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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recommended Reading

See So you want to vote for Barack Obama? at Hack Wilson (hat tip to Two Guys 2012). Worth your time.


  1. AOW,

    Great news, my liberal relatives are cracking. Each has openly expressed some level of disgust for the Obamaturd.

    They have already individually told me they are not going to be schilling for him this time...manning phone banks etc

    Now if we could just get through to the few libs on this site.....

  2. Blogginator,
    I'm noticing the same in my circles. **smile**

  3. Wait... I think I just heard Ducky's head exploding...

    That was a great and frankly inarguable post!

  4. I would say that sums it up quite nicely!

  5. I'm thinking about putting a link to that post in my sidebar.

    Maybe Warren can design something for me.

  6. Every GOP candidate everywhere should carry a copy of Hack's list and speak from it at every opportunity.

  7. That's a great roundup of Obama's greatest hits (on American freedoms) with links. Sharing today with others.

    Right Truth

  8. That could be the best Republican campaign ad they could ever come up with.

  9. On the other hand, voting for Obama may just bring about the final destruction of an America that thinks Mitt Romney is a conservative.

    I'm failing to see the downside there.

  10. Do I want to vote for Obama? No, he's a triangulating corporate stooge.

    Do I have an alternative? In Massachusetts I can vote Green for Pres and will.

    I'm also voting for Scott Brown since Elizabeth Warren is clearly nothing but a blue dog triangulating corporate stooge. Her consumer protection idea went nowhere, as intended, but like Obummer it allowed her to talk a good game while kissing corporate butt for contributions.

    I prefer the devil I know.

    1. L'il Ricky Retardo has no chance of defeating Obama even if they discover the bodies of recently buried hookers just outside the Oval office.

    2. L'il Newton is finished except for a couple more matinees on the midway.

    3. Romney is a corporate stooge. If he wins, nothing changes. Get used to it.

    "And it's not going to change,
    it's not going to change,
    'til you wise up."

  11. Well yes, of course. I read the "list," but the died-in-the-wool liberals if confronted with this would just dismiss as "Lying RIght Wing Hate Propaganda."

    I KNOW some of these people very well, and believe me, they have been so throughly brainwashed that if Obama were to be videotaped performing unspeakable acts on a nine-year-old boy with Michele and their two daughters all naked and cheering them on by the bedside to the boogaloo beat, it would make NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER.

    When The Reverend GOD DAMN AMERICA failed to derail the Obama campaign, I knew these United States had no more life left in her than a chicken running around after it's head's been cut off.

    ~ FreeThinke

  12. Ducky, I hate to be agreeing with you so much lately (smile) but I think you're right. Except I think Romney will be more conservative than he's been...
    And I don't think he's the corporate stooge..I think he's a businessman who wants to bring this country back to the capitalism here before people got too greedy. And, by the way, those people are NOT the RIGHT...there are MANY greedy lefties and it's troubling to think most Americans don't know that.

  13. Free Thinke,
    I KNOW some of these people very well, and believe me, they have been so throughly brainwashed that if Obama were to be videotaped performing unspeakable acts on a nine-year-old boy with Michele and their two daughters all naked and cheering them on by the bedside to the boogaloo beat, it would make NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER.

    True, dat!

  14. Sometimes, the Malicious Mallard from Massachusetts surprises me by saying something with which I concur, but after the horrific display of vicious bombast at the untimely death of Mr. Breitbart I could never again bring myself to address MMM directly.

    Until we recognize that The Will of The People is routinely circumvented and that we are in fact being ruled by ruthless, selfish, megalomaniacal OLIGARCHS who remain aloof and totally unaccountable to any of us, there will be no hope meaningful reform could occur.

    Communists and Conservatives alike are being USED by these fiends, and people who like to think they're smart but remain devoted solely to the dissemination of Facts and Figures laid out on lists, charts and graphs lack the imagination and the insight required to put two and two together and come up with four.

    And of course, they will loudly denounce people like me and Ron Paul as barmy, impractical, unrealistic members of the lunatic fringe who wear tinfoil hats.

    What god does it do to be right, when no one will believe you until it's too late -- after everything's been reduced to smoking rubble?

    ~ FreeThinke

  15. And thank you, Mr. AOW for the acknowledgement.

    It's always nice to know somebody's "listening."

    I hope you and the Mrs. have a pleasant evening, sir.

    ~ Freethinke

  16. I think Obama appears to be a corporate stooge because he needs money to win due to the SCOTUS decision and the GOP SuperPacs. He won't raise half of what they will raise thanks to the Koch Brothers and those stealing our Democracy.

    Romney will do nothing for the middle class and his tax plan takes more away and gives more breaks to the uber wealthy. He is an out of touch blue blood and a liar.

    Think Romeny would be railing against the billion in tax breaks the oil companies get like Obama?

    What plan would Romney put in place if he repealed Obamacare-which is actually Romneycare? Nothing? We want to return to insurance companies allowing people to die than provide them with coverage?


    I believe Warren is a sincere consumer advocate.

    Politicians have to raise money and the decks are stacked in favor of the GOP this election cycle.

  17. Finally! People are waking up. I may have to snag this for my Facebook page.

    For the record I didn't vote for the guy the first time around and I sure as heck wouldn't vote for him, now.

  18. Those are really not reasons for liberals to back away, i suspect liberals look for such fine qualities in their leaders.

  19. @Libralman I'll let the other de-bunk you if they wish, buy I must correct one thing. You said, "stealing our Democracy" which is wrong. We are NOT a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. In layman terms, the difference is that a democracy is the people rule directly, and a republic they rule by electing others to rule for them. The main difference is the democracy devolves into mob-rule, while a republic can't as easily as the citizens have limits on their power. Other words, big difference, so try to not sound like a child when talking.

    AOW- interesting article. Should help the intelligent to realize what Obama really is, but those that bury their heads in the san can't be saved. I think the 'lead a horse to water can't make him drink' applies here. Then again, since none of our candidate can unite even the conservatives, I can't say I'm surprised. I will say that either Obama needs to look REALLY bad, or we have to try and find a way to make our candidate look good. A Herculean task either way.


  20. Wildstar,
    Those on the Left will ignore or "explain away" many of the items in the article.

    Besides, the Left doesn't visit Right-leaning web sites -- except as trolls, of course.

    either Obama needs to look REALLY bad, or we have to try and find a way to make our candidate look good

    Agreed. But these soaring gasoline prices are going to take a toll on Obama. And he knows it, too.

    I recall a time when Obama told a man with a large family to quit driving the SUV and get a hybrid. I also recall how Obama laughed and sneered when he made that comment. Not endearing -- to say the least!

    PS: Good point about our constitutional republic. The dangers of the mob in a "true democracy" are legion.

  21. Regardless wildstar, big corporation have bought our politicians and By far, the GOP. You don't recall Boehner handing out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the freakin
    ' floor of the Senate?


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