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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama's UN Speech Displeases Palestinian Official

The head shake heard around the world appears around time marker 1:50. The entire video is worth your time:

From the Daily Mail:
...The graphic show of displeasure by a Palestinian official at the speech will enrage White House aides who want to promote Mr Obama’s bid to play a central role in finding a Middle East breakthrough....
That aspect aside, how did the early part of the above video — the portions supporting Israel and delineating her travails with Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism — go over in the Islamic world? Note this recent column in a Saudi newspaper; the essay takes the position that Hitler was right about the Jews.


  1. The Saudi article does not surprise me. These are the people Obama is trying to be friends with...

  2. I can't blame the psuedo-stinian for his 'show of displeasure'; I facepalm every time Obama opens his mouth.

  3. Odd that the camera caught the Palestinian's reaction at just that moment..Obama's speaking and no cameras go anywhere but his face, then the camera suddenly switches to the Palestinians and the Palestinian looks to his left, shakes his head with disdain, and the cameras go back to Obama (with that clipped, 'earnest' way of speaking he's got which makes me do the thing Brooke describes so well above)...
    What are the chances of the timing?
    - was it a rigged camera shot?
    - amazing coincidence of timing?
    - was the Palestinian shaking his head most of the time and that's why that shake was caught on camera?

    Odd gets odder. But, so, probably are my reactions to this stuff :-)

    As for the article....it's important to hear that kind of thing so we can be reminded just how horrid that hate is and stay strong. How Israel does it is beyond me.

  4. If you read my post today, there is no reason to believe that the Palestinian leaders are the least bit interested in peace.

  5. Obama's speech was nothing but POLITICS, trying to keep the Jewish vote in 2012.
    Just wait and see what goodies are sent to the Palestinians in the upcoming weeks and months. Wonder how many millions they will get this time?

  6. What I find interesting is that Hillary never gets called on any of this. It seems clear that Obama has little interest in the day to day activity of foreign affairs. One could assume that she has a heavy hand in what is going down. She could have played a hand in subverting this before we got to this point in my view.

  7. Woodsterman,
    Do you think The One really believes that?


    The loss of Rep. Weiner's seat in Congress has likely caused great consternation in the Democratic Party, particularly with regard to losing the Jewish vote.

  8. Also, the recent murder of Burhanuddin Rabbani, former president of Afghanistan, has shown up what negotiating with the Taliban really is.

    Excerpt from the above link:

    The elderly former Afghan president tasked with persuading the Taliban to stop fighting was in Dubai on Tuesday when he received an urgent call. Taliban leaders were ready to talk peace, an associate told him. He was needed in Kabul right away.

    It sounded like the sort of breakthrough that Afghan and Western leaders have been desperately seeking to end a war that has destroyed wide swaths of the country and cost the United States dearly in treasure and blood.

    But hours later, Burhanuddin Rabbani was dead, killed in his home by the supposed Taliban negotiator whom he had rushed back to Kabul to meet. The assassination claimed the leader of Afghanistan’s fledgling peace council and dealt a powerful blow to hopes that the war can be settled at the negotiating table rather than on the battlefield.

    Rabbani is just the latest in a series of Afghan leaders who have been killed this year. His death offered a vivid retort from insurgent commanders...

  9. I think it's interesting that he was shaking his head at the precise moment BO was saying something along the lines of promoting mutual understanding... Of course, he could have been shaking his head all along without any cameras capturing it.

  10. That anyone believes him or takes him seriously is amazing to me. He's an empty suit.

  11. Awww too bad so sad!

    Nothing like coming late to the party! AL O Butthead is too late I remember what he said the first time!

    It is all for not come election time!

  12. Oh and BTW AOW,

    I called homeland today to find out my support and CAIR lost the language part of the vote.


    We will be there for the next round to greet and expose!

  13. Neither this buffoon's support of a "two state solution" nor the Muzzie response surprises me.

    I admit that I scrolled ahead to a few seconds before 1:50; I can no longer stand to listen to this man-child speak.

  14. wasn't a call to Abbas one of bho's fist after his Pres. win-

  15. Obama will get elected again. I do not see any of these candidates picking up steam. I am with Santorum
    for now but I don't see an electable candidate.

  16. Beak,
    Obama may well get re-elected.

    Of course, we may also reach (or have reached) the 1980 tipping point, the point that whoever runs against the incumbent will win in the election.

    I was thinking that Perry would get the nod. But he doesn't perform well in debates. The question remains: How many voters base their decision upon what happens in debates?

  17. Agreed Perry looks stiff in debates almost Al Gore ish. If the RNC candidate hits Obama the same way they are hitting each other Obama doesnot stand a chance in a debate. He simply has nothing to use in his defense other than its Bush's fault.....

  18. back to the original point...

    ONe of you smart people can probably find the original quote..

    Do any of you recall when Obama was running for President someone in the Arab Community said something that loosley translated into "Obama is our house servant (they used a deragetory word)". During the last 2+, Mr. Obama, I am not a Muslim, has played exactly that role. Think about it every move by this White House has ended up benefitting certain groups Egypt, Libya, etc etc etc and he has snubbed Israel more than once. So of course the Palestian guy thought this is my guy

  19. Blogginator,
    Are you referring to THIS, dated November 2009? Excerpt:

    ...The speaker [Ayman al-Zawahiri] also said Obama, former and current Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and "your likes" fit Malcolm X's description of "house slaves."

    An English translation of the message used the term "house Negroes," Malcolm X's term for blacks who were subservient to whites.

    Laura Mansfield, a terrorism analyst, said this wouldn't be the first time al-Zawahiri used the Arabic term "abayd al bayt," which literally translates as slaves or servants of the house....

  20. AOW thanks

    ANy one dispute that this Arab is not correct?

    The only reason Obama back tracked at the UN was because the Jews in NY said hey wait a minute and turned a NY District over to Republicans. Obama did not expect the "sheep" to notice.

    FYI-the Jews went largely for Hillary in the primary. They were not exactly a stable voting block for Obama.

    Jews also have a long memory having been under attack since the days of Pharoah.

    My quess expect them to vote Republican even in NY in the next National election. In other words, it may be Obama moving backwards this time trying to defend States previously considered to be locks for the DNC.


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