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Friday, March 9, 2012

Delphi And ObamaLand

As the daughter of a mechanic and the wife of a retired mechanic/automotive-parts worker, I have known about garage matters all my life. In fact, I recall seeing boxes with the label "Delphi" on them in my father's garage. Therefore, this story caught my eye:
...When the Obama administration commandeered the bankruptcy process, it invited GM and UAW representatives to the negotiating table. But it left out Delphi’s salaried retirees. The upshot was that the UAW retirees got their full pension and health care benefits. But the benefits of 21,000 Delphi retirees – who had often worked right next to their UAW peers – were determined as per a Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) formula. Hence, some of them lost up to 70 percent of their pensions and all of their life and health insurance. Bruce Gump, a representative of the Delphi Retirees Association, testified before Congress last year that the Treasury could have covered 93 percent of the benefits of all employees for the same amount that it spent on full union benefits.


What all of this shows is that some workers are more equal than others in Obama Land.
Delphi is a leading global supplier for the automotive, computing, communications, energy, and consumer accessories markets and a sponsor of NASCAR.

GOP, where are you? You should be citing this story as proof positive that the Obama administration promotes the idea that some animals are more equal than others (George Orwell's Animal Farm).


  1. "GOP, where are you?"

    That has been an applicable question for a number of years now.

    The once formidable GOP seems to have reduced itself to the same level as the Democrats, its elected officials more converned with their own careers and their party politics than those of us who elect them to represent the conservative cause in the House and the Senate.

    Personally, I believe the only way to fix the mess our country is in would be to jettison ALL career politicians and replace them with newbies who have no experience at working the system, each capped with a one or two term limit.

    That not being likely, I wish us all the best of luck. :-(

  2. "GOP, where are you?"


    I remember reading about this at the time. I guess Delphi didn't line Obama's pockets good enough, like Boeing and Gibson Guitars.

  3. In the socialist/fascist world of Obama it is Pay to Play. The crony capitalist pay and only they get to play. Delphi obviously didn't pay.

  4. GOP, where are you?

    Mitt Romney's going to restore $500 Billion to Medicare and strengthen the Welfare State safety net, because he's, you know, a conservative.

    Damn, I still can't say that without laughing my ass off.

  5. It's the Chicago way ... play to the unions.

  6. I wonder if the Delphi workers realized, while looking at the bottom of the bus, that their union bosses and Obama put them there.

  7. You are not suggesting that we move past the contraceptive discussion?

  8. Another perfect example of Obama and what his administration is all about -- divisiveness, class warfare, pitting one group against another. This is exactly what people like Breitbart were trying to uncover.

    Right Truth

  9. Bunkerville,
    I'm not suggesting that we necessarily should move past that discussion -- although I did make a comment along those lines today over at Silverfiddle's. But I don't want to beat a dead horse over and over again -- without ceasing.

    I noted in today's WaPo that there are some 8 law suits in courts right now over the contraceptive mandate.

  10. Sorry AOW-- I was trying at a bit of sad humor :)

  11. Bunkerville,
    No big deal. I wasn't offended at all.

  12. Hey AOL, how have you been? I'm fine, and I'm back. I wish Amb John Bolton would run for president...

  13. Where's the GOP? MIA, that's where.
    Cowards, jokers, blowhards..but at least they're not leftwingers.

  14. GOP, where are you is the question of the century. We've been screaming it for years!!!

  15. In a brokeredconvention, the GOP's "leading "white knight" contender would be Bob Dole.

  16. Crony government... where those in power pick all the winners and losers in life...

  17. GOP primary watchers will be happy to note that when Georgia finalizes last Tuesday's vote, Newt Gingrich will have more delegates than Sick Rantorum. He'll be in second place behind Rich Mormony.

    Coupled with his likely victories in Mississippi and Alabama this coming week, and a corrective action to force Florida to award its delegates according to national GOP rules, Gingrich will just surpass Rich Mormony or be slightly behind him in committed delegates.

    Rich Mormony isn't quite jammed down our throats yet.

  18. Beamish,

    I share your enthusiasm for Newt Gingrich. Amazing we could ever agree on anything, isn't it?

    I remember Mr. Gingrich from the glory days of the early nineties. I liked the cut of his jib back then, and still do, even though his weight has nearly doubled since then.

    Funny thing! I don't give a hoot in hell about consistency, "ideological purity" or perfect sincerity in a politician. Frankly, in that field there ain't no such animal anyway.

    I want to see a pragmatic individual brave enough, tough enough, imaginative and creative enough to BUCK the Establishment [If I weren't at AOW's blog, I would not have spelt BUCK with a B.] and send it packing.

    Given a mandate from The People, Gingrich would have a good chance of breaking the log jam that keeps this country stuck on stupid.

    I "read" people pretty well, and Romney just DISGUSTS me. Who the hell does he think he's FOOLING, anyhow?

    Not I! Not you! So who?

    ~ FT

  19. FT,

    I find it telling all the suppression in the news over the difference between "committed delegates" and "uncommitted delegates" as well as all of the national GOP rules minutiae that if followed would yield an even more close race. *IF* Romney is actually ahead of anyone in committed delegates, it isn't by much.

