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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amazing Gymnast!

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The video tells the story:

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More information, including photos, HERE.

Sometimes, attitude and determination really ARE everything.


  1. Certainly an astonishing young woman! I wish I could say I find it inspiring, but instead, it makes me painfully aware of my own shortcomings. The girl really does have something special.

    I taught the blind for years, and came to realize they are just like everyone else in the way they exhibit a tremendously varied range of talents, intelligence, motivation, curiosity, ambition, laziness, hostility, charm and good character.

    I suspect no one ever told this child she couldn't do all the wonderful things she does.

    If the media keeps after her, however, she will soon become self-conscious and intimidated. I would hate to see that happen, but the negative impact the media mentality with its determination to tell us all how impossibly hard life is [and how much we all need "government assistance" by implication!] has been very destructive.

    At our school we encouraged students to take risks and advocated their developing as much independence as possible. It was very hard wrk, because the New York Department of Welfare kept doing everything it possibly could to counteract our efforts.


    Too many of our students from "The Ghetto" said, "Why should I bother to learn anything? I don't need none of that stuff. The City's gonna take care of me for the rest of my life?"

    This beautiful young girl is a marvel.

    May God forever bless her. I hope nothing ever happens to derail her progress and spoil her enjoyment of life.

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. FT,
    I have a heart for gymnasts. My sister-in-law was a contender for the Olympics. Well, that year we boycotted the Olympics. My sister-in-law missed her chance -- mainly because, a short time after those Olympics ended, she had a terrible accident on the beam. Her days of competition ended.

    I suspect no one ever told this child she couldn't do all the wonderful things she does.

    Agreed. She is dealing with "it is what it is" -- and beautifully.

  3. Hi, AOW. Sorry no one else responded to this beautiful and remarkably positive video. I'm afraid most of us have become addicted to expressing rage, dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction -- and little else.

    Anyway, I thought this was a wonderful reminder of how strong the human spirit an be -- if we let it flourish and don't stifle it with negativity.

    There's no proper place to put this, but I'd be very interested in your reaction to it. I'll keep my feelings about it to myself for now. Hope you can find time to take a look.


    ~ FT

  4. that was awesomely inspiring, AOW, thx for it.


  5. Linda,
    Glad that you enjoyed this video.

    As Free Thinke pointed out above, not many paid much attention to this post.


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