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Friday, December 18, 2015

Political Reality

HERE is the reality about our political Parties in 2015 (by Epaminondas at Infidel Bloggers Alliance):
Dear Paul Ryan, I voted for you in 2012, and …

so I feel I have some kind of investment in what you do.

My vote for Mr. Romney and you was in no small part because of your reasoning on budgeting, debt, and the future of the Republic.

However right now, all I see is that the maximum effort,, if that is what it is, is merely to make things worse somewhat more slowly.

Now, if what we are doing is unsustainable (as I believe it is, and as many of you with the appellation “R” have explained), and you have no taste for sticking your flag in the ground, or don’t want to, please explain to me WHY I should not vote for Bernie, or HRC, and thereby vote myself the most free stuff possible, since we’re all going to hell anyway?

Please don’t tell me things would be different with a republican president. First, we may not have one, and second, that president has to operate on the principle that we can’t go on like this, or there will be nothing for anyone.

You have convinced me, NOW, that there may be no point in my vote for an R since I see no R who will act out of conviction for CHANGE. REAL OBJECTIVE CHANGE in the way the republic has been going.

We’re all watching very carefully out here, and I know I am not the only one thinking this way.

The budget you created and the time to review it you set CYNICALLY, at 3 days, for 2009 pages requires a congressman to read 2/3 of the Lord of the RIngs Trilogy every day and COMPREHEND IT.

Sounds a lot like, ‘you have to pass it to find out what’s in it’ without the quote.

I don’t dislike bipartisan action, but suppose bipartisan action will not save the republic.

That you did not include additional provisions over entrance to the USA of those of ANY nation, or other entity which harbors ill intentions towards our civilians is ASTONISHING, and recalls govts like those of Stanley Baldwin.

SO WHAT if Obama vetoes it? It is JUST THAT kind of issue for you to PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE which causes us to wonder if we should vote ourselves the treasury and just put another turkey breast, and brisket in the smoker the morning of the game.

After all, YOU DON’T CARE. Not enough to RAISE HELL.

You can’t IMAGINE how carefully you and the others are being scrutinized every day.

Don’t count on my vote.
Additional reading: GOP Sells America Down the River.

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  1. This truly is the "Day the Music Died." Finis. The Grand Old Party is no more.

  2. Unfortunately, the party has been dead for much longer than most care to admit.

    Having said that, isn't it a marvel how our forefathers predicted what could happen as to certain circumstances as evidenced by the John Adams statement above?

    How sad we refuse over and over to learn from our history and listen to those that forged that history.

    1. Agreed.

      The stench from the bloated, rotting corpse of the GOOP has been offending our nostrils for some time now.

      They've done nothing with their majorities and they've been dealt royal flushes only to discard the high three cards and end up with a Jack high nothing... and then they pushed all their chips to the middle of the table.

      They are braindead, corrupt, stupid, sleeping with the enemy and they should all be in jail convicted of political malpractice.

  3. I caught Ryan on Michael Medved yesterday on the ride home, and Ryan's defense seemed to be that he inherited the process, and he wanted all

    this crap off the table for 2016 so it didn't cloud the election for the GOP and give the Dems fodder for their screaming propaganda accusing

    Republicans of being terrorists, hostage takers, etc wanting to hold grandpa's pension check hostage and kick grandma down the stairs in her

    wheelchair. He and others also cite where the Dems didn't get everything they wanted either. I'm not making excuses, just explaining what I


    Even under the best of circumstances, politics is never a zero-sum game. There is always horse-trading, otherwise nothing would ever get done. Reagan was a master at it. He didn't just cave in the Democrats' faces and take the whole pie.

    I was flaming mad a Ryan over the H2B visa thing, but its only for one year and its a very small number. I still hate the whole importing cheap labor, but I'm also struggling to put it in a larger context.

    I believe there is still hope Ryan will inject some sanity into a budgeting process that is chaotic to the point of schizophrenia.

    Any politician, no matter how gifted, can only operate in the realm of the possible. Nobody can spin gold from straw.

    Still, I share everyone's scorn of the GOOP. They've proven that a majority is wasted on them.

  4. It's much worse that Adams ever imagined.

    We are Tribal America, splintered into thousands of self-interested camps, agitation rabbles, protected classes and grievance groups.

    Meanwhile, government has been acquired in a hostile takeover by global corporations, and pockets of bureaucrats and interest groups are tapeworms within government, acting as insidious, autonomous and untouchable governments within government.

    AOW likes to ask what the solution is, and I don't think there is one.

  5. I'm going to continue to stand behind Paul D. Ryan and hope to hell I'm right :-) Not for ME but for our country.
    SF is right; sadly, and even in the time of Adams, 'you have to break some eggs to make an omelette'...

    1. Z,
      I can't stand behind Paul D. Ryan now.

      I'm done.

    2. I don't think we know all the ins/outs of this vote. We never can. I trust Ryan. I do not trust the Omnibus, i hate most of what's in it, but there had to be something behind the scenes for this to have happened.

      I will say that I have come to literally hate Pelosi...never could stand her but now, God help me, it's pure hate. She said something so hideous I think my mind wouldn't accept my keeping it in...I can't remember and I can't find it. But it was SO hateful and SO awful...gad, that woman is the sickest, most disgusting.....but, let me stop all these euphemisms!! :-)

      I will say that Rubio should have voted. That IS going to haunt his campaign; and should.

