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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Political Humor

In part, a re-post from last year, because I HATE to let a good graphic languish in my archives:

August 4 is also known as Lizzie Borden Day. Quite the eerie coincidence as Obama has been swinging an ax at our economy from his first day in office (Thanks, Stogie for making the graphic below at my suggestion!):


  1. It's the Lizzie Borden Axe Throw Night at our local American Legion post! If we go, Mrs. AOW will be the historical expert for the event. She really does know everything about Lizzie!

  2. Funny picture.

    Are we sure Barry was actually born on August 4th? I am just saying his own autobiography is filled with lies so how can we be sure what his birthday is?

  3. Barack is a transgender? Wow ... who saw that coming?

  4. An interesting coincidence. Lizzy got away with her crimes and lives out her life in peace. I'm hoping that Obama has a much different future of disgrace.

  5. That's scary and funny all at the same time. Frightening for sure, since we all know the damage he is doing and what would happen if he gets another 4 years.

    Right Truth

  6. It's very funny, indeed -- in fact I've taken the liberty of pulling it off the blog, and will be emailing it to several friends bound to appreciate it.

    I only wish it were Barack we could see stretched out on that evil-looking tufted sofa with The Statue of Liberty playing the role of Lizzie.

    Now THAT really WOULD be something to see!

    Woo Hoo! };-)>

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. If you want to see a most appropriate tribute to our Dear Leader's birthday click on the following link and scroll down to "Yo Dawg".


  8. He looks a bit like Desmond Tutu!

    ~ "B"

  9. Tea Party is born; murders History:

    With the help of corporate cronies in the Senate and Fox News, blames Obama for an economy the GOP crashed then did all they could to prevent a him from passing jobs bills after jobs bills before they went on August 2012 leave.

    In spite of this, Obama's 2008 Stimulus was masterful and prevents another great depression but the loons on the right still point their fingers at the black President-even though they vetoed a stimulus amount that would have dug us out of this hole by now.

    Nevertheless, under Obama, the economy has grown EVERY MONTH since the stimulus and he's created more jobs in his first two years than all of Bush's eight years.

  10. AOW, I love your site, really!

    But you wonder why there would be 'invectives', my God just look at the comment above. These little, 'ankle biters', while providing nothing of substance provoke those of us who pay tax and create wealth. Would you have us just remain silent????

  11. The GOP didn't crash the economy, George W. Bush did, and he's a Liberal Leftist. It doesn't matter that he ran as a Republican, what matters is what he actually is.

    In fact I did a long post on that very subject today. Not suggesting you read it since you won't accept reality anyway, but it is true. Bush is a Liberal and promoted the Leftist Democrat's agenda.

  12. "Not suggesting you read it since you won't accept reality"

    Just, exactly, who are you refering to?

  13. Jon

    AOW encourages lively discussion; she only wants to curtail the "F" words because her students frequently read blog posts and comments.

    Everyone knows that Liberalman is a dip stick.

  14. Jon,
    First, let me thank you for frequenting this blog site. I appreciate it.

    Sam's comment about discussions here sums up why my commenting policy is somewhat restricted.

    By all means, answer back!

    We can defeat liberal "logic" without resorting to profanities, vulgarities, etc.

    Also, I think of some of Liberalmann's comments as comic relief, AND, at times, those comments serve to instruct my students with regard to the Left's idiocy, particularly their inability to construct a logical argument.

    Occasional outbursts from the Right -- and I DO mean OCCASIONAL -- are acceptable.

  15. I'm up at the ungodly hour because Mr. AOW arrived home very late from the American Legion post nearest us. He had a wonderful time! Everybody there was so helpful and so considerate! The fellow who is the post commander was USMC, and I think that he served in Vietnam

  16. I have to sort of agree with respect to Bush Jr. However, he did manage to largely stay out of the way of the economy which allowed for very low unemployment, economic growth, and in general the increase in opportunities for all Americas even after 9/11, Katrina, and a Democrat Congress in 2006.

    The original charge that he was a tad left of center still stands as he did allow the creation of a medic drug entittlement package which he campaigned against in 2000. He also started 2 new agencies the DHS and the TSA. and went along with Ted Kennedys No Child left behind.

