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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Break

The homeschool classes that I teach resume today. I'll return to blogging as soon as I've settled into my schedule for this school term. I will be making blog rounds if and when I can.

In the meantime, I leave you with the following videos (hat tip to Z):

Proving Klavan's point (particularly John Fonda Kerry's words from time marker 0:46-1:25):


  1. I didn't know you teach homeschoolers, the next generation could use a straight-talking teacher like you. Hope you settle into the routine fast.

  2. Did you know John Kerry served in Vietnam?

  3. I love watching Klavan. He is always spot-on.

    Have a good session, and we'll see you soon!

  4. Yeah, well, we have no intentions of shutting-up, do we? John Kerry is the one who is absurd for believing we can keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect the the results will ever be different.

  5. All that "Keynesian Kerry" knows is spend! spend! spend!

  6. Ron,

    What is ironic is that Keynes' economics was very clear on what paticilar spending to do and even more so, what not to do! It is nothing like what they call a stimulus today and I fear the result is going to be to little to stimulate and to much for the system to manage.

  7. The Republicans take that NYC seat for the first time since 1923 and you decide to GO TO WORK!? ARE YOU NUTS? (smile) just kidding...I'm going to work these days, too!

    I'm up at midnight...I have my Wee American preschool class to teach and five hours at the high school doing who knows what tomorrow and I NEED TO SLEEP but I'm too happy over our winning Weiner's seat!!!!!

    Good luck getting settled in with your very lucky students: Always, some day I'm going to do a post on the great things my high schoolers are saying to me. I could weep!
    come back SOOOON!@!

  8. As usual, the first day of classes was exhausting.

    But the students are so excited -- about seeing each other again, about meeting the new students, and about LEARNING.

    This year I'm teaching a particularly lively group of high schoolers. I much prefer liveliness and enthusiasm to passivity. These students don't hesitate to participate in discussion. So what if I didn't get through the entire lesson plan in the Literature class. Students weren't goofing off; rather, they were learning, albeit noisily much of the time.

    For example, yesterday in Economics class, I asked that students, "Some of you have been to my house. How much do you think my house is worth?"

    One response: "$1300."

    Another response: "$20,000."

    I didn't laugh.

    The purpose of this question was to give the students some grounding in the price of goods as one of the projects this year is designing a household budget.

    Of course, there were quiet times too. That 30 minutes of the timed essay (SAT prep) resulted in absolute silence -- and expressions of pressure on the students' faces.

  9. I posted that Klavan video on Facebook. I need to follow Klavan. My proclivity for Conservative videos and articles have already cost me a few Liberal friends. One long time Girlfriend --No, really! She's a girl and she was a very good friend, never a lover -- found me on Facebook and, because she's now a Liberal, she's already dropped me from her friends list. Only took about two weeks.

  10. I don't know how you do everything you do. We will be here when you get back.

    Right Truth

  11. I'm really going to miss you, as I know how really busy you are. I know how much you enjoy teaching and the kids or young adults. Since most classes you've developed yourself, your routine will settle down soon enough. I know the real time killer is grading papers.

    Love Jackie

  12. Jackie,
    Yes, grading the papers is the big task.

    This week, I collected over 20 essays to evaluate and edit. These essays are for a writing contest, so I have to go through each paper with a fine-toothed comb. In addition to grading the essays, I have to set up my grade book, read 100 pages in Silas Marner, and tend to business here at home, including something that has come up in Mr. AOW's family and needs our immediate attention.

    I did develop the courses myself, but they are "killer courses" because they are heavy-duty college prep.

    I'll be able to breathe again next week when things ease off a bit.

  13. Debbie,
    I'm blogging in snippets for at least a week.

    Sometimes, I think, "I don't get anything completely done." Especially when classes first start.

  14. Very excellent videos. Who says Kerry should get any air time if his own standard is applied?

  15. Cube,
    Not much of a break, really.

    I'm hoping to get all papers graded by Monday night.


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