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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Watch For This Campaign Theme

With a hat tip to Bloviating Zeppelin, who created the image below:

Will the American electorate fall for that ruse?

According to the previews, Obama will blame the GOP in his speech this Thursday, too, as he panders for one more chance. The full video of Obama's speech on Labor Day:

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Reality check:

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  1. I hope the GOP walks out if/when he attacks them. They will be used merely as props. I cannot stand to look at him.

  2. I don't think it matters. We have a nasty problem in housing and no one wants to address it.

    The economy isn't going to rebound till housing stabilizes.
    Banks still hold a lot of derivatives and marginal paper.
    Foreclosures are putting a downward pressure on prices which threatens to turn the marginal paper to junk and create more problems in the banking system.
    We have probably missed the chance to effect a program to modify mortgages and break the cycle.

    Please note that part of the problem (a big part) is Obama's failure to undertake any radical program. Far from being a "socialist" he's extremely conservative and you folks want a bigger dose of this disaster. Enjoy.

  3. They will pit groups against one another openly. It's going to get ugly.

    Pit groups against each other. Stifle cooperation. That's Libertarianism, Silverfiddle,

  4. Obama will play the Class Card and the Race Card time and time again from now until the elections. He will be strongly supported by the Democrat leaders using the same ploy. These people don't care and maybe would like to see violence in the streets. This will be the ugliest campaign season in American history, IMHO.

  5. I love that image, great job.

    Yes, Obama will blame the Republicans and the TEA party for his own failures.

    Right Truth

  6. Hey Bd, you know what really hurts the middle class?


    Why don't you go take a look at how many Democrats are co-sponsoring either H.R. 459 or S. 202 and get back to me.

  7. That image conveys a lot of truth. The Master of Disaster has to have a lot of nerve to ask for a second chance when he so badly blew the first. The question is: will the American people buy it?

    They might. They are easily swayed.

  8. "The question is: will the American people buy it?

    They might. They are easily swayed."

    Indeed they are. Just look at how many of them are purportedly supporting Rick Perry.

  9. Anyone have some darts I can borrow? J/k. That was childish of me, but hey, I had to say it.

    Of course he is going to blame the GOP and the Tea Party, he very well can't point to himself, it would crush his already gigantic ego.

  10. Really Letica, all you ever complain about is his supposed ego or narcissism. Get some facts and substance and you'll see he has created more jobs than Bush, grown the economy and saved us from another great depression. We still have a long way to go but put the GOP back in and there goes the middle class-guaranteed.

  11. Bd,
    At the least, you are deluded.

    Look. I've tolerated some of your borderline comments.

    I'll remind you of the following once -- and only once:

    Caveat: Continued invectives and personal attacks will result in deletion.

    The above statement is at the top of the comment form here at Always On Watch.

    Disagree with civility or suffer deletion. Your call.

  12. Lowest poll numbers he's ever had.
    I'm thinking it's less the economy and the horrible housing and jobs problems and more how he's blasting and insulting the Right so stupidly and sanctimoniously. Even fair-minded Dems would find that bad, and Indies are going to turn in droves; He's playing to the moveon.org base and that's stupid.

    Ducky, I talked at my place about how the housing situation's such an enormous problem and you tried to insult with something like "As if that's a big problem.."
    Why the sudden change? You're finally reading something other than KOS, or??

  13. Rest assured, he will roundly defeat whatever wacko the GOP props up. You got nobody.

  14. Al obutthead is already a nobody! His popularity is sinking fast with those that have a little bit of a brain left but not much!

    Grant it, the left have been screwed up for a very long time! Oh but shhhh quiet.... they don't know it yet we are getting to the good part soon and boy will it be exciting...

    Have some popcorn...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I doubt there's any change. I've felt the linchpin to all this is housing for years.

    My guess is that you were going on about "loans to people who can't afford them" and misinterpreting Bush's reaction to Fannie Mae trying to artificially goose its share price.

  17. This morning's headlines bring us information about Obama's upcoming $300 billion plan. Spend more money to try to jump start the economy -- and sink us further into debt.

    I expect more downgrading along the lines of the recent S&P downgrade.

  18. Bd said: Rest assured, he will roundly defeat whatever wacko the GOP props up. You got nobody.

    I doubt that Reagan would have been nominated and elected had it not been for the debacle of Jimmy Peanut.

    The pendulum can swing hard -- and BHO may be reaching that point now.

  19. Note the following:

    Rep. Rob Bishop, R-UT, says the Statoil/CNOOC deal is indicative of the Obama administration's failure to protect U.S. consumers from foreign nations seeking to tap into this country's abundant energy resources:

    “Unemployment will continue to exceed acceptable levels and the economy will continue to suffer until this administration reverses its anti-energy policy. China and other foreign countries are gaining access to the abundant natural resources located in the American OCS, meanwhile an energy starved U.S. continues to experience the detrimental effects of Secretary Salazar’s decisions to place special-interests before the American people. Since taking office this administration has made great strides in helping countries gain access to American energy resources, it’s just too bad the U.S. isn’t one of them.”

    Bishop is chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, which includes a number of representatives from Western states with significant energy and other natural resources.

    The article is dated 2009.

  20. Obama never has any solutions; just the blame game. It's NEVER his fault.

    Sadly, it doesn't take much for a leftist to believe him.

  21. I know liberals are just itching to fall for him, but i doubt the rest of America is. They've had their fill of his hope and change.

  22. AOW said : "The article is dated 2009."

    And it's a lie.

  23. MK said...I know liberals are just itching to fall for him, but i doubt the rest of America is. They've had their fill of his hope and change.

    Yeah, let's put another incompetent Republicon back in the White House and let the corporate owned GOP complete the job of destroying the economy and the middle class. Wanna bet the wealthy 1% will still eat caviar? Sure they will, they will own us!

  24. That picture really says it all-- may have to borrow that!


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