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Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Break Starts Today

And do I ever need this break!

I love teaching, but all of these advanced and accelerated classes take a heavy toll on me.

Hat tip to Dmarks for the graphic that sums up how I've been faring the past several weeks of the third grading period:

That same graphic applies to how I feel when I read the daily news.

On Saturday, Mr. AOW and I are going into Washington, D.C., for a museum trip. We are planning to meet up with The Beak. Mr. AOW is looking forward to this museum trip and to visiting with The Beak, and so am I!

Also, during vacation I will be reading Arsenal, a novel written by my dear friend Tammy Swofford [blog site]:

I will post a review of the novel after reading it. Debbie of Right Truth has already posted THIS REVIEW of Tammy's novel.

I started reading Arsenal when it first arrived but could not devote much time to reading for pleasure when classes were in session. But I love what I've read so far!


  1. I feel like that pic when my kids go on break! HA!

    You guys have a great time out on the town!

  2. Enjoy your break, if anyone needs one it is you (and Mr. AOW of course).

    Thanks for sharing the book review. It truly is trough for a first-time author to get the word out about their book, so I hope all your readers will share Tammy Swofford's book with their friends, and on and on. We need to support the good guys/gals, and Tammy is in the top of that category.

    Right Truth

  3. I love the Bill the Cat reference. Matt Groening was a genius long before the Simpson's came along.

  4. I know what that cat is feeling. You guys have a great time!

  5. From all the Jails the Boys and Girls
    Ecstatically leap—
    Beloved only Afternoon
    That Prison doesn’t keep

    They storm the Earth and stun the Air,
    A Mob of solid Bliss —
    Alas — that Frowns should lie in wait
    For such a Foe as this —

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    Although I think we may be sure the "jails" she refers to are in fact schoolhouses, Emily doesn't mention teachers. It's hard to believe that she wasn't aware that they too experience a great sense of relief once a term has ended, and they -- like the boys and girls they teach -- may enjoy a little free time.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. Been feeling a bit like that myself Always, hope you enjoy your break.

  7. Give Beak a BIG hug from me!

    Everybody I know's feeling frazzled lately; I think it's politics, I really do. PLUS all the work we're all doing.

    Have a great time in D.C., AOW..you so deserve it.
    Re the book? All I need is yet another book to read :) xx

  8. Z,
    It IS the politics in large part!

    And the media!

    A story breaks and very rarely objectively related. Then those of us who blog work for DAYS trying to ferret out the truth.

    As for Arsenal, Tammy Swofford uses a very tight writing style. Not a wasted word. It will be a relief to read a book like that after reading Dickens the past several weeks.

  9. Take a well needed break AOW! You deserve it :)
    Hope the DC trip goes well- and traffic isn't a pain in the rear.


  10. AOW, as an aside: remember I told you I heard freshmen read DIckens aloud and they didn't stop for periods of commas? Well, I sub'd a senior class reading Descrate's Third Meditation last week and they read like you or I would...THAT's how good my school is :-) What a change from freshmen to seniors!
    Oh, except that the seniors grasped it a lot better than I DID :-)

  11. What's also sweet is that they love having me sub and even said "We learned more in this 75 minutes than we have since September with Mr. S!"
    I reminded the senior class that, had they not learned plenty with the First and Second meditations they had studied with Mr. S, they'd have not understood the THIRD meditation at all! \
    "Oh, ya..." duh!


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