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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Going To The Movies Today!

Now that I know how to assemble and disassemble Mr. AOW's scooter, I'm going to load that scooter into the trunk of the Crown Vic and head to the movie theater to see this film at a local cinema with a morning showing:

More information on the film Obama's America: 2016 HERE.  Apparently, the film doing very well!

PS: Cameo isn't really going.


  1. Let us know if it was good. We went on a rare family outing to the theatre yesterday to see Premium Rush, and I was SHOCKED to see this on the marquee!

  2. I hope evert American has a chance to see "Dreams of My Real Father". Joel Gilbert is a very brave man!

  3. Adding to what COF said:

    BEFORE November 6th!!

  4. Taking 5 friends today.
    It's like stocking up on ammo.

  5. I can't wait to see 2016...how'd YOU LIKE IT??

  6. We just got back a few minutes ago.

    I do recommend 2016: Obama's America. I think that D'Souza's analysis is absolutely correct: Obama is primarily an anti-colonialist, and that mindset explains all of his policies and statements -- even the most outlandish ones.

    More about out movie adventures later. It was quite an outing.

  7. Conservatives On Fire,
    I just ordered the DVD Dreams of My Real Father.

  8. I hope to see this movie this week. I hope you two had a great time at the movies. Yes, Obama definitely is an anti-colonialist.

  9. Typical bombastic drivel from the loony right.

  10. Is being an anti-colonialist anything like being an anti-facist? Because BOTH ideologies have been obsolete for at LEAST half a century...didn't anyone tell him that colonialism has been over for fifty years?

  11. Thersites,
    In the interview of George Obama in the film, he said something like, "If the white man had stayed longer in Kenya, we'd be better off today. Look at South Africa -- better off because the white man stayed longer." Obama, Sr., and Obama, Jr., clearly don't hold that same view.

    D'Souza himself grew up in India among the anti-colonialism rhetoric. He says that, at least during that time of his youth, anti-colonialism was the predominant meme -- and still is in some places.

  12. We're going to see the movie tomorrow, can't wait. Also can't wait to see what kind of crowd shows up to see it.

    Right Truth


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