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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Relaxation Time

You can following this excellent advice if you are ready for Christmas 2016:

The house is decorated, the cards have all been sent, and all purchases have been made.

My younger cousin is hosting the annual Christmas Eve family buffet.

The Omaha Steaks turkey roulade with apple cranberry stuffing is in the freezer for dinner here at home on Christmas Day.  Unless we opt for leftovers, that is.

All but one present is wrapped, and I have until Boxing Day to get that particular gift wrapped for when we plan to journey to our former neighbors' house for open house.


  1. ______ YES SANTA EXISTS ______

    Yes, dear children, Santa Claus is real,

    Even though so many don't agree.

    Santa lives wherever people feel

    Sweet and kind in all sincerity,

    And show their love with understanding gifts,

    Not gaudy, foolish, merely costly things.

    The gift of Recognition often lifts
A sagging spirit high, and lends it wings.

    Elves aplenty fashion tokens bright, as

    Xanadu excursions, jewels and such.
If connected well, these brings delight. As

    Substitutes for love, they're not worth much.
The more we spend, sometimes, the less we give.
Santa comes to hearts that love to live.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Christmas, 1995

    It's obvious that Santa has already been welcomed into your home, AOW. May all your lovely plans for Christmas Week go even better than you hope.

    1. FT,
      It's obvious that Santa has already been welcomed into your home

      Santa came here early -- in the disguise of my Chinese clients. **wink**

  2. Beautiful post, AOW...and it sounds like you're 'keeping Christmas' well (I love that expression from A CHRISTMAS CAROL)...
    God bless you and Mr. AOW.....rest, rest, rest......still, still, still...
    love, Z

    1. Z,
      Talk about being still, still, still yesterday! I took a four-hour nap.

  3. Glad someone is prepared. I've got some last minute stuff to do, but I'm not stressing out about it because our daughters are home, my parents are healthy enough to host the annual Christmas eve dinner for our growing family and that's the important stuff.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine.

    1. Cube,
      My mother hosted the Christmas Eve Buffet from 1950-1986. Once Mom passed, I took over the annual tradition. When Mr. AOW had a stroke in 2009, I handed off the responsibility to a cousin who is 15 years younger than I.

      But Christmas Eve dinner without Mom just isn't as joyful.

      Enjoy your parents company as long as you can!

  4. I think FT's poem was beautiful. Thank you, FT, for all that good will and sweet sentiment. Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.

    ... Helen Highwater

  5. It sounds like things are going well. Glad to hear it. Enjoy and Merry Christmas :)

    1. Kid,
      So far, so good.

      But a rainy Christmas Eve and too balmy.

  6. This is lovely to contemplate. We're doing so little, no presents, no plans, but I am also enjoying my little ceramic lit tree and a wreath. A client let me take home some pots of poinsettias tonight. They did that last year, and they lasted until mid-May.

    Have blessed time!

    1. Baysider,
      No tree with ornaments? I'm not there. Yet.

    2. PS: I wish that we had poinsettias. Alas! The cats!

  7. Looks like your plans are well set and an enjoyable Christmas in the making. Nostalgic time as the years seem now to spin by in just a blink of an eye. Best wishes if I don't get a chance to spin by here before the big day!

  8. Breakfast this morning: quiche and fresh pineapple, served on my grandmother's antique china.

    Christmas comes but once a year, so I bring out the good china for a few days.

    I'm also enjoying some seasonal reading: Luanne Rice's Silver Bells (2005). Quite good!


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