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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hug-Me Muslim Arrested For Bomb Threat

Another convert to Islam — this jihadist wannabe in the UK:

From Mail Online:
Convert who protested outside Parliament over Syrian airstrikes with poster saying 'I am a Muslim... do you trust me enough for a hug?' now faces jail for threatening to bomb MP's house
Muslim convert Craig Wallace, 23, admitted sending malicious messages
Wrote on Facebook that he would bomb Tory MP Charlotte Leslie's house
Called her a 'dirty pig-f****** w***' day after she voted in favour of airstrikes
Court heard he has mental health issues but hadn't been taking medication

A Muslim convert who protested outside Parliament with a sign saying 'I am Muslim, do you trust me enough for a hug?' is facing jail for threatening to bomb an MP's house.

Craig Wallace used the sign as Stop The War protesters came to Westminster for the vote on military action in Syria last week.

It stated: 'I am Muslim, I am labelled a terrorist, I trust you, do you trust me enough for a hug?'

But the 23-year-old, of Willesden Green, north London, is now facing a possible prison sentence after he threatened Tory MP Charlotte Leslie online following the vote.


He also described shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn as a 'war criminal' and a 'terrorist' the day after the Commons vote to bomb Syria....
Read the rest HERE.

Meanwhile, in Victorville, California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor screaming, "I would die and kill for Allah".


  1. Craig Wallace is probably mentally ill. I concede that point.

    But look at the nature of the threat he made. It's an Islamic-terrorism threat.

  2. "Court heard he has mental health issues"

    I believe that's a characteristic of the breed!

  3. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried...

    We are in the Age of The Onion.

  4. Gustav Holst tells you all about it:


    Nothing else needs be said.

  5. It's enough to give me hugophobia.

  6. Arm around a women (who I assume isn't his wife or a relation) and uncovered to boot.

    Naughty, naughty Muslim.

    Guy is a few slices short of a loaf.

    1. It takes one to know one, don't it?

      The Secret Sharer

  7. "I would die and kill for Allah".
    I can help with that first part...

  8. Make sure he isn't wearing a suicide vest before you hug him.

    1. Stogie,
      I'll skip all the hugs from Muslims, thank you.

  9. About the sword-wielding Muslim in Victorville, CA:

    Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi, 57, of Victorville, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder early Tuesday, sheriff's Sgt. Dave Burgess told the Daily Press, and deputies found evidence at Elrawi's apartment that suggested he may have been a radicalized Muslim.

    It's not only the young Muslims or the recent converts who are the problem.

  10. Someday we'll be debating with the left about why it was wrong to kill so many of them.

    But, they'll still be dead. No muss, no fuss.

  11. Just one more 'set' of reasons to carry every day... sigh

    1. Old NFO,

      One huge problem: so many places are gun-free zones. The jihadist murderers know that, too.

    2. AOW, It occurred to me the other day that people should simply stop going to gun free zones. Where these places are businesses, the economy will take such a hit that it will demand action. $$$ Beyond that, schools and other venues probably would not get enough public support for boycott.

      I did notice the no moron left behind concept in the schools was eradicated today. That is a good thing to some extent. Good starting point anyway.

    3. But they might assume I ignore the zone in the hopes :)

    4. Kid,
      people should simply stop going to gun free zones

      I wish that I could do that! But both of my workplaces (church, library) are gun-free zones. In my case: no work, no pay. Drawing Social Security is an option for me, though. One more attack here on our home soil, and I might go to that and do my teaching in homes instead of in businesses.

      I might get away with carrying at the church, which is already being patrolled by armed guards 24/7 because of threats being called in on a frequent basis.

    5. You LIVE in the the BELLY of the BEAST. My advice is to GET OUT asap and MOVE to GOD's country where SELF-DEFENSE is still permitted. Residing inside the VORTEX of EVIL where Natural-Born Americans are officially despised and Ferocious Foreigners are exalted is just BEGGING for trouble.

      An Old Friend

    6. Old Friend,
      If it were easy to get out of Dodge, Mr. AOW and I would already have done so.

  12. The reality:

    America’s Muslim community has provided “nearly zero help” to America’s post-9/11 anti-terrorism effort, former FBI Counterterrorism Agent John Guandolo said Monday.

    He also noted that America’s efforts to root out terrorism are hamstrung by the advice that Obama administration officials swallow from top Islamic leaders, who are all aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood....

  13. There's a certain pornographic blog where adolescents romp and prance and where most of the pro-Trump regulars there haven't matured beyond posting tittie and tushie photos, photos of the Obamas as apes and half apes, and photos of males fellating each other, IOW, the level of maturity and discourse there is around the age of 13.

    So it makes sense that they'd love a guy like Trump who most definitely is stuck in undescended male adolescence. Trump's one of them.


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