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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Intermittent Comment Moderation

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Commenters who frequent this blog: "AOW, why are you using comment moderation so much?"

AOW: "Because, right now, there's a lot going on here in this household — including Mr. AOW's dental work. Root canal! I check the comments folder as often as I can!"


  1. Out! Out, damn trolls!

  2. My best to Mr. AOW.
    I hope there were no complications.

    1. Thanks, Duck.

      Lots of dental appointments. This is a complicated root canal on a large molar (multiple roots).

  3. Replies
    1. Sitting in the dentist'a office right now -- at this late hour. I refuse to get home late and then have to deal with trolls.

  4. AOW, it's still more than a year before the national election...this year will be a tough one for Conservative bloggers; my favorite comment from completely new commenters who've come out from nowhere, is "I used to be a Republican but I can't vote Republican anymore, because............."
    Talk Radio gets a lot of those callers, too..........many times, the host will recognize them and ask them to stop calling, it's a waste of time and they're seen through...
    It'll be a tough year/ if I didn't finally go to WordPress to get rid of the hate, I'd probably be on moderation, too.

    Good luck to Mr. AOW...just what he needs, huh? XX

  5. Personally, if you are frequented by libtards, you've got to go moderation or wordpress where you can simply block the mindless. imo.

    1. Kid,
      I usually have time to babysit my blog. Not right now, though.


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