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Saturday, March 10, 2012

U. S. State Department Actively Promoting Eurabia

From Creeping Sharia:
...Obama ideologues are crisscrossing Europe on U.S. taxpayer funded trips to “export” failed American approaches to multiculturalism, affirmative action, cultural diversity and special rights for minorities.

Further, American diplomats are repeatedly apologizing to Muslims in Europe for a multitude of real or imagined slights against Islam, and the U.S. State Department is now spending millions of dollars each year actively promoting Islam — including Islamic Sharia law — on the continent....
More at the above link.

The undermining of Western civilization continues apace — funded by American tax dollars.


  1. This is another good reason to think that Obama's main interest is not the NWO so much as Sunni domination.

    I do believe that report that came out, also, in an Israeli newspaper that Obama offered more military tech if Israel would hold off attacking Iran until 2013 ... when it would be to late. I thing that the Israeli's will negotiate their way into getting those enhanced bunker busters with a few lies of their own, and then go ahead and drop them on Iran. It would only be fair.

  2. "too" late, not "to". I hate it when I do a typo like that. Bad spelling irritates me anyway.

  3. Oh, all of this is DEFINITELY attributable to the New World Order crowd -- i.e. "The Oligarchs."

    The ordinary rank and file citizens of his and every other country have no part in any of these machinations. "The People" have been sealed out of the Decision Making Process for many decades.

    Government "of the people, by the people and for the people" is an illusion -- a myth perpetuated by those who are REALLY in control.

    And who might those people be? Why who else, but the Owners and Suppliers of Raw Materials, the Captains of International Corporations, the International Bankers who own and control the Money Supply -- these include our "Fed," of course -- the Architects of the UN -- and most others "at the top" who are in key positions of Power and Influence.

    All the various factions in the world who hate and fear each other are being USED by the Oligarchs to further the destruction of existing systems of government and finance to be replaced ASAP by Global Socialism.

    Disbelieve that at your peril.

    And Beamish, it has very little to do with "The Jews" so can the accusations of anti-Semitism, please. They are irrelevant. The Fabian Socialists in England and the original "Progressives" here in the U.S. were certainly not Jews, although the international banking system most certainly has been designed and ably administered by members of The Chosen for a VERY long time. So what? Money lending and money management were the only fields open to Jews in Mediaeval Europe -- that and dealing in jewels and precious metals. So they come by their dominance in that area honestly.

    Jews manage my little fortune and have helped me weather the recent storms with minimal damage. Two Jewish eye surgeons have saved me from going blind, so how could I not be humbly grateful in both instances?

    Jewishness has little or nothing to do with the NWO, though the bankers are certainly a big part of it.

    ~ FreeThinke


    FYI: AOW, I left a post for you over on the first thread at Western Hero.

    ~ FT

  5. FT, what happened to the Illuminati?

    Is Global Socialism a Muslim plot now?

  6. FT,
    I checked out your comment at Silverfiddle's site. Thank you for your kind offer! I'd like to take you up on that offer.

    Are you willing to discuss the matter via email? If so, please contact me at alwaysonwatch2@gmail.com and put Emily Dickinson as the title of that email. I check that email account once or twice a day. I won't be offended if you'd rather not use email contact.

    I don't have here at home the short list of Dickinson poems in our literature book. "Hope" is one, I know. I can get the list on Wednesday when I next access my storage closet at work.

    BTW, this particular class has quite a range of ages: 5th Grade through 8th Grade. The reading level of these students is beyond grade level, but I certainly wouldn't use poems that are too cryptic.

    I will be previewing The Belle of Amherst next weekend to see if the film suits the dynamic of this particular class. If not, there may be something from The History Channel.

  7. Would you really deal with her agnosticism in class?

  8. Duck,
    To a point.

    In the past, when we studied Helen Keller, I touched upon her political and social views.

    One can disagree with someone and still see the good side. Balance, so to speak.

  9. Duck,
    Addendum: I would teach some of the differences between agnosticism and atheism.

  10. The best thing we could do is tell people up front that in western civilization you don't have the right to not be offended.

    If you are offended you can go back to the sh*thole you crawled out of and enjoy watching blasphemers getting their tongues pulled out, gays getting walls collapsed on them and loose women being stoned to death.

    Apology is the absolute wrong way to go. Our government still hasn't apologized for funding anti-Christian art, and I don't expect them to.

