't keep up with ALL of those sites/blogs (that I mentioned in my last comment) on an everyday basis. I'm normally able to keep up with only a couple of them per day, but I figured i'd give you a substantial list of the ones I most enjoy so you could kinda get a better picture of who I am. But no, I'm don't have the time to read ALL or even MOST of those EVERYDAY, but I do spend the majority of my free-time by myself reading.)

  14. AOW,

    I'm so glad you like The Browser! It's a really cool, mentally-stimulating website that has a great collection of information about EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE (news, politics, science, religion, philosophy, academics, economics, theory, entertainment, sports, etc.)!!! My favorite sections are PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION/SPIRITUALIY.

    I'll definently check out that book by John McWhorter, sounds quite interesting. Maybe they'll have it in my county's public library system.

    Also, what's your opinion of the magazine "The Weekly Standard"? I know that, at one point, Hitchens called dubbed it "the most intelligent publication of the Right". Your thoughts on whether it should be a candidate for my conservative counterpart to "The Nation"?

    Going to bed now, talk to ya later.

    ~ "B"

    (P.S. Ditto on George Carlin & Lewis Black! Nobody better than George on EITHER side of the political aisle!!)

  15. "B,"
    Landscaping, huh? A decent "career" in the D.C. metro area.

    My yard is a dust bowl in this summer of baking in the heat. Not that my yard is landscaped, anyway. Truth be told, a groomed yard is not on my list of priorities. I did recently spend a substantial amount of money getting the wisteria vine trimmed back. That vine is so invasive when it gets loose! Landscaping companies refused the work, so I hired some Mayan Indians (at least, they seemed to be). Anyway, they knew how to tame a jungle! Climbed up on ladders with chain saws and cut back the vine. Of course, it's nearly impossible to kill wisteria once it takes hold. Now I need to get that cleared area tilled and re-sodded.

    This property used to be farm country in the not-so-distant past, and my yard has a wild look as opposed to a suburban look with everything carefully groomed to perfection. That look suits this old house (1930 or so, and very small by today's standards), and that look suits me -- until the right offer comes along, anyway.

    When my mother's family moved here from out of a D.C. apartment, they did so because my first cousin had osteogenesis imperfecta; he needed fresh eggs and fresh milk every day. In fact, every morning, my mother used to take 80 fresh chickens to a local restaurant. By family, I mean my mother (single at the time), my grandmother (widowed since age 27), my uncle and his wife, and my aunt and uncle's young son. My uncle died of the chickenpox (!!!) two years later, and the year after that my mother met my father, married, and moved to where he was living some 7 miles away.

    I'm a rare bird in Northern Virginia -- born and bred here as was my father before me. And living in my grandmother's house (as I refer to this place).

    The McWhorter book I mentioned should be in the public library.

    I occasionally read articles from the Weekly Standard -- online, of course.

    About comedians....I don't listen to comedy all that much. My absolutely favorite comedic material: Bloopers. I doubt that such material is available now, but I had several vinyls of Bloopers. Back in the day, I used to listen to everything that Bill Cosby did.

    As if you haven't already guessed, the kind of comedy I prefer is satire. Of anything! Ron White's sneering delivery makes me laugh, BTW.

    Off to visit The Browser right now.

  16. "B,"
    It just now occurs to me that you might know how I should deal with that barren ground where the wisteria vines were. Right now, the area is growing mostly poke weed -- and some sprigs of wisteria, too, of course. A little patch of Lily of the Valley has re-sprouted from many, many years ago -- and some Virginia Creeper.

    Please let me know about any ideas you have. Thanks!

  17. AOW,
    OH, I sympathize with your plight of being at CONSTANT WAR with Wisteria!!! Sometimes, it seems as though i've spent half my life HACKING away at it in my Mom's garden trying to keep it tame!!!

    I must admit, i'm not much of an "expert" on such matters nor am I at all "fluent" in the profession of landscaping. I've only been at this job (on and off) for about six months, and the work I do is primarily the simple, mundane, manual-labor sort (mowing, weed-wacking, digging, pulling weeds, chopping and cutting, etc.).

    However, I have learned from gardening with my Mother and other friends/family that there are some determined plants that will grow just about anywhere. Day-Lillies and Lavender spring to mind. Both are low-to-no-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and seem to grow in just about any quality of soil. Don't know if that helps.

    If your problem is more about an inability to rid that clearing of those various pesky invaders (poke weed, creeper, and remaining wisteria), then I will consult with my neighbor's expertise and hopefully return with some helpful information and a possible solution to your quagmire.

    ~ "B"

  18. AOW,

    Bill Cosby is one of my FAVORITE comedians of ALL TIME, regardless of era. My favorite form of television entertainment is and will always be the "sitcom", and his eponymous program remains a timeless classic. And as far as stand-up goes, he was/is one of the best!!!

    ~ "B"

    (P.S. If given the opportunity, I could discuss "sitcoms" all day!!! My all-time favorites are: "Three's Company", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "The Golden Girls", "All in the Family", "Will & Grace", "The Jeffersons", "Sanford & Son", and "King of Queens". Just thought i'd throw that out there...haha.)

  19. "B,"

    I love 'em!

    All the ones you mentioned -- and "I Love Lucy" and "Two and a Half Men." Almost every day, Mr. AOW watches the latter, and I do too, of course, by default.

    As I grow older, I appreciate "The Golden Girls" more and more.

    Bill Cosby's "tales" about rearing children are timeless. And the routine about getting stuck on the hills of San Francisco while driving a car with a clutch. A clutch and I have never been best buddies.

  20. Mrs. AOW,

    HECK YES!!! Another person who shares my love of sitcoms!!

    The shows you mentioned are two of my favorites as well. I should have included "I Love Lucy" in the list I made, as It is also one of my favorites and Lucille Ball was probably the funniest physical comedian to ever grace the screen. I also own 3 seasons of "Two and a Half Men", to give you an idea of how much I enjoy THAT show.

    Two of my other favorite shows are "Lavern & Shirley" and "The Big Bang Theory", and I own multiple seasons of them as well.

    Have you ever seen the HYSTERICAL Lucy and Desi movie "The Long, Long, Long, Long Trailer"? If not, I would highly reccommend it.

    ~ "B"

  21. "B,"
    Yes, I have seen that film. The first time I saw it (on TV) was about the time that my parents got a camper. A lot from the movie applied!

    As a kid, I became an avid viewer of sitcoms: "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Joey Bishop Show," and "Make Room for Daddy." The latter two were in grainy b&w, and I'm not sure they are now available.

    We also used to watch "Amos 'n Andy." I still remember some of those episodes almost by heart.


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