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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Forget

Set to the music of Samuel Barber's "Agnus Dei" from Adagio for Strings:

Leftist though he may be, Bruce Springsteen's "You're Missing" reminds us of the personal devastation wrought by Muslim terrorists on 9/11:

For this tenth anniversary of 9/11, as Barack Hussein Obama and a whole raft of others try to sing kumbaya with the Islamic world, we see that the left would like for all of us to forget 9/11 and ignore the still-present threat of Islamic terrorism.

I won't.

Not ever.

No matter how much revisionism is tossed out there for the dhimmis to suck up — even as the Ground Zero Mosque rises above the World Trade Center in New York City on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 is used as a fundraiser for that Islamic center.

Read the names of the fallen. And take time to watch this excellent flash presentation, and gaze upon the faces of the fallen.

Never forget what happened on that day of cerulean and cloudless skies — cloudless until the smoke billowed from three sites: the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville.

Never forget that on this tenth anniversary of 9/11, by order of Mayor Bloomberg, the first responders on that day will be denied admission to the 9/11 National Memorial in New York City.

The President has turned the commemoration of 9/11 into a day of community service instead of a solemn commemoration that focuses on the events of that day (Alinsky Rule #6). And a few weeks before 9/11, the Empire State Building was, once again, bathed in the light of Islamic green. Not to mention this inclusion in the 9/11 Memorial in New York City: this hardhat with an Obama symbol on it.

The attack on the Pentagon is all but forgotten in several respects. The official memorial built in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, is a betrayal.

9/11 is morphing into stories about how Muslims are victims; see this Associated Press video. And the Washington Post has been publishing the series entitled "Under Suspicion: Muslims in America."

We are watching revisionist history taking place.

Never forget that human remains are still being identified through DNA testing, even ten years later. See THIS STORY in the August 24, 2011 edition of the Telegraph. Ernest James is the 1629th victim to be identified; some 1121 victims have not been identified, and the forensic experts are not yet halfway through the 21,000 fragments of human remains retrieved for testing. Many human remains have not been, and never will be, recovered.

Remember 9/11, that day of horror: where you were, what you were doing before and after the attacks, the shock and the sorrow and the rage you felt.

And remember that the Sons of Allah would again do the same — or worse — if they could.


  1. Nicely said Always. We will not forget and we will not submit.

  2. Amen, AOW. They would of course try to make THEMSELVES the victims. The only Mohammedans who were victims were the ones in the building (and there were some, of course-- proving that these effing people don't care who they kill).

    We will NOT forget.

  3. Thank you, Always. The Flash presentation, esp. was stirring. Parents will take the helm in educating our children about what really happened that day and we will NEVER FORGET.

  4. Well said, AOW. We must never forget. sadly, the greatest threat to America is not the terrorist. They will never win. The greatest threat to America are people like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Waters, Frank, Trumka, Hoffa, Soros, Kaiser, Immelt, and the MSM. These people want to transform America into something totally foreign to what our Founders had in mind.

  5. Hi AOW.

    If 9/11 is all about community service then why the Hell is every law service in the country on high Alert, for islamic extremist threats?

  6. A beautiful commemorative post, AoW. Loved the Springsteen. :)

  7. Outstanding, especially the flash presentation, but the entire post, really.

    The myth and legacy of American, as always, will be passed on by those who lived it. We should never depend on others to do the work that is ours, for they won't do it as well.

    Mine is at:http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/ten-years-ago-today/

    Thank you, again

  8. I completely agree, AOW. We have so twisted ourselves in knots over such a straightforward terrorist attack.

    I'm feeling mostly disgusted.

  9. I can only say that I will never forget that day and will never forgive those that did it.

  10. Today, if the weather holds, Mr. AOW and I plan to attend a small commemorative service at a local cemetery. We spent part of yesterday watching the televised version of yesterday's memorial dedication in Shanksville, today the services at Ground Zero.

    I feel drained.

  11. We can only hope that this is a reminder of what happens when we remain in denial of what others intentions are for us. Nice post AOW.

  12. Once again, it is up to us to remember, and to remind others. The poison of the regressives is just as potent as that from the people that would kill us in the name of their "god."

  13. Great post, AOW. Never forget...and remember the names of the leftists and 'progressives' who have...

  14. Beautiful.

    Did you hear Paul Simon today? Nothing but his voice and his guitar,so moving.

    Right truth

  15. Great post. The left would have us forget what happened that day in the interest of being politically correct, but I and millions of others are never going to forget what happened, who did it, and why they did it.

  16. In some ways, it was easier to deal with the whole experience in real time 10 years ago; events and information came more slowly, one event at a time, more like watching a forest fire. Today it all comes at us all at once because we know what happened, who did it, and the why no longer matters because there is no understanding the degree of hate involved in the why.

