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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Moral Of The Story Is...

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

You decide the lesson to be learned (hat tip to Leticia of My Daily Trek):


  1. My Pitt Bulls all fear my two cats.

    It's all about the attitude! :) You can tell the cat at the end of the video is the boss!

  2. What a scaredy dog! Don't mess with the cat.

  3. Teresa's right...the moral is "Don't mess with the cat"

    And what IS that weird sounding dog noise?!

  4. Looks like the cat has done a job on the sofa upholstery.

  5. Duck,
    If you're referring to the pattern of the upholstery, that faded look might actually be the fabric design. I don't seen any tufts of stuffing hanging out, but maybe I missed that.

  6. Brooke,
    My Pitt Bulls all fear my two cats.


    A cat can tear up a dog -- that vulnerable snout.

  7. Z,
    I've never heard any dog make that sound before!

  8. Thank God for all the blessed animals.

    They improve our sense of values.

    They help put us in touch with our capacity for affection.

    They help us learn patience.

    They make us laugh -- stimulate our sense of humor and help it grow.

    They keep us more humane.

    They are a reliable indicator of character, because we know that anyone who would mistreat them does or does not love them is not to be trusted.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. Kitty is the boss. I've never heard that sound come out of a dog either. Yikes!

  10. " I've never heard that sound come out of a dog either. Yikes!"

    What can you say? It's French. ;)

  11. I loved the response from the frightened pooch. Serves him right, for being a bully. smile


  12. Tammy,
    Bullies typically back down when confronted with scorched earth emitted by the victim. Certainly the moral of the story!


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