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Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeschooler Gabrielle Douglas Wins Olympic Gold In Women's Gymnastics

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

Video footage below the fold.

More HERE at Z!'s site.


  1. I think that I'll stroll down to my local Chick fil A shop and have a chicken sandwich for lunch today.

  2. gabby was awesome! i'm so happy for her! GO USA! :)

  3. I just saw her performance on Fox this morning, wow, just wow. She is so good. I didn't know she was home-schooled.

    Right Truth

  4. The first time that I saw Gabby on the uneven bars, I said to myself, "THERE is a contender! As long as she doesn't get badly injured, she's going to the Olympics."

  5. She's a talented and beautiful young lady!

  6. Sadly, I have been able to see nothing. Even your video won't play in Venezuela. Sigh!

  7. I watched the whole thing, and yep,I started crying when I saw her mom start crying.

    As for the two Russian girls, not that friendly, were they. I didn't like how the older one basically shoved her coaches hand away. Darn! Talk about disrespectful.

    I loved what Gabby said, ""I give all the glory to God. The glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me."

  8. The fact that Gabby Douglas is homeschooled is very rarely covered by the media.

    I tell you that this girl SOARS on the uneven bars! I've been following her rise to advanced skill levels in gymnastics for the past two years.

  9. No, they don't want it known she's home schooled. Good catch, AOW.
    And thanks for the hat tip, by the way.

    I ADORE that girl. Did you see that Shaw Kenaw commented yesterday that I"m a racist? :-) It doesn't get dumber than that.
    Man, I ADORE Gabby and love how she said she's so proud to wear the red/white and blue........and my GOSH, so much talent!

    Leticia's right...I put that on my post..imagine a young girl saying that on TV with billions watching?
    Good Lord, watch over Gabby...she's one of your best :-)

  10. Geez, of all the nerve to say such a thing in a global settings. Talk about offensive, I mean some of these cultures dont even believe in God.....

    There wasnt a post from a liberal yet...

  11. Curious, no protestors today at my Chic-a-fila. I did read there were about 30 at 1 CFA and the staff had the audacity to serve them...like they were oh whats the word....any other customer. Let me try to connect this together. There is a growing rise in the culture. A growing number of people are fed up with the PC weapon of the left and they are demanding to be heard. They will not go quietly into the night. Good news for America and bad news for the liberal left and team Barry.

  12. Great video! I especially liked the part where she paused, absolutely motionless, for a couple of seconds, doing a handstand with only one hand!

    Oh wait. That was my internet service provider, freezing the video again.

    Oh well. It was a great performance anyway. And a wonderful Christian testimony.

  13. Thanks for pointing out that Gabby is homeschooled. I had no idea! Thanks also for all the encouragement you've given me about homeschooling by sharing your experience on my site.

    I'll be homeschooling this year (for real and not with the public virtual school system) and I'm so excited with the possibilities.

  14. What an honest to goodness feel good story for the summer this young lady has provided us! I love happy endings!

  15. I have a suggestion. Liberals own language and they are good at.

    Let us stop calling these schools "public" for what they really are is government run schools.

    And secondly correct anyone suggesting that government run schools are "traditional". There is nothing "traditional" about them. The tradition was homeschool with some tutoring based on the degree to which your parents had the resources and/or the people that mentored you in life (paid or unpaid). That is traditional education.

    Amazing what students can achieve when they are unshackled from a desk.

  16. Blogginator,
    Excellent points!

    We must change our use of language and start OWNING these issues.

  17. Blogginator,
    BTW, have you heard Gabby speak?

    Frankly, it is the way that she speaks that led me to Google search whether or not she is homeschooled.


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