  11. AOW,

    I really wonder why you push this trash? I think it is beneath you. Your source presses junk and it used Stonegate as its source which is a far-right organisation funded by the pro Settler movement and thus has a vested interest in pushing blatant islomphobia.

    The Stongegate argument talked about the Ambassador Solomont speech in Barcelona and did not bother to quote it (just one or two specially worked out cut & pastes) to make it out as some form of apology when it was not.

    Stonegate regularly tries to imply that falicy of Obama being a Muslim and even recently hinted on the stupid birther argument.

    Also, I think you loose credibility by even mentioning the word Eurabia which is a politically motivated myth that falls to pieces when scrutinized but because it is backed by money and bloggers it's bigoted foolish head comes up like one of those floaters in a toilet that just does not want to flush.

    Really such rubbish is beneath you, stick to American politics.


    Damien Charles

  12. The Stonegate Institution home page is HERE.

    A list of Stonegate's columnists is HERE. Quite a list -- a very mixed bag. Some names on that list might surprise readers of this blog. Not all the columnists are infidels or "Islamophobes."

    The article that I cited in the body of the post was written by Soeren Kern. Find out more about him HERE.

  13. D Charles,
    Well, I knew that you would show up here sooner or later and have something negative to say about my choice of topic and the source I used. Anything negative about Islam -- you decide to comment to the contrary.

    I run an open forum insofar as possible, so you can comment if you like.

    You can insult me if you like.

    I shall allow readers to sort out the trash (your word) from the what is of value.

  14. AOW, I hope you received my message?

    ~ FT

  15. AOW,

    if you know me by now then you know I only make comments when it comes down to mindless and baseless material that does not have a leg to stand on. You would also know that I would say nothing, if not support, valued criticism of radical Islamists, those Muslim communities milking the system and the void that is created by moderates not saying anything. That void being filled by hate and questionable agendas.

    I was not insulting you, I stated that it is about time that you simply stop putting questionable material and pushing a topic that I think is beneath you. That you keep an open forum is appreciated but saying that you leave it up to the readers to chose if it is questionable fails as you like to also point out that it is "your blog and thus your choice", so it can only and ultimately reflect on you.

    As for the site, it's reputation is well known, like many similar sites it shows a great amount of material to associate with something legitimate but the bias is clear enough and I note that you clearly have ignored its funding sources.

    Soeren Kern is a great dissapointment and if you look at the list of his writings then you will see his constant attack on anything Muslim. In 1997 he wrote a clear hate-item called "Who is Allah" for "the Free Republic", which speaks for itself. He also wrote for the same hate-mag last year "Spain: The Most Anti-Semitic Country in Europe" that was rejected by both the Jewish community here in Spain as well as the council of European Jewery. What his bio will not point out is that he lost his job in ELCANO that he likes to brag he was a senior analyst with. He is a regular contributor to the shameful Brussels Journal as well, I think enough said.

    My commitment is to clean legitimate criticism when it is due. There are a number of organisations that simply get a benefit from bashing Islam and creating fear. It comes down to nationalist groups that require an "enemy" to make them look like they are saving society, religous groups that want to "save" your souls and the best way is by claiming other faiths as evil (yes the modern Crusader types) and then there is the Settler Movement that has a great deal of money and influence via AIPAC and other lobby groups in the US. They, to get their greater Zion, require the concept of a two-state solution to fail, to delegitamize the rights, if not existance, of Palestinians and some will even encourage conflict on the hope that the West Bank is annexed. They simply want it to be incorporated into Israel and the best way is to demonize Palestinians and Islam so nobody complains.

    A last point, I know Teresa is your friend and you cannot abide by any negative comments to her, but her postings on here, Leticia's sites and others are textbook bigotry. Just for your info.

    Damien Charles

  16. I've lived in France and Germany and I was astonished to see small villages in Germany where there are few muslims building mosques...large ones. In preparation.
    My stepson tells me that, recently, a Muslim (face covered) was on Television calling the Germans stupid and ridiculous for paying for his fellow muslims and losing their German culture for accepting so many immigrants who don't want to fit in but love the financial benefits (which are astonishing). I wish we heard more of that here in America.
    Why don't we?
    Of course, Germany is the best goal for those expecting to take over because any time Germans speak out against immigration, they hear THE FOURTH REICH IS RISING (as if).
    Very tough times for Europe and now we read this article?
    Nice to know we're helping this nightmare along, huh?
    Just wait till Turkey gets into the EU.

