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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


With a hat tip to Bob Mack of Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

Another graphic below the fold:


  1. That second one is scary, since the motto there is not far from the truth according to progressives.

    They've turned the constitution and our rights upside down.

  2. Four more years of Obama and there will be nothing left of America that you can recognize.

  3. I agree with Silver on the second picture because if he wins the 2012 election, God help us, this nation will no longer be free, but under a strict dictatorship.

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  6. Good graphics AOW.

    As to liberals, I give you exhibit A on the nastiness from the left.

    Liberalmann, you are a thoroughly despicable person. I would think AOW should just delete your garbage but it is good to see you on display. It's a reminder of the filth from the left in this country.

  7. Liberalmann,
    I have removed your comment because you have violated my comments policy:

    Continued invectives and personal attacks will result in deletion.

    The only ones who have the prerogative of telling commenters to shut up are Warren and I, the blog owners.

  8. Chuck,
    You will note that I have deleted one of Liberalmann's comments here in this thread.

    Of course, I have a record of Liberalmann's spew in comment notification.

  9. I smell 1984 with that second one... and I could honestly see that happening to our country at this rate. As the adults here say, scary times we are living in.

    As for the first, it just shows how big an egotist Obama is- and how stupid the left is to believe anything he says. Facts are facts, and facts say you can't be the 4th best president with more marks then most other presidents in history. At the very least, the debt total takes you out of the running. It should read, "4th worst president" or lower. Most arrogant president he won by a landslide. As well as fakest, most media dependent, most one-world, etc.

    Lets just hope the amount this sort of thing seems to be surfacing is an indicator people are fed up. Because if they ain't, we're toast. The GOP candidates can't beat him in looks (all older and most balder), position (Romany is no better than O in many ways and less pretty) or unity (left is united, we're killing ourselves). If O is to not run again, we need him less likable than what we have. A tough job...


  10. Yea, you deleted my post because it contained facts and for criticizing Leticia's asinine comments: "God help us, this nation will no longer be free, but under a strict dictatorship."

    "So...let's get the facts. Like how Obama inherited and horrible recession caused by the recklessness of the Bush administration. Yes, I'm blaming Bush. But Obama saved us from a depression, saved the banks and the auto industry who have paid back their bailout. GM is number 1 in the world again. Bush's bail out were outright gifts. Obama created more jobs in 2 years than Bush did in eight. The economy has grown every month since he's been in office. Bush increased the deficit by $5 trillion (2 wars off the books, Medicaid Part D unpaid for, tax cut to the wealthy unpaid for) Obama increased it (with the stimulus which saved us) by 1.3 trillion.

    Give the economy back to the GOP and they'll finish the job of killing the middle class.

    Let's get the facts:

    Obama and Bush Debt Comparison:

    Private Sector Growth Under Obama:

    Obama and Bush Unemployment Comparison

    Who increased the debt?:

  11. Makes you want to vote twice this NOvember doesn't it.

  12. Liberalmann,
    I did not delete your comment because it contained facts. You told Leticia to shut up. Telling any commenter here to shut up is my prerogative -- not yours. And I so stated.

    I have no problem with your leaving links, but I do wish that you'd learn to hyperlink instead of copying and pasting strings of characters.

    I will allow this comment to stand -- even though you called me a liar.

    Call me a liar again, and I'll delete every one of your comments. Clear enough?

    My blog, my property, my rules.

  13. Wildstar,
    Great observations in the last paragraph of your comment above!

    Yes, voters are influenced by good looks and charisma. In my memory, this flaw in the electorate goes back to the Kennedy-Nixon debates, which we televised. Nixon's words won the debate, but JFK won in the minds of the American people because of his looks and charming personality. Well, his PUBLIC personality. As a husband, well, he wasn't so charming, after all.

  14. Wildstar, you surprise me. You seem very wise beyond your years and amazingly well informed in an age noted for powerful and constant campaigns to present disinformation, but do you really think Mr. Obama is better looking and more attractive than Mr. Romney?

    That's interesting, because by most objective standards Mr. Romney is an extraordinarily good-looking individual. With a different personality he could easily have been a matinee idol. Mr. Romney has handsome features, perfect teeth, a lean, muscular, well-disciplined, athletic body and a good voice with no discernible trace of a low class, country boy accent or anything as haughty and condescending as the obnoxious John F. Kerry either. AND he has a perfectly beautiful family all of whom appear to do him great credit.

    I have to confess I find Romney to be almost repellent, myself, and I keep asking myself "why?"

    What's wrong with him?

    I suspect that Mr. Romney's aura of insincerity -- of stupid attempts to pretend he's something he's not just to win votes -- his palpable aura of desperate eagerness to win the nomination -- is what's putting you off.

    ~ FreeThinke

  15. So what are the tags for hyperlnks on this site?

  16. Liberalmann,
    Hyperlink code:


    Omit the brackets but not the quotation marks; note the space after <a.

  17. FT,
    I suppose that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

    I have to confess I find Romney to be almost repellent, myself, and I keep asking myself "why?"

    What's wrong with him?

    My view:

    1. He's trying too hard.

    2. He's slick, a consummate politician, but his attempts at bonhomie and humor fall flat.

    3. He's wooden.

    4. Jeans do not suit him and seem contrived.

    And that list is just for starters.

  18. I blame Bush for all those problems, don't blame obama, he's just the president.

  19. @FT Actually, I think he is on par with Obama, but loses on position. Yes he's charismatic- in a slick, oily way- but in the end they aren't very different and Obama has the press. The left won't change over to someone a bit less than their idol, and the right won't be impressed by his stance. But you are right, there is something off about him. Almost the slick car salesman feel- he would do anything to make a buck or get in a good position.



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