    3. Z,
      I no longer trust Paul Ryan. This omnibus debacle has "finished me off."

    4. Paul Ryan has his hand in potentially killing many Americans by allowing support of tens of thousands of Syrians in this monstrous bill. No debate of amendments was allowed, a set up agreed upon by both Dems and the GOP. The blood will be on his hands, as well as McConnell.

    5. Gee-Oh-Pea! Gee-Oh-Pea!
      Ess-Aitch-Eye-Tea! Ess-Aitch-Eye-Tea!
      There's nothing there, nothing there
      For you-ooh-ooh or me-ee-ee!

      ~ Old Pot-O-Mak Indian Nursery Rhyme

      You can set that to music, and sing it in ever bar and grill across the land.

  6. I just read the Limbaugh link. He nailed it.

    I suppose I am in that naive camp that always hoped what the GOP leaders are doing is part of some larger strategery, but we haven't seen any payoff in a long, long time, have we?

    Seriously, I see this country at the point where there is no altruism left, no goodwill towards others or a sense of the greater common good.

    It's every man for himself, grab my piece of the pie and the mad scramble will continue until our government experiences a Grecian Crash.

    Why not vote for Bernie if he's going to give me more stuff? The Corporations, Banksters, Silicon Valley and the Green Goblins have already figured that one out.

    The Solyndra bandits--in a gambit that would make Romney blush--crashed the company and absconded with the government loot, and faced no punishment whatsoever, hiding under the bankruptcy umbrella.

    A majority of Americans are getting some bennie or other from the government. Why not jump on that bandwagon.

    I am now at the point where if I thought Bernie could kick the rich Silicon Valley types in their squishy bits and bend over the international corporations, I would gladly vote for him and slap a Bernie bumpersticker on my truck.

  7. @SF,

    "We are Tribal America, splintered into thousands of self-interested camps, agitation rabbles, protected classes and grievance groups."

    That's so true. How then can we ever expect the societal cohesion it would take to fix anything?

    1. JonBerg,

      Good question! We can't. There will be no more societal cohesion. We will continue to splinter and fray. That is a natural outcome of multiculturalism.


    Tweeted today by Conn Carroll, Communications Director for Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT):

    Democrats were AGAINST tripling the H2B program http://thehill.com/homenews/house/263592-liberal-minority-dems-sound-off-against-omnibus …

    This was a "Republican" ask.

    HERE is the Tweet.

    1. No surprise there. Gotta keep the US Chamberpot of Crony Crapitalists happy...


    Weep. wail, gnash your teeth
    There's nothing else to do.
    Merrily, merrily, verily, verily
    We are screwing you!

    Weep. wail, gnash your teeth
    There's nothing else to do.
    Merrily, merrily, verily, verily
    We are screwing you!

    Weep. wail, gnash your teeth
    There's nothing else to do.
    Merrily, merrily, verily, verily
    We are screwing you!

    Repeat ad nauseam

    PS: You might say the Crony Capitalists are turning us into GROUND ROUND. >);-D

    1. If only some Hercules would clean out the Augean stables that is DC.

    2. The cynicism is really showing from the voters this year. Perhaps next election, we can finally begin to demonstrate some real kynicism? :)

  10. We're on the road to either Greece or Argentina, pick your favorite example.

    1. Bobe Hope, Bing Crosby
      and Dorothy Lamour in

      The ROAD to HELL

      YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! –––– NOT!!!

    2. Good one! only it would be a tragedy instead of comedy.

      I love those old movies, btw...

  11. Paul Ryan = Boehner.
    The Republican party - Boehner
    With the possible exception of Cruz. Dire straights.


      MEGATURDS every one. Worthless, Useless, Craven, Traitorous, Treacherous and Hateful.

      Those that support the GOP Establishment are as bad –– or worse –– than CLINTOBAMA.

  12. Replies
    1. Money owns the political process.
      Not R's and D's, money.

      Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine was in the vanguard calling money political speech and calling for more "speech" in the system.
      He helped create this mess and it's long past time for people to stop listening to that stooge.

    2. This goes way deeper than citizens united. Campaign cash and 'electioneering' via a movie is not the problem here.

      I have a blog post worked up, saving it for after New Year. Christmas is upon us and I think Finn will be keeping it on the lighter side until after the new year.

    3. SF,
      I, too, will be lightening up this this week. It's Christmastide!

      The week after Christmas, I MAy go back to the serious side instead of waiting for the New Year. We shall see. I have a lot of last-week tax stuff to do the week after Christmas.

  13. We only have one party these days. The last 10 years or so for sure. democrats and democrats in clown suits.

    1. Kid ,
      In total agreement with what you typed in.

  14. Sadly, Paul Ryan is one of those pragmatic Republicans rather than a principled Republican. Just getting things done is not the same as doing the right thing.

    This 1.1 TRILLION dollar budget is not what anybody except Democrats and RINO Republicans want. A pox on all of 'em.

    I wonder how Donald Trump will manage this run away freight train of a deficit spending economy? The same way Arnold Schwartzenegger handled the California economy after the campaign?

    Time will tell.


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