  17. Debbie, Paul SImon "Sounds of Silence" He was perfect, you're right.

    Always; the DAY OF SERVICE bothers me the most. Total Alinsky; I'd hate to hear the antiAmericanism evoked in whatever meeting deemed this day THAT at the WH. To what other lengths will this president go to to avoid the truth, that this isn't about SERVICE< this is about Muslim terror and Americans who had so much more guts than they did in Shanksville and in those Towers and the Pentagon?

    Then Clinton said "let's roll" after telling the world how he and Boehner are going to raise the Ten Million needed to fund the Shanksville Memorial as if Clinton couldn't fund it himself.."Let's Roll", he said as he left the dais. I thought "NO, Mr. CLinton, when you put your life on the LINE for your country in a plane hurtling through the skies with madmen at the controls, THEN you can say LET'S ROLL"

    I do think Biden's SHanksville speech was excellent but Bush was magnificent. THank GOD we had the leaders we did on that day.

  18. I am certain that on that September day there were angels among us, and I would imagine that they too wept…

    I’m a big strong guy, but I am not the least bit bothered to tell you, I wept, from anger, from compassion, from a feeling of total helplessness, and yes, even fear, not fear for myself, but fear for my family and their immediate safety…

    I was 1,500 miles from home that day and all I could think of was getting home to my wife and making sure my children were safe, and I couldn’t do that…

    None of us knew what the future held, we still don’t, but I hope with all my heart that these same angels are with us now…

    I can’t speak for all Americans, but I know that I am still hurting, every day that goes by I remember 9-11, and I don’t know if a *healing* will ever take place in me, but I pray for the lives of those affected in an even more direct fashion, I pray for our firefighters, police officer and our troops… I pray that ALL of America will wake up to the dangers around us and unite in an effort to defeat the evils that threaten our lives and freedoms.

    No matter where that evil comes from!

    I will NEVER forgive and I will NEVER forget!

  19. Aow,great job. There was a lot of thought and work that went into this post. I will never forget 9/11 or who did it. Nor will I ever forget what people or zealots are capable of.

    Love Jackie

  20. I am saddened that our politicians are no longer committed to the people of this country, but are making excuses for the people that are trying to destroy it. This day should serve as a reminder of that very fact.

    I remember the events of 9/11/01 like it was yesterday, and cannot understand why others do not or will not understand that there are people out there that want to kill us.

    Thank you for the post.

  21. Excellent, excellent post and tribute to 9/11. I can not believe that helmet with the Obama sticker being included in the memorial...oh, wait a minute...I can't believe I said that. I believe anything anymore.

  22. ALL of your links ( thanks for them) and YOUR takes are right on Always!
    We will NEVER FORGET!!!!!

    I have read Rules for Radicals - twice- for opposition research-and I have them on my roll..
    Hugs to you and Mr AOW-

  23. Very nice remembrance, AOW.

    As to the Flight 93 memorial, what is going on there? Is this just stupidity on the part of the designers, or are they cynically praising Islam, the perpetrators of the atrocity?

  24. The images of the people falling from the building will always haunt me.

  25. Chuck take it from someone in the front row. People falling was one part of the picture.

    First responders struggling against long odds to save lives is also part of the story. A man perished because he stayed behind with a peer in a wheel chair.

    I decided after living through that to change my vocation. I didn't want to be a number on a ledger sheet. Yet in many ways this is the way most of us pass our days.


    I was offline most of yesterday.

    1. My laptop crashed on Saturday morning, so I have to blog in my upstairs office, away from Mr. AOW, until I get my machine back.

    2. Mr. AOW and I observed a day of solemnity. In the afternoon, we attended a service at a local 9/11 memorial (handicapped accessible).

    Honestly, I wasn't feeling much like blogging yesterday, anyway. Ten years ago? It seems like yesterday to me.

  27. Stogie,
    As to the Flight 93 memorial, what is going on there?

    I think that the name was changed from Crescent of Embrace to Circle of Embrace.

    There is still the problem of the alignment with Mecca and, as far as I know, "bricks" for the hijackers too.

    Alec Rawls has up-to-date information, I'm sure.

  28. Jackie,
    I worked on this post off and on for over three weeks. Writing takes time! As does finding the links.


    You've got to take a look at Stogie's 9/11 post!

  30. Yesterday, at Ground Zero, Obama's ENTIRE speech consisted of his reading Psalm 46, including verse 8:

    Come and see the works of the LORD,the desolations he has brought on the earth.

    A strange choice, IMO.

  31. "Never forget?" You haters on the extreme right forget pretty quickly.

  32. Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman are out for a stroll in town one

    As they walk, they come across a sign:
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    They continue walking and they see a sign:
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    "What happened?" they asked..

    "Who the heck is Barrack Obama?" asked Pinocchio.


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