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Monday, March 12, 2012

Recently On ABC News

Hat tip to Randy's Roundtable for the short video below the fold:

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, I watched the most recent of Obama's weekly video addresses. His words and his eyes didn't match: bold words from his mouth but worry about his future in his eyes.

Can "The One" actually be realizing that all is not well for him on Election Day 2012?

That ABC News, a mainstream media outlet that shills for Obama like nobody's business, is actually questioning Obama's electability is interesting.


  1. I have to find the article but one of these zombamas admitted that the proganda that the economy is getting better isnt working....maybe because unemployment is not 8.3 its more like 16 with 23 million people out of work....This movie will only be watched by government students forced to watch it and the zombies of the demo party. of course if they did not realize how bad the economy was then how do we know that they understand how bad the economy is know....

  2. Being the cynic I am, I see this as the press wanting a horserace while also maintaining some cred.

    Not to worry, come October they will pour heart and soul into getting their Dear Leader reelected

  3. Silverfiddle,

    The media also will paint Obama as the underdog at some point. Then, they'll play the race card on top of that. Capitalizing on "white guilt" all the way.

  4. Blogginator,
    Today, on the WaPo's web site, there was an article about how much the economy has improved under the Obama administration. I didn't bother to read the article.

    The reality on the ground in many sections of America is a far cry from the reality on the ground here in the D.C. area, which is, for all intents and purposes, an arm of the federal government. What prosperity we have here is mostly due to the presence of the federal government.

    Even so, those who have lived here for any length of time must notice the empty strip malls, the slow sales for homes, etc. Most of the building going on here is directly or indirectly related to federal projects or federal employment. Foreclosures are happening, but kept pretty quiet. And one more thing....Traffic on the roads here is down. Some of that is related to unemployment, I'm sure -- the kind of unemployment affecting building contractors and the like.

  5. I think Obama is starting to track off the rails. He is presenting more of his accomplishments regarding energy today, and even the most stalwart members of the press have to know he is not representing the facts. Energy? Why would he harp on energy.

  6. Yet other newstreams, American and outside are proclaiming the most recent employment figures as being a sign of change and improving Obama's vote.

    An interesting comment most have noted, that he is targetting women's votes as he needs the female vote because "white males" have a less approval rating. Are they trying to imply yet again racism?

    Either way, it is not Obama that will win the election, it is the Republican Party's inability to unify and internal bickerings that will lose them any chance.

    Listening to comments from a straw poll on the streets of New York's Yonkers district (spelling not sure there), the comment they had is that even if Romney or another win's the election, they would be now hesitant to vote for a GOP President because he will not only get a hostile Democrat Congress but also a hostile - if-not-nasty segment of his own party. They were registered GOP voters. - Source, I was watching Sky - a Murdoch owned channel.

    Damien Charles

  7. We are fighting not only Obama and the Democrats but; also, the MSM and Hollywood. But we have truth on our side and many Americans are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors.

  8. Hello. As you can see, I'm a giant White Rabbit, your Official Greeter, and I welcome you to Wonderand.

    Step through the looking glass and come on in.

    You'll never be the same again after you've experienced what we have to offer here. First we go into Freefall Mode.


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    ~ FreeThinke

  9. Always On Watch said..."Today, on the WaPo's web site, there was an article about how much the economy has improved under the Obama administration. I didn't bother to read the article."

    Of COURSE you didn't LOL. Wow!The right would rather seething in their silly-assed lies than know the truth!

    Obama and Bush Debt Comparison:

    Private Sector Growth Under Obama:

    Obama and Bush Unemployment Comparison

    Who increased the debt?:

  10. I read today that polls are going badly for the messiah, his disapproval rating is apparently the highest in some areas.

    I suspect the ABC is questioning now because they simply can't avoid reporting the obvious.

  11. Liberalmann,
    The right would rather seething in their silly-assed lies than know the truth!

    Now it's my turn to LOL. I won't bother stating the truth about the Left. A waste of band width.

  12. Right Wing Theocrat,
    At this point, the location of the surveys taken matter quite a bit. I hear from my friends in the Heartland (in the Midwest, where a friend of mine runs a large and busy tavern) that some who voted for Obama will never vote for him again; others, of course, continue to insist that he is "The One" -- even when the facts are given to them.

    On this morning's CBS News, many who previously loved Obama are furious with him for not "changing gas prices." Interesting, huh? Anyone with even a smidgen of understanding about gas prices should know that the President cannot wave a magic wand and solve the problem of soaring gas prices; but BHO hasn't taken the other necessary steps, and certainly his administration has frittered away greenie funds on bound-to-fail projects (Solyndra, just to name one). The Solyndra matter HAS received attention even in the mainstream media.

  13. Damien Charles,
    The race card has been in play -- overtly or covertly -- from the moment that Obama got the nomination in 2008. Frankly, I'm sick of it.


    it is not Obama that will win the election, it is the Republican Party's inability to unify and internal bickerings that will lose them any chance.

    The bickerings are ugly (circular firing squad), no doubt. But, you know, this kind of thing isn't all that unusual during the primary season. What IS new, more or less, is how much the media cover this bickering.

    A lot can happen between the end of the GOP Convention and Election Day.

  14. Woodsterman,
    The Hollywood types love a Marxist dope!

    For the most part, yes. There are some conservatives in Hollywood, however. I saw the list the other day. For the most part, though, the newer stars are absent from that list.


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