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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Revisionist History Happening Before Our Very Eyes

(With a hat tip to Randy's Roundtable)

From American Thinker comes the following jaw dropper, yet another item for the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up file:

PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe

Barack Obama has gone to Congress asking for more money to spend. The President, in a rambling and tedious exercise mixing blame with demands, made quite a few dubious statements in laying out the case for Congress to vote for the plan which as yet does not exist. Much like Obamacare, Congress must ultimately vote for the bill to know what is in it.

At one point Mr. Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party.

Lincoln did not join the Republicans until 1856, over two years after the party was founded. The first Republican convention was held in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.

Such a gaffe would have brought huge amounts of ridicule and derision on George W. Bush, but in the case of Obama the media yawned.

Actually, they did more than yawn; government-funded PBS has altered the transcript of the President's speech, removing the offending comment.

The New York Times transcript has the following quote:

"We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party. But in the middle of a civil war, he was also a leader who looked to the future -- a Republican President who mobilized government to build the Transcontinental Railroad -- (applause) -- launch the National Academy of Sciences, set up the first land grant colleges. (Applause.) And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set."

But how does it appear in the PBS transcript?

"We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. But in the middle of a Civil War, he was also a leader who looked to the future - a Republican president who mobilized government to build the transcontinental railroad; launch the National Academy of Sciences; and set up the first land grant colleges. And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set."

So PBS has purposely altered a transcript containing a major gaffe by the President.
Orwell's 1984 has arrived.


  1. I don't remember the President asking Speaker Boehner for unanimous consent to revise and extend his remarks before the speech, do you?

    Oh, that's right. Dictators and their imitators don't NEED to ask permission first.

  2. I quit listening to and watching PBS long ago. I used to like them for nature and history specials - now I can get all that on Discovery, Science, National Geographic, History and the Military Channel. Doesn't this make them irrelevant?

    PBS proved how low and far left they have gone when they fired their only black liberal commentator, Juan Williams. Juan was left enough and dared to appear on FOX.

  3. Great minds... I just posted a link from iOTW to this story.

    It is unreal how these leftists will do anything to protect Obama.

    I am personally insulted that some of my taxes robbed from my paycheck are going to these sycophants.

  4. Here's what I don't understand....

    Any President's speech, whether actually written by the President or not, should be proofed by several pairs of eyes.

    Did nobody catch the error?

    Or, did BHO go off teleprompter during the speech?

    Clearly, Obama tried to portray Abraham Lincoln as a big supporter of infrastructure. Trouble is, the railroads were financed for a significant by private bonds and private investors-- not by the federal government. See THIS.

    And from this source:

    ...It is true that the railroad was finished in 1869, long before the 1876 deadline set in the Pacific Railroad Act which Congress passed in 1862, but nobody thought it was going to be easy. Most "experts" in fact thought it was impossible. It was only by dint of the hard work of people like L.M. Clement and the determination of the men who risked all to finance it that it got done....

    More at the above link.


    The propaganda war is heating up, with the mainstream media complicit, and Obama is getting away with playing fast and loose with historical facts! Why aren't members of the GOP calling him out on this? Obama is now taking his bill "on the road" and, no doubt, still playing fast and loose with the facts as he attempts to further his agenda -- and his re-election, too, of course.

  5. Brooke,
    This information is hot in the blogosphere right now. However, the mainstream media are suppressing the information!

    I'll check out your post.

  6. Well, well, well. From this source:

    UPDATE: It seems the old guard can’t get away with their old tricks anymore. “Damn you confounded right-wing bastards!”

    Ed Morrisey just tweeted that they’ve now inserted the gaffe into their “transcript."

  7. Found this comment over at I Own The World:

    So PBS now stands for Protect Barack’s Stupidly?

    LOL, LOL!

  8. As a former history teacher,I am fully aware of revisionist history and the not so hidden motives of those, less than honest writers. One only needs to look at the text books used in our schools today and compare them with those of not many years ago. Those on the left have done a number on us and sadly most Americans are unaware of what's happening.

  9. picky, picky, picky ... everyone knows it's OK to change the news if you don't like it.

  10. Now what we need our "electronic books" like the Kindle in the hands of our students. This way we can change history in a nano second.....

  11. I kept thinking about Palin's correct comment about Paul Revere and yet stuff like this goes unreported....now why would you ever think the media is just the PR Staff of the DNC....I wonder

  12. I listened to The King's Speech via Michael Savage. Savage's commentary made the speech go down so much better.

  13. Nice try:

    NPR site:

    "We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party. But in the middle of a civil war...."

  14. Oh what a tangled web we we've when first we practice to deceive, eh bd?


  15. PBS - the best news a government can pay for

  16. Let's see if we can get more trivial.

    Lincoln would certainly be identified as the seminal figure of the party.

    Gaffe? Hardly.

    Move on folks nothing to see here unless you get excited about how petty the tea baggers are.

  17. How ironic, just today I was saying how school's won't teach history... and now the media is trying to change it. Good Lord, how are we suppose to win this if no one outside the blogsphere (a tiny amount of teh population I have no doubt) knows the truth- since they ain;t going to get it from the media.

    and ducky, its less the gaffe and more the fact that the media would CHANGE what was said- and if they did obviously it isn;t 'trivial'- that has everyone rilied IMO.


