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Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama Has Not Earned A Second Term

Please watch the following short video of former supporters of Obama (hat tip to Mike's America):


  1. Another good one that is making the rounds.!

  2. I pray that the people in this video are not actors but real people amd that this is a trend that is growing.

  3. Radford business owner declines Joe Biden request-doesn't agree with Obama......

    Available on "Bing":


  4. Problem is that Romney hardly seems worthy of a first term.

    We are royally screwed, my brothers and sisters in the egg.

  5. Ducky,

    Does this mean that you think B.O. is "worthy" of a second term? If so, please elaberate as to why.

  6. Obummer is simply the least bad.

    He follows the usual right wing line:

    Get on your knees every time Israel snaps it's fingers.

    Privatize education.

    Keep the populace frightened about the scary Muslims and spend spend spend on the useless defense budge.

    Fellate Wall Street at every occasion.

    The police will continue to be militarized.

    Pour money into for profit health insurers.

    Ignore alternative energy but build the pipeline. Hell, that stuff has to be chemically treated to flow and the formula is closely held but what can go wrong, right?

    I will continue to say it. Anyone who considers Obummer even left of center is a damned fool. The transfer of wealth from the middle class (the poor have nothing left) upwards will continue and you will be standing there scratching your balls wondering what happened.

  7. ... Mittens will just get it done more quickly.

  8. Ducky, Michelle and Betty White think he HAS earned a second term!!!

    Hey, it's a start.

  9. Sorry Ducky, I don't agree with pseudo-libertarians with MFA's, lol. I think Obama will kick some major butt in his second term-but he has to get there first.

    Don't believe these lies. funded by the wealthy corporatists to get the vote of average Americans so they can destroy the middle class.

    In spite of a GOP which has conspired and filibustered most of his plans to add jobs and make the economy stronger; Obama prevented another disastrous depression, has shown economic growth each moth since the stimulus, created more jobs in his first 2 years than Bush did in 8 (and it would be more if the GOP hadn't eliminated millions of public sector jobs like police, teachers and fire fighters.

    He has raised the debt less than Bush but because he put back on the budget the things than Bush kept off, like 2 wars, Medicaid Part D and the tax breaks for the wealthy-all unpaid for-it only looks like this was Obama's increase. It's not.

    He has gained respect once again in the world community, killed Osama, decimated Al Queda and killed Khadaffi. Ended the war in Iraq and set a timeline for the withdrawal of Afghanistan.

    He has fought for gay rights and woman's right for equal pay. Expanded gun carry to allow weapons in National Parks.

    Created Affordable Health Care which will lower the defect over time and prevents insurance companies from dropping you from coverage if you get sick or have to sell your house to pay for treatments. Has reduce the waste and operating budget of Medicare NOT THE BENEFITS by $500 billion.

    Created many tax breaks for small businesses and made it more affordable to send a child to college.

    Get the facts.

    google: Obama’s Top 50 Accomplishments
    Google; 'TAX CALCULATOR - Barack Obama'
    Google: 'After Stonewalling Obama’s Jobs Package, Republicans Complain About GDP Growth'

    Google: 15 Obama Achievements Amid Relentless Republican Obstructionism

    Google: 'Obama's and Bush's effects on the deficit in one graph '

    Google Reasonable Conversation: Obama vs. Bush on Job Creation..

    Google: 'Republican Jobs Bills Won't Actually Create Jobs, Say Economists

  10. Liberalmann spewed:
    He has raised the debt less than Bush but because he put back on the budget the things than Bush kept off...

    Huh? GWB governed with a budget. BHO hasn't even had any budget passed by Congress. In other words, BHO has been governing without a budget.

  11. Liberalmann also spewed: Has reduce the waste and operating budget of Medicare NOT THE BENEFITS...

    Wrong again!

    Payments to doctors accepting Medicare have been drastically reduced to the point that fewer and fewer doctors are accepting Medicare patients, thus resulting in seniors having to pay out of pocket OR going without healthcare. In essence, that is a behind the door and around the barn way of reducing benefits for Medicare patients.

    OBL has been dead and gone for too long for BHO to keep garnering respect. Besides, BHO had trouble giving the kill order.

    I'm not going to waste my time answering any more of your spew. You have invalidated yourself.

  12. Well, let’s see …

    Gary Burtless has never worked outside of the government until he landed a position with the Brookings Institute. His forte labor market policy, income distribution, social insurance. And he thinks Republicans don’t have a clue because …?

