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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Obama Gaffe

Video below the fold (hat tip to Reliapundit)

Listen to what Obama almost says near the end of the following video clip, filmed Saturday, September 24, at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner:

Gaffe or Freudian slip?


  1. I caught it but I'm not sure. Was he almost saying Jew? If he was what could it mean? It wouldn't make sense, even for someone who is antisemitic such as Obama.

  2. IMO, it sounded as if he were about to say "Jew."

    I wonder....Did Obama have a teleprompter for this speech?

  3. Hmmmm...."The mouth overflows with what's in the heart".Yes you're right AOW.

  4. He is a despicable race baiter. When he slides into his "shuck and jive" speech pattern it makes me want to puke. Don't these people know that's a form of mockery?

    TelePrompter? He can't order a big mac without a teleprompter. His head is swinging left and right so he can read the prompters.

  5. The man is a fount of never ending BS.

    This latest "tax the rich" gambit would reap perhaps 10 billion per year, depending, so it would not even begin to solve our structural problems.

    It's pure class warfare. This man is the Hugo Chavez of North America.

  6. These old ears (without my hearing aids) just couldn't be sure ... Jews? Rush was kidding when he said tax the poor ... BUT I'M NOT! Tax the freeloading bottom 47% who pay nothing, and in some cases get paid extra. Then they too will have an investment into what is said on their behalf.

  7. I note that when Obama makes gaffes he doesn't handle them well (if he notices them at all).

    It was so easy to get out of this mistake in a humorous way.

    Or even in a serious way. For example, he could have said, "What did I almost just say? I guess that I've got the situation in the Middle East on my mind a lot these days."

  8. I have not sat through a whole Obama speech lately because my iq is higher than 80. The little bit I have heard seems to be geared toward race baiting in political the language seems to be encouraging blacks to violence. Obama's tactics during the campaign were similar to Hitler's.

    Could this be a gambit by Obama to so tarnish himself that the DNC is forced to run someone against him. Look at his poll numbers. For an incumbent he has an uphill battle to be sure.

  9. He was saying Jew, the voice and reading the lips gave it away. What a jackass.

    Today he said he had completed 80% of original goal when elected to change America and needs another term to finish the job.
    We all know what he means and that is finish destroying America. He lacks a few more months and he will have successfully destroyed our military. With the horrendous cuts to the budget over and above what already is called for he will destroy it. Our Navy will be the smallest since before WW 1, our AF smaller than before WW2 and our Army to a level never seen before in our history.
    With the help of his "black caucus" and his crew of Czars he will succeed if given one more term.

  10. Who programs his teleprompter?

  11. It doesn't make sense if he is saying "Jews". It was probably some other word beginning with "J".

    Don't overreact. There are plenty of real blunders to rag on Obama about. We don't need to guess.

    Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

  12. Great minds in the same channel on this one.I took the weekend off, and wow, what I came back to. This is really making me ill. Could we please have a day without him??

  13. He definitely said "Jew" first and then quickly changed to "janitor". It was probably a Freudian slip. The man has been hostile to the Jewish State since he's been President. His sympathies lay with Muslims.

  14. Really? HOW exaclty has he been 'hostile to the Jewish state,' beside the bs you get on Fox News?

  15. I'm surprised he's still going with the hate-the-rich meme. When will his dumb followers understand that envy will not make them better off?

  16. This is just the beginning, The Wall Street protest is the must publicized but there are other smaller ones around the Nation. The liberals have become the party of hate speech and expect more protests and escaating violence at these protests as we move closer to these hate mongers being voted out. Assuming of course folks like Bev Perdue allow elections in our Republic.

  17. Dead on Blogginator. Wait until the anarchists get involved, as they always do. This could actually hurt the Dims next year.

  18. Blogginator,
    IMO, we've entered a period in which we're going to see a lot street agitation from the Left. 1917 all over again?


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