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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Humor

Hat tip to Sultan Knish for the graphic below:

Opinion piece: "Holder’s war on voter-ID laws is racially motivated."


  1. It doesn't matter ... DuhWon voters can't read anyway. That's why Skittles are in a red bag.

  2. Stop being coy and just admit:
    1. there is not voter fraud to the extent to warrant IDs.
    2. This will cost the taxpayers millions in unnecessary costs.
    3. The main intent is to make it harder for students, the elderly and the poor to vote-and these groups traditionally vote democrat.
    4. It runs contrary to the rights constant barking of government interference in individual rights

    You can vote with a gun permit but not a student ID. The GOP runs contrary to what their illustrious founder fathers wanted in terms of the ease to cast a vote. Hypocrites once again. Thieves, as usual.

  3. Liberals don't trust people to buy the right light bulbs, or the right food, or the right cars, or to but health insurance or etc., etc. etc. But they do trust dead people and illegal immigrants to vote for Democrats. Totally consistent behavior.

  4. Liberalman: Accepting your ridiculous premise that there is no voter fraud, do you wait until your house has been broken into once before locking your doors and windows?

    Now, on to your stupid claim that there is no voter fraud:



    One fraudulent vote is one vote too many because it disenfranchises an American citizen voter.

    If someone is too stupid or lazy to have a common piece of ID, then I don't want them voting.

    But I see your point. Keeping the stupid and the lazy from voting would spell the end of the democrat party.

  5. I'm stealing that pic for my Sunday linky post (with a link back, of course).

    Liberalmann won't accept any evidence. I've been covering all the evidence on voter fraud, and no matter how much you present, they still deny it.

  6. remember the videos I posted in '08's primaries? Hillary supporters who gave interview upon interview (one included the loathsome Allred, who finally got something right) saying that Obama supporters were telling old people in Houston to leave if they weren't voting for Obama..and they did? Story after story. A lib Democrat female also did a shocking documentary about leftwing fraud. I posted that, too.

    Of course they don't want ID...as a matter of fact, did you read where voting numbers went UP somewhere in the South when they required ID?
    Of course this is racially motivated; for Holder not to have arrested the NBP party after they publicly issued a bounty on GZ's head shows we have no DOJ anymore.
    It might be a D, but no J.

  7. Yet the Republicans seem to sit back and let "O" administration do whatever they want, dictate without limit. I'm fed up with the majority of them.

    Right Truth

  8. linked here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/03/things-you-need-picture-id-for.html

  9. Silverfiddle said: "If someone is too stupid or lazy to have a common piece of ID, then I don't want them voting.

    See? Who are YOU to decided this?. Sound pretty 'elitist' to me.As usual the right is only interested suppressing votes And there has NEVER been significant voter fraud to warrant this from of suppression.

    How about students who are out of town? Or those who are dirt poor and can't spend a singe dime to buy an ID. Or seniors who physical can't go get a new ID. Or those who don't have a driver's license?

    YOU know as well as I do in your pious diatribe that it's really all about keeping voters home on election day because when voter turnout is high. The GOP loses.

    Your 'founding fathers' are rolling over in their graves by your stupidity.

  10. Liberalmann,
    Your 'founding fathers' are rolling over in their graves...

    No, they aren't.

    You need a history lesson.

    Those "exceptions" you mentioned in your comment are, FOR THE MOST PART, rare instances. Very rare.

    BTW, now that Social Security checks must be direct deposit, those who are receiving those checks must have a bank account with the recipient's name thereon. And guess what you have to show to get such a bank account? A PICTURE ID!

    The federal government under Eric Holder's DOJ is more concerned about Social Security fraud than about voter fraud.

    Get a clue, Liberalmann. Fast. Before I start deleting your pathetically inane comments.

  11. Addendum to Liberalmann: Picture ID's are required at the liquor store and to buy cigarettes at the convenience mart.

    Get a clue!

  12. Maybe republicans should start getting dead people to vote for them, I'm pretty sure the democrats will quickly come to their senses then.

  13. You need more than just an id to get your child enrolled in a public kindergarten...


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