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Monday, March 12, 2012

Breitbart Has Released Another Video

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Watch all the way to the end (date = 2004):

Shared values, huh?

As Reliapundit points out:
Andrew Breitbart's investigative work lives on after him!

[source for above graphic]


  1. As more and more info continues to see the light of day, my long held belief that Obama is a Marxist/Communist is FINALLY being publicly confirmed.

  2. Will,
    I've read that more videos are yet to come.

    I wasn't impressed by the first video. But this latest one? Oh, yeah. Obama clearly aligned himself with a man that Marxists lauded.

  3. Meanwhile, Rasmussen is reporting that half of poll respondents think Obama is doing a good job handling the economy. I guess we should presume they mean Marxist economy.

    Given such a large population of patently ignorant citizens (people who have been brainwashed by progressive educators for the past sixty years), there is no reason for those of us who love America to have any confidence that we can maintain our traditional (classical liberal) values.

    Given this communist is black, you are probably a racist for showing this video.

  4. Re-posted and linked! Nicely done, AOW!

  5. This is what I was hoping, that more shoes would be dropping.

    I still wonder if this will have the effect we hope it will. Many voters don't even know what marxism is, and many who do think its a good thing.

  6. I know it, you know it, but the press will never report that DuhWon is a Communist ... but then that's what our press believes in now!

  7. Ditto on what Woodstermann said so it is our job to get this out!
    Thanks for the info AOW

  8. I can only hope there are many more videos in Brietbart's vault.

  9. Joe McCarthy was psychotic but he wasn't wrong. Marxism is alive and well in America and inside our government.

  10. More praise for Breitbart.


    .... and Obummer and O'Liely.

  11. At first I was not impressed with the first video, because I didn't realize the significance of it. The short video was played on Hannity and I said to hubby "that's it?"... But as information came forward as to who Bell was, how his relationship was covered up and the video hidden, it was as Hannity said one 'brick'. As these videos come forward and as the analysis comes out, it will be brick on top of brick.

    Having said that, I don't believe it will make any difference. Obama is in, he is President, he may even get re-elected. Why? Because too many voters are uninformed, don't want to be informed, believe what they hear on the MSM, and that's not going to change.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but ...I pray I'm wrong.

    Right Truth

  12. Duck,
    We can certainly count on you to find things most charming [sarcasm]:

    Profiles In Cowardice
    By Charles P. Pierce
    at 8:00PM

    Oh, come on now. I sincerely hope Shirley Sherrod and her lawyers win so big in this thing that they have to dig up Andrew Breitbart and collect the pennies off his eyes. I sincerely hope, at some point, Shirley Sherrod gets in a room with Tom Vilsack, and with the incumbent president of the United Stares, and with everyone of his micturating staffers, and she spits on every damn one of them.

    Look at this stuff. This is the most powerful office in the world, trembling over spin, and wetting itself because a charlatan has triggered a storm of fake outrage for a bunch of clowns with microphones....

    More at the above link at Esquire.

  13. I don't know if I'd be so quick to say that nobody but right wingers will pay attention to this particular video.

    My father-in-law is a liberal but absolutely adamant that he is not a Progressive (Communist).

    Anyway, if more videos are released, we shall see and hear what we shall see and hear.

    Furthermore, a lot will depend on the candidate that the GOP runs. Some who are to the left of center might vote GOP. I keep remembering the election of 1980 -- when so many of my Dem friends broke rank with the Party and voted for Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Peanut was that consummate of a failure.

  14. Lol, you guys are hilarious with is crap. You got nothing but I'm sure Hannity will be creaming himself tonight, lol!

  15. Liberalmann,
    You are a real scholar, huh? LOL!

  16. Obama was never shy about his Marxist and socialist ideas.

    This just proves it.

  17. The winner will be the one with the prettiest face and who tells the best lies. People don't check out candidates. Obama got elected just for being black.

    If the price of gas and unemployment are high enough, any of the GOP candidates will win. It won't matter who is a Communist. It never did before so why should it now?

  18. The Left will simply push this into a positive... it's the Alinsky way.

  19. Yes indeed this is one strike. I just wish people would wake up and take the blinders off....turn off CNN ,ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR...etc, etc, Maybe things gotta get a whole lot worse for people to wake up? Hopefully not.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Liberalmann,
    I erased your comment to Will Profit because you employed name calling.

    I consider Will a friend and will not tolerate ad hominmen attacks hurled at him.

    If you'd like to restate your comment in a different manner, you are welcome to do so. Will is under no obligation to respond, of course.

  22. Black Sheep,
    The winner will be the one with the prettiest face and who tells the best lies. People don't check out candidates. Obama got elected just for being black.

