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Friday, September 2, 2011

Video: The Agenda - Grinding America Down

Please watch the video below the fold (hat tip to Z):

YouTube link

How many goals have already been fulfilled?


  1. We are doing to ourselves what the the communist Soviet Union could not.

  2. There may be hope. I saw video of several Blacks in the flood zones after Irene. they were angry at Obama, why had he not come to view the damage, why was he taking so long, they were done with him, finished. If only I could believe this is a trend and not just temporary griping by those with their hands out.

    Right Truth

  3. That is a great video that needs to go viral.

  4. It's difficult to come to any other conclusion: the left wants to destroy wealth, jobs and our standard of living. For what reason? That's the strangest thing: making us poor will not make anyone else rich. The left's thinking is clearly insane, illogical and absurd.

  5. I watched the video and this seems very accurate. The left's control of the media and academia has been devastating to the cause of freedom, brainwashing millions of people for want of a contrary view to leftism.

    The communist seizure of the nation's institutions was advocated by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci in the 1930's. This strategy is often called "cultural Marxism," and that is an apt description.

  6. I watched this at Z's blog, but I will be posting this video and all of the 45 goals next week.

    This is too important not to share.

  7. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing Stogie.

    While you rant about the left's control of media and education you obviously don't know much of anything about Gramsci's relevance today.

    The core of his philosophy, cultural hegemony, is widely accepted and is seen in practice by the right wing n today's media.

  8. Wow. That, frankly, is scary to think about. The Soviets came up with a plan years ago to destroy america... and its happening. It can't be a coincidence. What's next? And, more importantly, how can we reverse the damage?

    Two others things. The video reminds me of:
    1) what Reagan said about if we weren't a nation under God, we would be a nation gone under. Whatever can be said about that, the Soviets obviously agreed in part.
    2) Frank Peretti's 'This Present Darkness' and 'Piercing the Darkness,' especially the second, simply because it was similar in that the villains basically slowly infiltrated the government, changed the rules and society, solely to take it down and take it over. And oddly used the same means. The difference is that was a fictional book- the fact that reality resembles it even a bit is, in my mind, very worrisome.


  9. Wildstar,
    So many thought that the removal of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR meant the end of Communism. I remember those days and the rejoicing that went on in the free world.

    But, of course, Communism is still with us in various forms.

    And in June the Communist Party USA endorsed Obama. Surprise! NOT.

  10. Wildstar said: And, more importantly, how can we reverse the damage?

    In the words of the Bard in Hamlet: "Aye. There's the rub."


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