    The national GOP rules read that apart from a few specific states, any state holding a primary before February lose half of their delegates. But those very same rules also state that apart from a few specific states, any state holding a primary before April must award their delegates proportionately to the outcome of the vote.

    For example, Florida SHOULD have awarded Romney 23 delegates and Gingrich 16, Santorum 7, and Paul 4. NOT Romney all 50 delegates.

    There are other states out of line like this. The convention this summer is going to be a screaming match over rules not being followed.

    It's bad enough that you can't find two media sources that come up with the same delegate counts.

    Ignore the media and calls for certain candidates to drop out. The race is a lot tighter than anyone wants you to believe. Romney is definitely being counted has having delegates that he doesn't actually have.

  20. I also find hilarious the "everyone hates Gingrich" and "Romney is a financial genius" media memes.

    If Romney is a financial genius, why has he spent close to $70 million attacking the one candidate "everyone hates?"

    Does he know something we don't? Like perhaps that the delegate race is a lot tighter than the media will tell you?

  21. FT,
    If I weren't at AOW's blog, I would not have spelt BUCK with a B.

    Thank you.

    As you probably guess, I can hold my own "among the boys." I choose not to in this forum.

    Again, thanks.

    [no sarcasm]

  22. I gritted my teeth and watched Romney on the news last night.

    What is it with that guy? He's so wooden, so contrived. At least, that's the way he seems to me.

    If likeability is a factor, then I think that Gingrich actually has more of it.

    Just sayin'.

  23. Z,
    Where's the GOP? MIA, that's where.
    Cowards, jokers, blowhards..

    Even the staunchest Republicans I know are DISGUSTED AND DISMAYED right now.

  24. Beamish,
    I don't keep track of primary numbers. But you do -- obviously.

    Furthermore, the media say nothing about the numbers that you've pointed out. Why?

  25. FJ,
    In a brokeredconvention, the GOP's "leading "white knight" contender would be Bob Dole.

    Ye, gods! That's a scary comment!

  26. Mrs. Wolf,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Everyone I talk to -- except for Obamabots -- are absolutely fed up with entire lot of politicians.

    I've never seen such a disconnect in America before!

  27. I don't keep track of primary numbers. But you do -- obviously.

    Well, I have paid attention to them more closely this time, for many reasons, the main one among them being how bought and paid for Mitt Romney's Tea-stablishment are. Go here and compare Romney's "investments" to 2010 and 2008. That's just Senators and Congressmen in Romney's pocket. Some Teabaggers have been dropped from Romney's largesse since 2010, particularly the obnoxious Michelle Bachmann. But you knew something was up when all these Teabagger candidates - Governor Haley of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida, etc. - all came out with endorsements of Romney.

    Who's shoving Romney down our throats? The "Tea Party" is.

    Furthermore, the media say nothing about the numbers that you've pointed out. Why?

    Probably because that would be objective and honest. The media understand they have the power to shape perceptions. It doesn't fit their narrative to announce, honestly and objectively, that Rick Santorum is in 3rd place. They're in "Newt Gingrich should drop out" mode, even though he's still in 2nd place, and has never fallen behind Sick Rantorum at any point in the race. And even these numbers are contestable due to GOP rules, which will be argued at the convention.

    The Tea Party wants Romney. They don't care if they have to break the rules to get him.

  28. My father, who is far more politically active than I could ever hope or want to be, has already resigned his membership and registration in the Republican Party over this "It's Romney's turn" nonsense. He was a registered Republican and active financial contributor to the party since 1965.

    Hillary Clinton's Tea Party is working hard to keep conservatives home.

  29. Beamish,
    The Tea Party wants Romney.


    You know what? I think that the TPM was co-opted fairly early on. Not at the beginning -- when I was sorta active in it. I dropped out for personal reasons (Mr. AOW's stroke).

    Interesting about your Dad's decision.

    I have never been registered as Republican. When I registered to vote, I registered as an Independent mainly because I didn't likes some of our GOP local politicians.

    In my view, the GOP hasn't had a truly conservative candidate since Ronald Reagan. "Gone and he ain't comin' back."

    Like major league baseball, the GOP has ignored the farm system. Thus, the nomination will likely go to the one whose "turn" it is. That's been the case for a long time now. **sigh**

    Maybe I'm wrong this time around. Maybe Gingrich will be a big player for 2012. Of course, I do know a lot of people who can't stand Newt -- for various reasons.

  30. I do a recount of the bound delegates by the rules of the Republican Party at my blog today.

    It clearly illustrates why we feel Romney is being shoved down our throats.

    It's because he IS being shoved down our throats. He's got some 83 to 100 extra bound delegates that he SHOULD NOT HAVE if the Tea-stablishment were playing by the rules.

    Something for all the anti-Romneys to be pissed about, whether they're for Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul.

  31. How do you have Ron Paul win 40.5% of the vote in Virginia, yet only get 3 of Virginia's 49 delegates (the rest went to Romney)?

    Can you spell b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t?

  32. Beamish,
    Well, I have no clue. I'm not referring to the spelling question. **wink**

  33. Well, the Tea Party claimed they would destroy the Republican Party.

    Gotta give them credit there.

  34. Where indeed is the GOP, where is the media in all this, i guess for them too, some workers are more equal.


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