  17. Z, I agree with what you say.

    Governments, like in Germany, France and The Netherlands allowed so many people to come in but did not bother to put limits on bringing their cultural baggage with them. Many of these immigrants have had no intention or simply were not asked told to that they are welcome but they must intergrate (not assimilate, that is something different). That they must support the country that they are in and especially the hard-earned standards and rights.

    Now we have a collective group of radicals that make it worse and encourage division and anti-integration.

    Having said that, the average Muslim should not be blamed as many are ignorant of these issues and are pawns to what they are shown or told.

    D Charles

  18. Z,
    The Muslim who spoke out in Germany has his face covered? Now, why is that?

    Fear, I would think.

    That someone has to live in fear for speaking out, especially on the topic you indicated, is horrible.

  19. D Charles,
    I note that you clearly have ignored its funding sources

    Which are what, exactly?

    I note that you've ignored the number of Arab Muslims who write material posted at Stonegate Institute. See THIS LIST of NY Senior Editors and THIS LIST of columnists. Sure, on the latter appear several names of folks to whom you give no credence. But are all these people listed ALL folks to whom you give no credence?

    Now, I may use sources that you heartily criticize. I suspect that I'd say the same of your sources, whatever they are. My best guess? The truth lies somewhere in the middle -- with elements of truth included in both sides of the disputes that you and I have. Islam's doctrines and teachings are what they are, but Muslims by dint of being people fall along quite a spectrum.

    When moderate Muslims such as Zuhdi Jasser try to organize demonstrations as a show of patriotism or what have you, few show up. This is not a good sign! Either there are very few moderates or those moderates are afraid -- right here in America. Dr. Jasser's recent demonstration garnered only about 30 participants. Surely, there are more moderate Muslims in NYC. WHERE ARE THEY?

    As for your statement about pawns, pawns are dangerous. I would have used the term "sheeple," BTW.

    That you view Teresa's comment above as textbook bigotry speaks volumes.

  20. I think Teresa has got it right...

    It fits. Obama is not a Muslim exactly but a Muslim sypathizer fits into his view that the America (and western culture in general) is the great evil of the world and should be brought down a peg or two. It fits in with the teaching of Jeremy Wright with Black Theology, with Bill Ayers, and with the other radicals he has surrounded himself with....

    You liberals have the illectual curiousity of children. You salivated and used a maginifying glass on Bush Jr.'s Military Reserve records but you have zero intellectual integrity with respect to Obama. A law enforcement forensic team declares the document to be a fraud, the hospitals in Hawaii have no records of him being born there and there is a missing week of immigration records and you blindy dismiss the discussion.....

  21. Wow, the Europeans smarting from the lessons they've had to swallow from multiculturalism must be thinking, who needs enemies when you have friends like the US state dept.

  22. Damien"Having said that, the average Muslim should not be blamed as many are ignorant of these issues and are pawns to what they are shown or told."

    You're right. And I don't think most people do blame the average Muslim, but it would go far if Muslims would speak OUT against their uglier kin. In fact, I heard this morning something about a Muslim woman who's condemning something some Muslims did...I was busy and didn't have time to absorb the whole story. But, I thought "THIS is what Islam needs...a reformation, and a LOT of articulate muslims calming Western society down...that they don't all want us dead, etc."

    It does trouble me, however, Damien, to have seen SO many mosques built in many little German villages with only 1 or 2 muslims; they're getting ready for Turkey to enter the EU and I pray all the time that that doesn't happen. I'm Armenian, and the Turkish genocide of Armenians is a sticking point; I hope they NEVER ADMIT THAT THEY KILLED ARMENIANS.....at least the deaths would go toward something good in saving beautiful Europe.

    Thank you for your more reasoned response....I sometimes don't quite understand why you feel it so necessary to stand up for Islam...I think most of us speak with a little exaggeration just to make our points...no thinking person hates all muslims, we just want the horrible threats and pushing their ways here to stop.

  23. Z,
    we just want the horrible threats and pushing their ways here to stop.


    In my view, the denial of the Turkish genocide of Armenians speaks volumes.

    Why should the Turks not have to admit this genocide? So that militant Islam could continue with its whitewash designation?