    Its a mixed bag as we did get a President who was perceived as tough in foreign affairs and a generous tax cut for the middle class.

    Let me bring this back to the original thread. Obama took us at warp speed toward communism but Republicans have been inching us that direction as well. The Tea Party was formed to counter

  17. Sorry, Blogginator "Dubya" lost me abut ten seconds after the fateful words "Islam is a religion of peace" escaped his lying lips.

    "Dubya" and his Daddy and Billary Klintoon -- AND Sambobama -- ALL serve the SAME master -- The OLIGARCHS who REALLY run the show from behind the scenes.

    Very probably Mr. Romney serves them too, so while we occasionally get a change of names and faces, we NEVER get any meaningful change in POLICY.

    Don't tell me you haven't NOTICED that yet?

    Ducky sneeringly refers a the time to "your Galtian masters." The term is fairly recent coinage in the snide, ever-mocking tradition of the left as far as i can tell, BUT our Ducky is probably closer to the truth than most in making that assertion.

    "We the People" have been COMPLETELY cut off from having any meaningful say whatsoever in the decision-making process. Our electoral system is a diabolically choreographed, stage-managed FARCE.

    ~ FreeThinke

  18. I voted for GWB because I couldn't vote for Al Gore or John Fonda Kerry.

    In 2000, before I really "knew" politics, I was taking a long, hard look at Gore. But when he started talking about nation building, I decided to vote against him. Of course, then came 9/11 under the GWB administration, and off we went to the Middle East to nation build. **sigh**

    Yes, FT, the "religion of peace" statement was erroneous -- although I hadn't researched Islam enough to recognize how grave the error.

    I do think that there is more to that statement from GWB, however. For a long time -- four decades, at least -- college students have heard over and over again that "Islam is a religion of peace" and that "Islam is just another religion." GWB was educated under those memes. I was, too, of course, but my studies led in a different direction. I avoided like the plague the courses called "Comparative Religions."

  19. "The GOP didn't crash the economy, George W. Bush did"

    GWB is guilty of not being more forceful in turning back the creation of debt, associated with programs, created and fostered by DemocRATS for anyone with a "pulse" to own real property. While this mess goes back to the disastrous Carter era (Community Reinvestment Act), the most recent culprits were chair persons Chris Doo Doo and Barney Fag. Liberals never mention this in their diatribe.

  20. Jon,
    Thank you for mentioning the Community Reinvestment Act. I don't recall where I read the story, but I found some information that Obama wants to undertake something just like that to jump start the housing market. To do so is perseverating, of course, as well as the definition of insanity as another such move will precipitate another subprime mortgage catastrophe.

  21. AOW,

    "Obama wants to undertake something just like that to jump start the housing market."

    Yes, I thought that I'd heard it, as well. But then I thought NO it couldn't be. Now your comment leads me to believe it. As such a move would transcend general stupidity, given that it is a major cause of our current dilemma, it has to make one wonder what the motive really is? Socialism fails every time and in every way except for one and that is there will always be those who will try it again! I've read that repeating mistakes is due to a "genetic mutation", however, with B.O. at the helm it may very well be something very ominous! This guy HATES [our] America!

  22. Jon,
    I did a quick Google search and found THIS, dated July 31, 2012. It's not the article that I was thinking of, however.

  23. Jon,
    Also of interest:

    ...While Obama is claiming GM is a success story, GM still owes the American taxpayer $42 billion—plus hundreds of millions more for the tax credits if you buy the mediocre Volt that could take you half way to your destination.

    Now, to promote sales today, they are loaning money to folks who will have their cars repossessed tomorrow for non payment of loan. Just like the housing bubble....

    Something very similar is going on with student loans, too.

  24. Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave he father 40 wacks. Obama took an axe and gave America 40 wacks. One is a nut and the other just another nut as well.

  25. AOW,

    I don't know if it's been discussed on this site but here is an interesting video on the subject of 70% of GM's Auto Production taking place outside of the US.


  26. Jon,
    We have discussed that matter on this blog, but it's been a while back.

    Thanks for the link.


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