    “Joel Prakken, chairman of Macroeconomic Advisers, warned that any potential job creation from environmental deregulation could be offset by health concerns.” Indeed! And so could a meteor hitting the earth at 90,000 miles per hour.

    Carl Riccadonna and Mark Zandi agree that GOP legislation would create jobs, but not immediately. Everything can’t cost five cents. Some things cost a little more, take a little longer.

    Huffington Post is your best shot at scholarly research? Meh.

  13. Black Sheep,
    Betty White, huh? She can play world-class Password. Otherwise, she has limited wisdom.

  14. Jon,
    Virginians outside of liberal Northern Virginia are FED UP with the Obama administration!

    Have you seen THIS?

    "Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder Appears As Special Guest at Paul Ryan Fundraiser"

    Looks to me as if the bloom is off the Obama rose!

  15. Another great video. I'm afraid I cannot say what Obama deserves, I don't use language like that, ha

    Right Truth

  16. What obama has earned is an assassin's bullet right between the eyes.

  17. Obviously being an outsider I cannot say that I am fully up to scratch on how the "average" American feels.

    However, from my perspective and please note from over here, it is my opinion that Obama earns the right to be reelected, simply because there is no better option available. Romney has not shown that he would be better.

    That view is also bolstered by two points.

    The first is that the main issue affecting America is the economy and though Obama has not brought your economy out of the mess it was and is in, he in fact has stopped the downward spiral and has not made it worse. He did say that he would "fix it" but the simple reality is that economics does not change in a four-year or less period, it takes a full two-terms and sometimes longer. Also, he was not responsible for the mess and the previous Administration has to shoulder more responsibility. Romney has not shown that he would do better and there is enough implications, especially if he follows Ryan's plan to go back to the old system.

    The second is the issue of foreign policy. From the perspective of the rest of the world looking at the United States, Obama has done a good to very-good job and America is more respected now. Romney has shown no logic or understanding of international politics, relations and diplomacy and if anything has shown that he mouths off for domestic campaign contributions. Romney has made much of the world worry that the bad old days of American Exceptionalism may just show its face again.

    As I understood it, the secret to winning the election is getting the undecided middle-American vote and that only works when the candidate shows that after all the electioneering, political rhetoric, that as President he/she will represent everyone's interests domestically and overseas. That he will be both a leader and a statesman. I cannot say that Obama represents all Americans (just look at this blog) but from outside the country, he is considered a good Statesman and your reputation is now better and stronger.

    Traditionally the GOP candidates represent strength and prosperity whilsts the Dems represent a reactionary force for change. I think at present that has been altered and the conservative movement in America is divided, more polarized and thus must take responsibility for it, as it should for the miserable previous Administration.

    You got what you deserved in every sense and Conservatives around the world are just whincing everytime they watch.

    Damien Charles

  18. Hey there Always, how have you been?

    I'm sort of back, I'm entertaining fanciful notions of things quietening down but I'm not sure they have yet, I'll see how it goes.

    Hope you have both been well.

    Regarding your post, Lord no, he hasn't earned it, mind you he probably thinks he's entitled to a second term simply because of his skin color.

  19. I always thought that the title of this post was rather enigmatic. Now ,just think about it. Since this fraud has proven to be nothing but, not only a failure for the frist time; how in the heck could he even be considered for a second term? Please believe me I tried not to say 'bad words' because there are many jerks that don't get it. I just found out that one of the most prolific provocators has returned to us from his UK where he can't say what he wishes to do so. I guess he get's off with what's left of our First Amendment!

  20. JonBerg,

    nice try, but typically snarky. You are just very upset that someone is allowed to have an opinion other than your own.

    As for your First Amendment - British Freedom of Expression legislation is as good as if not more complete than any in the US. Your First Amendment allows for a particular speciality, if you do not like someones' opinion - drown it out, use mob-rule and if all out fails, just ignore the issue in the first place.

    As for my above comment, it is just my opinion for what it is worth nothing more or less and if you cannot handle it, that is your problem. I stand by my views.

    Damien Charles

  21. "United Kingdom citizens have a [negative] right to freedom of expression". What on earth does that mean? I'm sure that we will find out.

  22. RWT,
    Looking forward to your return to blogging.

    It's been a busy summer in this household. Mr. AOW had cataract surgery in June (info here at Mr. AOW's blog. He's also back to getting stroke therapy at least twice a week.