    I spend a lot of time complaining about the whitewash of Islam that we find in our textbooks. I'm not asking that we demonize Islam -- I'll leave that to the Christian pulpit and similar venues. What I AM asking for in our textbooks is balance.

    Now, I do use exaggeration to make [my] points. This is a propaganda war, after all.

  24. Z,
    Perhaps, in your comment above, you are referring to Asra Nomani:

    ...“We use religion as a cover,” said Asra Nomani, a 46-year-old journalist whose work has been published by the Wall Street Journal and The Daily Beast. Nomani, a native of India, says radical ideology is very real -- and damaging to all Muslims....

  25. Z and AOW,

    It is intersting that we are talking about Turks, EU membership and the Armenian subject.

    As I just mentioned in my above comment, the subject for me is always the reality check.

    It was the Turkish military machine of the end of the Ottomans that instigated and conducted the massacre of Armenians. It was not the Muslim clergy and in fact it was not even staged or controlled by the Ottoman leadership - it was the military and their puppet Viziers.

    Since then and the revolution that overthrew the Ottoman Empire continued and built upon that Military Class. Attaturk himself was the leading Military figure and hero. For him and his group, they required an unquestioned loyality not only from the military but from the population, thus anything that could tarnish that image was not only rejected, but hidden and squashed without mercy. The accussation that they almost totally eliminated an entire population became simply unbelievable.

    As time passed, the obvious was exposed, but that attitude amongst the ruling class in Turkey did not. It remains for them a matter of pride.

    Now having said that, the average rural Turk knows it and does not deny it but are not allowed to say it, the middle-class knows it but is scared to say it and some are part of that military clique, and the ruling political groups are told by the military that they must defend "Turkish Honour". If that last bit can be defeated, be certain that the current government would jump at not only admitting it but making a big thing about apologizing to the Armenian world.

    The second issue is the subject of wanting to be a part of the EU. The rural Turks do not care. It is the middle-class that wishes to be European and because they control the military and are in fact the ruling-class, that is why Turkey continues to push for it. The rich actually do not care for it and the Islamists do not want it, but again it is that ruling class, the military and the spector of Attaturk that keeps flogging that dead horse. Turkey has no chance, Greece alone will ensure it. My personal worry is that because of finances, and that Turkey is a faster growing and larger economy than Greece, that some Turkic-Greco bailout will change the balance.

    ps, I lived in Istanbul for two years and continue to visit friends there, even after 20 years.

    Damien Charles

  26. AOW,

    You say "I'm not asking that we demonize Islam".

    I would argue that just by looking at your list of "resources" (ie links) on the left, you do. As I have mentioned previously, your taking only one aspect (and thus losing context by ignoring the greater picture), you do. I will say no more as I have committed myself to not harping on this issue, but I think the point is clear and obvious enough.


  27. Damien Charles,
    True or not? One of the best selling books in Turkey is Hitler's Mein Kampf. THIS LINK at the BBC is outdated, I know.

  28. From THIS SOURCE, dated 2011:

    ...During Erdoğan’s tenure, Mein Kampf again became a best-seller in Turkey, books hit the market promoting wacky conspiracy theories delegitimizing Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, on the grounds that he was a secret Jew, and Erdoğan’s own wife endorsed Valley of the Wolves, a crude piece of propaganda suggesting Jews were exploiting the Iraq war to sell the organs of Muslims to Israel. When I was in Turkey this past November, I found copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in every bookstore I visited. Erdoğan’s media and education system has inculcated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories into a generation of Turkish school children and civil servants....

  29. AOW,

    yes it is the case and well documented, a sad reality of politics of the modern day.

    As the BBC item quoted one expert on the subject:

    "There has been no objective reason for anti-Semitic feelings to crop up in Turkey," he said, adding that Hitler has always been considered "a criminal" and "a maniac" in his country.

    "However, some feel there is an international conspiracy led by what they call the crusaders - meaning the US and maybe the West in general and the Zionists."

    Ignorance and people skewering ideas or abusing context exists on both sides. They are starting to have young minds reading Hitler's book and people in your country are not only reading and breathing in bigotry and hate via books and blogs, but they are posting such blatant hate links on the left side of thier own and assuming they are sources.

    What a skrewed up bunch they all are.

    Damien Charles


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