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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midweek Humor

With a hat tip to Randy's Roundtable:

The more you learn about Obama's so-called jobs plan, the more you'll realize the truth of the above political cartoon.

If the so-called jobs plan is implemented, the failure of it will be Solyndra on an epic scale.

Button below courtesy of Infidel Bloggers Alliance:


  1. Obama's actions are starting to catch up to him. We can only hope Americans wake up in time.

  2. Thanks to Obama, there's nothing left in that wallet!

    Everything Obama does turns out to be an epic fail. Every time he opens his mouth the market plummets. The best thing he could do is shut up and make himself scarce!

  3. The only reason it will be like another Solyndra is his persistence in pushing that asinine right wing idea - the "free trade" (LMFAO) agreement.

    Count the number of jobs lost to South Korea, the kapital moved offshore to the Panamanian banking haven if this stupidity goes through.

    Which it probably will since he has signaled his willingness to let the rethugs pass whatever portions they approve.

    Bend over, more vaaline and a larger plank for the right wing suckers.

  4. Brooke, nailed it. There is not enough left to steal any more. They are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  5. What? So now ducky thinks that Obama is suddenly a right-wing capitalist?

    Can anyone make sense of what Ducky just left behind?

  6. Can anyone get to the comments section of Attackwatch without contributing?

    I want to inform them that Obama was hijacked by a Democratic Leadership Council right wing stooge doppelganger but can't get past the contribute screen.

  7. If the Obamacrats had just pulled a Chavez and turned us into a communist dictatorship, eh Ducky?

  8. Duck asked, Can anyone get to the comments section of Attackwatch without contributing?

    Click on "Continue to Attack Watch," and follow the prompts.

  9. AOW

    The Duck is a double barrel tightwad.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Now that's funny! Especially since it's a lie to claim Obama will tax the middle class since he's cut taxes for them and proposes more.

    Now, if you want to talk about how the GOP is interested in taking away from the middle class and actually talking about tax hikes, you'll get closer to the truth.

    And really, get over yourself, Attack Watch is not interested in your little circle jerk of hate.

  12. The cartoon is funny AOW.

    Duck, ???

    Bd, sources?

  13. Bd,
    your little circle jerk of hate


    Well, you're here, aren't you?

  14. Circle jerk of hate?

    I just love it when a leftist gets angry. You can actually watch as they ratchet up the degrees of vulgarity.

  15. Sorry Brooke, no hatred here. The right has a corner on that market. I do get frustrated by the stupidity and hate from the right, however. It's like watching lambs to the slaughter.

  16. Bd,
    Your own comments here at Always On Watch and elsewhere belie your words that you don't hate. Indeed, at times, your words pass the boundary of frustration.

  17. "...no hatred here. The right has a corner on that market. I do get frustrated by the stupidity and hate from the right, however. It's like watching lambs to the slaughter."

    Bd-- you totally nailed my opinion of Democrats and Liberals especially as I watch unemployment in the miniroity communities soar to 30-35%.

    MAxine water---the tea party can straight to hell.

    Yup the right has the corner on the market of hatred..

    Tax hikes on the middle class, really. Start naming them.

  18. I'll go first

    Bill Clinton 1993 made Social security wages taxable income...effect on the rich--N/A effect on middle class yes especially if you have a pension

  19. What tax cut did Obama pass exactly are you referring to? The extension of unemployment benefits isnt a tax cut. Oh you mean the reduced payroll tax withholding which will reduce our tax returns and the SSA fund to be depleted faaster....fake tax cuts like your fake teleprompter President

  20. Blogginator,
    Bill Clinton 1993 made Social security wages taxable income...

    To our dismay, Mr. AOW's Social Security Disability checks are taxable!

    As you know, Mr. AOW is totally disabled. He cannot even open his own bottles of medicine or give himself eye drops because he has the use of only his non-dominant hand.

    We have discovered that the entire system is designed to push us onto welfare -- a step we have thus far avoided. How long can we avoid that step? I don't know!

    Now, if I had a government job (I'm including working for the public school system as working for the government), we'd be sitting pretty -- on the taxpayers' dime, of course.

    Americans don't realize how enslaved they already are. The situation in this household is not as rare as one might think.

  21. AOW,

    lower middle class friends of mine are losing their house and have to move to an apartment Nov 1st. This is a family of 5. The dad got laid off and yes he found a job but at 85% of his original pay. The home went from 170,000 avg here to 130,000.

    another couple in the higher middle class. the wife is likely going to lose her job. 3 years ago the husband was planning to open a consulting firm and hire some folks for office work. Then he saw the elction results and new if would not be cost effective to go into a new business venture.

    I do not have a big circle of friends and yet I have 2 families within in arms reach that are suffering because our government is lead by fools and criminals

  22. As to Social Security next will be means testing because the rich do not need it.

    The result will be like Medicaid or care or whatever it is--you can only get it all you have no 401K, no house, and no pension. Say goodbye to those years of contributions to the Ponzi scheme. Yes it is a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme that would have worked provided the government did not in Enron fashion raid the fund and/or the population of people working versus retired kept growing.


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