  18. Always- this is why we MUST GET OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM BACK!
    If our youth learn the basics -(reading writing-antithetic) and the true HIStory of this Republic and World history-
    the liars promoting the Dark Side (Lucifer) cannot 'pull the wool over their eyes'!
    case in point_
    9-11 remembered - those murdered on that day were murdered by the followers of islam (and historical fact)!

  19. arithmetic!

    probably I should start using my reading glasses when posting-
    haven't needed them til now-
    : - )

  20. Wildstar,
    its less the gaffe and more the fact that the media would CHANGE what was said- and if they did obviously it isn;t 'trivial'- that has everyone rilied IMO


    Had a Republican made such errors, the mainstream media would be squawking so much that we'd all go deaf!

    Furthermore, Obama was trying to use Lincoln to rally the GOP to his side in the jobs "plan" (Where is it?). He misrepresented Lincoln's relationship with the railroad system as a relationship of big government -- it was not such a relationship as I pointed out in an earlier comment in this thread. In my view, Obama was trying to say, "It doesn't matter if we're in an economic depression. We must extend the government's size and control -- and indebtness. After all, Abraham Lincoln did exactly that during the worst war in America's history."

    But the comparison isn't accurate!

    Now, he could have chosen FDR to talk about, but, of course, FDR wasn't a Republican.

    Anyway, any msm chatter about Obama's speech has been pushed aside quickly because of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

    We who are pointing out problems with Obama's speech last Thursday are speaking in an echo chamber.

  21. You guys... this is la lie! NPR dd not omit the 'founder' part! Get yer heads outta yer asses.


    "We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party. But in the middle of a civil war...."

  22. Look for yourself, lemmings:


  23. Bd,
    Look for yourself, lemmings

    Take a look at the screen shot.

    YOU are the lemming.

  24. AOW

    In defense of Bd and Ducky, this is trivial in a way compared to the Democrats complete success in trashing the American economy. Consider no Nation has evered owed this much money and in such a short time. Imean in less than 3 year Obama and company has nearly increase the debt by 40%. Impressive. Meanwhile our 401Ks and home values have decreased nearly the same amount. And real unemployment nearly tripled to 16.1%. But he did close Gitmo.....oh wait no he didnt. But he did get us out of Irag...actually we are currently tracking behind the withdrawal agreement know as SOFA signed by Bush Jr. but he did stablize the region bringing peace in the MiddleEast...well maybe not more like the reverse as the Muslim brotherhood makes gains and uses the USA. I almost forgot about corruption Bush Jr did not even authorize funds to Enron and somehow it was his fault yet this solar power connecton goes quickly into the abyss......and gunrunner..... I could gon on but yup I agree with the liberals on this one the gafee was not Obama's speech its his Presidency.......

  25. Blogginator,
    But the alteration of Obama's words is NOT trivial! That the mainstream media would alter Obama's words in what is supposed to be a permanent record of those words -- and a record that students will cite when they do research -- should alarm us.

    PBS is a source that universities allow students to use.

    What if ALL permitted sources were altered? The picture of Obama would be a different one.

    Sure, the trashing of the American economy is dangerous beyond words, and the effect of that trashing will linger a long, long time -- no matter what measures are taken.

    But revisionist history will also linger.

    This time, PBS backed off. Fine. But no apology? Not even a lame one?

    How much else of the record of the Obama administration will be altered? Or already has been!

  26. Wow!

    Even Obama’s Supporters Laugh When He Says His Latest Stimulus Plan Is “Fully Paid For

    Read the article at the above link.

  27. The media purposely lying to protect a President is not trivial.

    While I think Blogginator's point is well put and this is not meant to be a rebuke, I do not think it is a trivial matter.

    It is still scary, not matter how small the incident.

    The reason it is scary is it begs the question, what else is not being reported? What else has the MSM hidden from the public?

    (This is where the Duck jumps in with some clever name for the right and talks about paranoia)

    We have had Dan Rather using a known forged document to try to throw the 2004 election. Reuters has doctored photos to try to frame Israel. MSNBC has cropped a black man's arms and neck out of a picture of a gun so they could talk about gun toting white racists at Tea Party rallies.

    This doesn't even begin to address the news they do not report to shield Obama and the left.

    The question here is, is there a line they will not cross?

    Finally, we have the issue of PBS being funded by federal dollars.

    The funding, coupled with them editing Obama's speech, shows them to be nothing more than state media not unlike those in China, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.

    No, while this may be small and certainly not Obama's largest offense, it is not nothing.

  28. AOW, YOU look at the screen shot. Ever hear of Photoshop? The actual NPR site has the real version.

  29. Bd,
    As you've likely noted, I rarely acknowledge your comments. But I'll acknowledge this one.

    The screen shot was real, and PBS has so acknowledged:

    Update from Russell Cook, at American Thinker:

    It now says at the top of the transcript page now "EDITOR'S NOTE: The original transcript provided on this page, as was noted, reflected the president's remarks as prepared for delivery and released by the White House. This transcript has been updated to reflect the remarks as delivered and released by the White House."

    The above quote is also on the PBS web site.

    You're the dumb ass, Bd -- not I.

    Look, I don't mind disagreement. But hurling stupid comments and outright lies at my blog will push my limits too far.


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