    I've been busy with other things, too. Too much to go into.

    But, overall, it's been a productive summer -- a lot better than the previous summers since Mr. AOW's stroke.

  23. Damien Charles,
    Truly, you are misinformed.

    The first is that the main issue affecting America is the economy and though Obama has not brought your economy out of the mess it was and is in, he in fact has stopped the downward spiral and has not made it worse. He did say that he would "fix it."

    The figures are juggled. The definition of unemployment isn't accurate, and the saving of GM was a scam.

    Now, some pockets of America are doing fine. But most are not, particularly if there are not government jobs of some sort in those areas.

    America's credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history -- on Obama's watch.

    Obama did actually say, "If I can't turn this economy around in three years, I should be a one-term President."

    Views on America's foreign policy are quite divided "across the Pond." Besides, Americans SHOULD vote first on domestic issues -- our own interests first, if you please, as such is the first tenet of any sovereign nation.

  24. Damien Charles,
    the conservative movement in America is divided

    Again, you are misinformed.

    Now, American Conservatives have always been divided to a certain extent. But Obama has done himself a lot of damage via his running off at the mouth and certain policies.

    In fact, a while back, I knew many Conservative Christians (evangelicals for the most part) who were adamant that they'd NEVER vote for a Mormon. Well, guess what? Those same Christians are now backing a Mormon and a Roman Catholic.

    Moreover, last night I had a long chat with a Chinese friend of mine; she's a naturalized citizen of the United States. She said, "The economy is terrible! Securities are taking another major blow!" With two kids in college and those college funds backed by securities, she knows exactly what she's talking about. The family was sitting pretty until 2008, but not now.

    You won't like the site (Are you banned there?), but read THIS to get an on-the-ground perspective as to just how bad the American economy is outside the pockets of so-called prosperity.. Please! This kind of thing is being duplicated all over the United States.

    In my own case with my own business, I'm stuck at income levels. Hideous! Less that $35,000/year gross for my business. Starting salaries for teachers here in this area are in the $50,000 range. With my level of experience (40+ years), salaries are in the low six figures. People just don't have the money to enroll in the classes I offer -- never mind that tuition for a course is less than $700/year per course per student.

    As I am over 50, there is no way that a county system will hire me except as a substitute teacher. That salary is about the same as what I'm making.

    Get the picture?

    More information about the Obama administration, and certainly some of the info is undeniable.

  25. AOW,

    three quick points but we will have to agree to disagree.

    The first is that as much as you put how things are under the current Administration's watch, they are hang-overs from a period more than four years in the making and even the downgrading is basing on the net status caused by that. I cannot see his being blamed on what would have happened regardless of who was on watch (imho of course).

    Secondly, i stated clearly that this is a view from an outsider and thus I also would say your domestic policy and economics is the main subject - that is for me also logical, however in the greater scheme of things and the question asked in this thread - I spent my time considering and if it comes down to a 50/50 view, then foreign policy would be another reason why NOT to vote for Romney/Ryan.

    Lastly, yes Pastorius does not like being pointed out that his constant ranting is mostly baseless and bigoted. I caught him out on a number of clearly wroing stats, figures and assumptions and his response was not to prove the point he made (and I was very polite and with facts and links) he simply used abusive language and then followed the traditional Spensereque reaction when caught in the act, deleted not only my post but all my posts. We have a word for such people over this side of the Atlantic and i think you sometimes use it as well (common enough to be printed) - it is called being a "turd".


    Damien Charles

  26. Damien Charles,
    Yes, we will disagree on the topic at hand.

    I'm not quite sure why you've brought up Pastorius in this thread. Am I missing something?

    The blog entry that I linked to in one of my comments above IS at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. However, the entry is written by another man, "Midnight Rider." I assure you that MR is not Pastorius as I've spoken to both individuals on the telephone.

    BTW, I am aware of the dispute you had with Pastorius. After all, I'm one of the administrators at IBA -- as is Warren, who is also an administrator at my web site.

  27. "this is a view from an outsider "

    Oh yes, just keep it that way. How many times have we defeated you and saved you?

  28. obviously the word "zing!" means that we will say and believe what we want regardless..... Freedom of opinion equally obviously not welcome.


  29. Damien,
    I wouldn't say that freedom of opinion isn't welcome here. Very nearly an open forum as you know.

    American politics is very heated, more heated than in most of Europe.

    PS: I'm called "blunt AOW" for a reason.


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