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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally! An Invitation!

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About a year ago, I wrote THIS. Much of what I wrote then has remained the same. Mr. AOW and I are isolated because of his physical disabilities.

Then, out of the blue, we have received an invitation for a cookout today!

Plenty of men will be there to help me unload Mr. AOW from the car and to help him during the cookout.

The bathroom in that particular home is not handicapped friendly because of the narrow door and lack of grab bar, so the issue of bathrooming is the one the most worries Mr. AOW and me. He will have to use a quad cane and walk a few steps from the hallway and through the bathroom door. As a precaution, I'll also take along a change of clothing for him.

Mr. AOW is mentally sharp now. In fact, last spring, about a year and a half after Mr. AOW's brain hemorrhage of September 15, 2009, the neurologist pronounced my husband mentally competent. The brain does heal, but the healing takes time and proceeds at a snail's pace.


Happy holiday weekend to all my readers here at Always On Watch!


  1. Hi AOW.That's nice to hear that MR AOW is improving so much.I hope you both have a great time and that the weather is perfect for you.Here it is just baking yesterday 90 felt like 100, today even higher.Couldn't be better for Labor weekend , but for monday they predict 65 brrrr.

  2. That makes me glad.

    Getting out and being among friends should be good therapy, even with the logistical challenges.

    I hope you guys have a great time!

  3. I hope you both have a fantastic time! It is wonderful news that the Mr. is doing so well!

  4. Yes, Mr. AOW is improving.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't been able yet to return to the master bedroom. Maybe by Christmas? I'd love to get rid of the hospital bed in the living room. Sheesh.

    However, yesterday, the ophthalmologist discovered a significant drop in vision in Mr. AOW's left eye. On Tuesday, we're out and about bright and early -- to the retina specialist. This isn't quite an emergency, but the ophthalmologist insisted upon "soon." I want to get in that special doctor's visit before classes resume on September 13.

  5. Woodsterman,
    I hope you enjoy this small break.

    I'll have a night off from having to prepare the evening meal. YEEHAW!

  6. Will,
    The humidity is up, so the bugs will be biting. I'm a magnet for no-see-um's. I'll be apply my Off! spray so that I don't become one big set of hives!

  7. Silverfiddle,
    Getting out and being among friends should be good therapy, even with the logistical challenges.


    We didn't need the added expense of having to buy a gift for the party -- it's my cousin's birthday, so I opted for flower delivery. But, realistically, I want this afternoon and evening out to be normal.

    We've had very little normal since September 2009. But we are closing in on it!

  8. I'm so happy for you and Mr. AOW, this is good news. Good news is also his recover, both physical and mental. I know the situation he was in originally and it did look very bleak. Miracles do happen, but I know this has been a long road for both of you.

    Enjoy the day, don't think past today.

    Right Truth

  9. This is very good news...have a wonderful time, AOWs.

  10. I'm so glad for the both of you. Warren and I aren't so lucky, we will be spending yet another holiday at home together as no one calls us or invites us over ect.(I'm also in a wheelchair). We do enjoy each others company and find diversions on our computers as Warren and I both have our own and many other activities, but it would still be nice to be included once in a while.

  11. You mentioned Mr. AOW's health problems before, but I didn't realize how serious they were. I wish him a full recovery. Hope both of you enjoy the cook out.

  12. Hi AOW.
    i'm 'lucky' the bugs don't bite me the missus on the other hand she's like you a magnet for every bug in the neighbourhood it's weird but that's the truth my guess i've way to much chemicals in my blood with all these daily drugs can't blame these bugs.lol
    You're right the significant drop in vision in Mr. AOW's left eye is something that you better check out soon , i hope it's nothing grave.

  13. Go for the Italian sausage.

    Have a good time.

  14. did you have a grand time-
    it is nice being w/ caring people - isn't it-

  15. My father used to always tell us about "that distinctive barbeque smell" was the best medicine to any ailing male of any species or race. I have to agree.

    All the best.

  16. Best regards for the holiday weekend. Hope you both enjoy the cookout.

  17. Yesterday went reasonably well. The food was wonderful (bluefish and mackerel fish-fry as well as hot dogs, spicy sausages, and hamburgers, with all possible trimmings, following by a birthday cake). But that spicy dog I ate did cause me some difficult during the night. **sigh** But I'm not sorry that I ate that spicy food! I so rarely indulge in that kind of food because it can raise my blood pressure.

    Mr. AOW made the rounds at the party and told jokes from his vast repertoire.

    Thanks to the advice of a dear friend, I remembered not to spend much time talking about our trials since Mr. AOW's stroke. I answered specific questions briefly. The most difficult question asked of me out of earshot of Mr. AOW: "Is this the best he's going to get?" I hope that my distress didn't show on my face.

    We stayed at the party for a little over 3 hours. Longer than that would have resulted in too much fatigue for Mr. AOW and the Herculean task of getting him into that troublesome bathroom. Besides, most of the guys started playing horseshoes, and Mr. AOW was getting a little down because he couldn't participate or even get his wheelchair to a vantage point to be a spectator.

    After we left, I'm certain that tongues wagged for a while.

    Tomorrow, we'll be attending the cookout at our local VFW. I don't count that as an invitation as Mr. AOW is a member of the VFW.

  18. Brooke,
    She didn't see her question as blunt, but I was a bit stunned.

    I guess that she's not a tactful person. Also, she had a minor brain bleed of her own about 5 years ago at a younger age than Mr. AOW's life-altering event.

    Mr. AOW considers her a good friend because he was "her" bartender at the VFW, but she's never been to visit him nor has she ever phoned him.

  19. My mother had a big stroke when I was very young, and I saw firsthand that recovery is indeed a slow path!

    There is always room and time for improvement. The gains Mr. AOW has made are wonderful!

  20. Brooke,
    The docs projected a 70% recovery, but Mr. AOW is not there yet.

    We see the neurologist next week. At the moment, Mr. AOW isn't getting therapy except for our visitor V. I think that Mr. AOW needs more therapy, but we'll see what the neurologist says about that.

    Mr. AOW's blood pressure is clearly under control now after a terrible roller coaster ride. The better control of that bp, the less chance of another brain bleed.

  21. Its good to hear that Mr. AOW is doing better. That's really cool that you got an invite to a cookout. Take some time to relax and have a great time.

  22. Fresh air and hot dogs, who could ask for anything more:) Glad you got out and had a fairly enjoyable day. I am sure it was good for both of you.

  23. God Bless you both!

    Being on a regular computer now that we are home from the aging family member of ours it was nice for us to do the same yesterday.

    We did all the work however the folks in the neighborhood brought even more food!

    I am still catching up and it's time to get ready for work tomorrow... Gatherings can wear even the healthy folks!

  24. Good to hear Always, glad that things are slowly working out for you two. You deserve a break.

  25. MK,
    Mr. AOW is clearly much improved since a year ago.

    Today, he sees the neurologist. We'll see what this specialist's evaluation is now.

  26. Dcat,
    I didn't have to prepare anything for the cookouts this past weekend. Thank goodness! I'm worn out with cooking all the meals here.


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