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Monday, September 12, 2011

Perspective On 9/11

From Stogie, an observation of a lighter nature...

Click directly on the image to enlarge it:

After all of yesterday's proper solemnity (My 9/11 post was certainly somber), the above makes me laugh today.

Yesterday was the first 9/11 anniversary that we didn't hear something from that Islamomaniac weasel.


  1. That's one wacko that won't be doing any more wacking.

  2. I had to lighten up the mood today -- at least, for myself.

    Yesterday was very somber for this household as Mr. AOW and commemorated 9/11.

  3. Way to go ... but then you know I had to lighten it up yesterday too.

  4. That is one thing we have done right.

  5. That was great!! Nice to know he is not around any longer.

  6. think he's with "The God of Jacob" now? :-)

  7. Stogie, has a way about him! Wonder if the fish had the stomach to eat him!

  8. That's a great image, but I don't like the looks of that smile on Osama's face!

    Right Truth

  9. ah yes but many maniacs left to fill the void...tragic my friend.God bless~!

  10. I would like to see all the scum bags down there with him! Still not smiling and today at the store I witnessed a dry run! I wrote to the store president and manager! They are feeling out the weak spots is what I saw taking notes!

    I had a really bad feeling! I told the gal to get someone on it and when I got home I wrote this:

    I am concerned about what happened at around 7:30 pm 9/12/11. I was checking out and while I was checking out someone asked the checker if he could leave his bag at the counter and he was going to shop. The checker said ok and we both looked at each other and I thought: "oh no you should never allow that!" We did talk about it but the bag was still there.

    I feel this could be a form of a dry run and employees need to be more alert to the threat of terrorism. I hope this never happens again!

    This is how stupid we all are and they are watching and taking notes to see possible targets!

  11. For any who may not understand Z's comment, you may recall that Obama read a psalm that referred to the God of Jacob during the 9/11 service at Ground Zero. Now, check out the Islamic view of Jacob at Wikipedia.

  12. Awesome...someone do a photo analysis. Think about it, we have no idea where Obama was born, he showed up just when Osama disappeared....

  13. Well, actually I meant (in a humorous vein) Obama is hiding Osama in the White House.

    I've always suspected Obama's announcement of Osama's death might have been a lie just to boost his sagging poll numbers. Otherwise, we'd have some actual proof that it happened. But when he claims we killed him and then buried his body at sea and no one knows where, considering all the other lies he's told the people, I still have my doubts about the whole thing.

    As it was said at the time, All these doubts would have gone away if they had merely shown at least some photos.

  14. I mean, I know a lot of people said they didn't want to see the photos, but in reality no one who didn't want to see them wouldn't have to. Just knowing they exist would assuage some doubts.

  15. Mark,
    I'm not as skeptical as you with regard to the demise of OBL.

    However, at least a few photos should have been shown to the public.

    Obama is too concerned with the sensitivities of the Islamic world.

  16. Oh yes and the heck with our sensitivities of 9-11!!!

    I have all I can stumach with the pisslamics!

    I also don't give a guano on their sensitivities!


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