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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Litigious Idiocy

(With a hat tip to Tammy Swofford)

Check out this story, dated September 14, 2011. Read the entire article, but first set down your beverage so as not to ruin your computer or choke when you guffaw.

A morbidly obese stockbroker is suing a White Castle restaurant in New York because he cannot fit into the restaurant's seats.

He has been eating the restaurant chain's food for some fifty-two years and still sends his wife on burger runs to the restaurant!

Can't this man understand that he is the one with the problem and not the restaurant?

Nobody is forcing this man to eat White Castle food. His law suit is so frivolous that he out to be sued for merely filing it.

My friend Tammy has posted this excellent, pithy commentary. Worth your time.


  1. I posted on this a few days ago:


    This guy ought to be thrashed within an inch of his life for the gall of this lawsuit.

  2. I like the idea of suing him for being that stupid...

  3. I like the idea of a junk food restaurant with normal-size chairs. It's like they are reminding their customers not to get carried over.

  4. Why doesn't he use the drive-thru?

    "Couple dozen sliders, half dozen large rings and a gallon of coke"

  5. Our legal system allows anyone to sue for any reason. But judges could do more by trowing out frivolous cases.

  6. Even Ducky can see how moronic this is.

  7. I was watching Fox one morning and one of the legal advisers (I forget which one) said this man likely has a case under the ADA.

    What a world.

  8. When I was in college, I worked a fast food joint. I remember a really BIG boy coming in and ordering the jumbo burger (like a half pound of meat) and x-large fries, a large shake, two dessert pies and a large regular Coke. Then he said, "Better make that a diet Coke, I need to cut back." I wanted to say "I agree pal. And start cutting back by staying out of joints like this." But I dutifully bundled his meal and wished him a good day.

    Siverfiddle made a good point - this isn't a serious nation. Rationality is dead. When you see the problems facing our nation and the world, and its front page news because we have lawyers and judges who will seriously entertain this is just absurd.

    Before we got "liberated" in the late 60s, 99% of the judges would have been insulted and thrown his keester out of their courtroom.

  9. When I read this, I nearly choked on that big slice of pie ala mode I am having for breakfast.

    It reminds me of Larry the Cable guy, who said, "I'm gonna sue Hustler Magazine for giving my wrist Carpal Tunnel."

    But seriously, folks, this is the kind of thing we Conservatives are fighting for. Among our lesser known unalienable rights is the right to be stupid. Let him sue if he wants. The judge has just as much right to be stupid as the plaintiff, but hopefully, he isn't.

  10. Mark,
    Among our lesser known unalienable rights is the right to be stupid. Let him sue if he wants.

    Then, let him pay all the court costs so that the taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for this stupidity.

    I do hope that the ADA regulations don't justify the law suit.

    How much do frivolous law suits choke up our court system?

  11. I'm not sure, but I think if he loses, he does have to pay the court costs.

    Frivolous law suits, unfortunately, are a natural consequence of exercising our right to be stupid.

    Those who disagree probably think the Government has a right to force us to pay for auto insurance, too.

  12. Yes Mark, he does have a right to be stupid and he probably has a right to sue for his stupidity - it's just that with the common sense and personal responsibility in our society, there are now lawyers and judges who take these cases seriously. Whereas as I remember a time that trivial stuff was treated for what it was, that time has now past.


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