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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kitty Christmas Joy

(For politics, please scroll down)

The story of these kitties:
We adopted Kami [black] and sibling pairs Money & Thunder [both grays] and Roodi [tuxedo] & Cupcake [tortie] after fostering them for VOKRA [Vancouver Kitten Rescue] who rescued them from a life on the street.
More videos at DrNworb's KitsCats YouTube channel.


  1. AHA! Now we KNOW where Tchaikovsky got his inspiration! :-)

    1. The Tchaikovsky music is purrfect for this video, isn't it?

  2. Esteban Moreno Gottschalk-O'Rourke said

    God bless whoever adopted those cats. He has done a beautiful thing. They all look so healthy and full of life, and they even seem to enjoy playing with each other.

    Merrie Christmas!

    1. Esteban,
      Dr. NWorb fosters many kitties -- and occasionally adopts one.

      I just love Dr. NWorb's kitty adaptations for the house. Catwalks everywhere -- high and low!

    2. Cupcake, the tortie in the video, was a fostered kitten, but Dr. NWorb and his wife couldn't bear to let her to another forever home.

      Torties rule!

  3. They're having too much fun! My kitty used to position himself at the edge of the TV screen, trying to pounce on the stock ticker tape that looked like it was running off the left edge of the screen.

    1. Baysider,
      We once had a cat who loved to watch and interact with Animal Planet.

      Another of our cats loved to watch and paw at ice skaters.

  4. We lost our two older Siamese this past year and my wife adopted two more, a year old cream colored flame-point (Baileys) and a seal-point kitten (Kahlua), both rescues. Yes, for some lost reason we name our cats after liqueurs (our chocolate-point that passed was named Godiva), tradition now I guess. They both go mad over the laser pointer although the kitten's favorite pastime is hiding under the bed and attacking my feet.

    Cats are always a welcome break from politics.

    1. Finntann,
      Saying goodbye to our four-legged friends is heart wrenching.

      Kittens are great fun, aren't they?

  5. Do the cats enjoy that or are they just frantic to try and nail that light?

    Off topic, I'm really starting to wonder whose side Obama is on. New information on how govt. agencies and agents were held back from doing work that might have stopped terror attacks. Does the CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood really have that much influence in the WH? Post at Mike's America.

    1. Mike,
      Do the cats enjoy that or are they just frantic to try and nail that light?


  6. A frequent occurrence at our house.


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