    Wiser words never spoken!

  23. FJ,
    Oh, yes, the Left will try to do that.

    Let's see what the next released video brings.

  24. Jim,
    Marxism is alive and well in America and inside our government.

    And Americans turn a blind eye. They want to remain ignorant of that subversion.

  25. Even after Breitbart is in his grave, Bill Ayers continues to bash him. Sheesh.

  26. Thanks, Joe! As you know, I do a lot of research on Lizzie Borden.

  27. You know, there's just SO MUCH showing Obama's real feelings.

    SO SO MUCH. But, he's been very clever and conceals a lot, the media's been complicit in helping, people don't come out and expose, etc.........odd. This is HUGE.

    He admires Communists.
    His mentors were Communists like Frank Marshall
    Nobody knows who paid for Harvard
    Ayers was a very good friend and O said he barely knew him
    we can all make lists.

    and people still vote for him because the media and professors have maligned Conservatism so badly. That's all; it's an ugly word to kids today because they just haven't been raised with the curiosity to ask questions and the ability to see through pretty speeches.
    We MUST do something.

  28. Z- not just raised to not ask questions, but to believe that liberalism is a GOOD thing. Even some people I knew who are debater types think 'America needs to be more socialistic.' A massive change in education is necessary to turn this mess around.

    Though on the plus side, I don't know any adults this stupid- even if they have to rely on medicare/food stamps.

    Video was very insightful, though I'll admit I need to re-watch it, and if this got to say the news media, Obama would look bad. Very, very bad. No wonder they tried to shut the video taker up...

    Then again, the blind sheep and ostrich that follow Obama could care less. Lets just pray the intelligent find this in some way or another.


  29. Lizzie Borden has always fascinated me too, AOW.

    I had no idea the house she lived in with her father and stepmother was such a gem. A beautiful example of 19th-century Greek Revival domestic architecture.

    I wonder if it's a museum today, of if anyone is living there?

    I think it would be very hard to live in a place where such gruesome events had occurred.

    Do you have any doubts as to Lizzie's guilt? She was a very handsome woman. Must have been awful having to live in close quarters with her parents -- no boyfriends, no dates, no love, no adventure -- just dull domestic routine day after day. The life of an Old Maid in 19th-century New England was no fun at all -- unless you were gifted like Emily Dickinson, and she certainly suffered more than her fair share of anguish and frustration.

    It may have been premeditated, but something in her must have just SNAPPED and caused her to plot this grisly deed.

    The stepmother always looked like a perfect horror to me.

    Anyone know what became of Lizzie and Emma's biological mother?

    And what was EMMA doing at the time of the murders?

    ~ FreeThinke

  30. FT,
    Quick response here....

    At my previous site (and before you and I made acquaintance), I composed a lengthy post about Lizzie Borden. If you have a bit of time, you should check out that post -- and the comments thereto.

    Factoid: Barack Obama was born on "Lizzie Borden Day." See this post. Click directly on the graphic to enlarge it.

    Back later.

  31. FT,
    Anyone know what became of Lizzie and Emma's biological mother?

    The first Mrs. Borden died when Lizzie was about four years old. I don't remember the cause of death.

    And what was EMMA doing at the time of the murders?

    Now, THAT is an interesting conundrum! Emma was virtually a hermit (except for a European excursion that she made with Lizzie some years before the murders). As far as we know, Emma rarely left the house. I'm not sure that she even attended church! However, on August 3, 1892, she went on a rare overnight visit to see her cousins. Apparently, her visit to her cousins' farm has been confirmed.

    You mentioned:

    I had no idea the house she lived in with her father and stepmother was such a gem. A beautiful example of 19th-century Greek Revival domestic architecture.

    I think that you're referring to Lizzie's house after the trial. See THIS.

  32. FT,
    I just stumbled across this -- Lizzie Borden's instructions for her own funeral:

    My funeral to be strictly pri-
    vate with a short prayer at
    the grave.

    At the house I wish read
    “The Crossing of the Bar”
    Also the 14th chapter of St. John
    and the 23rd Psalm.
    Also sung the first and fourth
    verses of “My Ain Countrie”
    & wish to be laid at my
    fathers feet.

    A small headstone to match
    the others of my family
    Lizbeth to be cut on the stone

    Lizbeth Andrews (?)
    with the date July 1861 (?)

    The minister of the Church
    the Ascension is to conduct (?)
    the services.

    Grave to be bricked.

    Lizbeth A. Borden
    March 31 – 1919
    Fall River

    She wrote the instructions in cursive, of course. The question marks above designate portions difficult to decipher.

    The song "My Ain Countrie" is a Scottish exile song. Lyrics HERE. YouTube has this version.


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